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Perhaps you’re a weekend warrior with a cast iron stomach who prides yourself on your drinking prowess. Maybe you’ve even spent time perfecting and utilizing a beer bong or impressing your friends with your chugging ability. Let me assure you that you’ve got nothing on this Russian stunt drinking team.

You’d have to be sober do do this. Wouldn’t you?



About The Author

Kate Sedgwick

Editor-at-large, Kate Sedgwick, works from Buenos Aires where she organizes her live storytelling project, Second Story Buenos Aires. Read more about her than you might want to know at her blog, and follow her infrequent tweets @KateSedgwick.

  • Carlo Alcos

    Haha. That’s hilarious.

  • Maria Jessica


  • Paul Sullivan

    Mad Skillz! Great Find!

  • Candice

    Damnnnn, I wish it were Saturday night again so i could get these stunts a whirl…how talented!

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