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Museums and galleries aren’t the only places to see art in a city. There is art underground in many subway and metro systems around the world, and here are 15 works of art you can only find if you’re using public transportation.

[Editor's note: Several of the images below are available for use through a Creative Commons license, but others are not. In those cases, the photographers granted Matador special permission to feature them here. Please review all copyright information for photos before reproducing them.]

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Kristin Conard

As a child, Kristin wanted to be a librarian, because she thought that the librarian was the one who got to write all the books in the library.

  • Stephen

    I have to suggest the inclusion of Tashkent, Uzbekistan as well. Epic Soviet-era art in almost every station in town.

  • Nancy Lewis

    I tried to guess where these were just by looking at the photo, before I looked at the location. Some were easy to guess, but others not. The installation in Singapore reminded me of public art works in Spain, for example. Cool stuff :)

  • Ruby

    These pictures are amazing !!

  • Frank Zweegers

    Beautiful, the Kaohsiung.

  • Kate Sedgwick

    I have to take the subway in Stockholm before I die. That is so cool!

    • Kristin Conard

      I remember being so amazed at all of them. I wish every city had that kind of initiative!

  • Matt Shalvatis

    The Spirit of Sputnik, from the Kiev Polytechnic University Metro stop.

  • goldy

    Great stuff. How about interactive art? The Kendall / MIT stop in Cambridge, MA has art that is fun to play with. (this shows one of the instruments which you play from one side). There are multiple handles on each side which allows musical fun while waiting for the next train.

    • Kristin Conard

      That sounds pretty cool

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