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Photo by Alaskan Dude

Cigars are for guys, right? Think again. Jeannie Mark lights up and shares her favorites, from fat Cubans to pencil thin cigarillos.
Davidoff No. 2

A long cigar chock full of quality. Hand finished and composed of high quality tobacco. Kind of the Jimmy Choo of cigars.

Davidoff Long Panatela Natural Cigars

Creamy, giving taste. Imagine this lovely in one hand, a brandy in the other, and a dimly lit bar as the set piece. One word: Atmosphere.

Photo by George Schon

Fuente Flor Fina 8-5-8

The name alone rolls deliciously off the tongue, similar to a Spanish footballer’s moniker and measurements. Originally hailing from The Dominican Republic, this cigar is smooth and tastes like chocolate. Oh my.

Tatiana Flavored Cigars

Tatiana cigarillos wield an aristocratic taste. Tantalizing choices evoke not just a smoke, but also an experience. Mocha. Dolce. Black Amboise raspberries with vanilla. A stunningly popular cigar with women.

Sadly, this brand was recently discontinued in Canada; however, anywhere else in the world is open season.

Photo by marcogomes

Leon Jimenes

One of the oldest cigars produced in the world. Leon has a cigarillo line that sets the taste buds on fire. Described as ‘petite’, indulge in a Caffe Coretto or Caffe Macchiato.

Cohiba Corona Especiales

A thinner cigar that deepens with age, this 1969 beauty is infused with a woody and earthy taste, accented by floral tones. Sounds like a heady perfume rather than a cigar, doesn’t it?

Romeo Y Julieta

Named in homage to Shakespeare’s romantic tragedy, this cigar held court over the European market for 40 plus years. It’s now produced in the Dominican Republic. A full-bodied, spicy taste – not for the faint-hearted.

La Aurora Principes Cigar (Vanilla)

Made from the trimmings of La Aurora’s regular production, this cigar is a great value. A single cigar goes for about $6.00. However, this isn’t a bottom feeder flavor, but medium-bodied. A silky pull.

Community Connection

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About The Author

Jeannie Mark

Jeannie is a curious, thirsty gal whose corporate job just ditched her. With severance in hand, she's about to turn the world map into her career. Follow her adventures at

  • Sarah

    Shit, I just realized I’ll never be cool enough to smoke a cigar. (Runs away to practice in front of a mirror.)

  • Nomadic Chick

    @Sarah – practice, practice and the boys will luv ya. Oh, plus try doing tying a maraschino cherry with your tongue. That helps immensely, too. :)

  • Julie

    Oh my God, I love this.

    • Nomadic Chick

      Try one of these beauties, and then you’ll really fall in love!

  • Candice

    Jeannie, you are the most badass chick I know.

    • Nomadic Chick

      That’s me sugar, B to the A. :)

  • Sarah

    Jeannie, if I tried to tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue, I’d choke and die. HAHA! But the good news is that I can probably outdrink most hairy-chested men.

    • Nomadic Chick

      Errr.. In that case, stick to what you’re best at. Hairy chested men, watch out! LOL. :)

  • Glynn

    My lovely lady and her friend enjoyed some of the Backwoods, i know they enjoyed Grape and Honey Berry.

    Not enough ladies with cigars, here in Nottingham (UK) we are seeing a few young female pipe smokers showing up.

    But yeah ladies smoking, OH YEAH

    • Nomadic Chick

      It’s unanimous! Stogies are a hot chick accessory. I knew it. :-D

  • Ashley

    Ah! Yay! Jeannie, great article. I have had a love affair with cigars for a few years now and was pleased to see this article geared for the ladies. When guys find out, their reaction is either one of undying devotion or condescending skepticism as if they are thinking “You? Cigars? Sure, honey, sure.”

    Thanks for the recs! There are several here I now MUST try!

    • Nomadic Chick

      My pleasure! I figured, ain’t it time for our own list? Uh huh. Enjoy them!

  • David

    Great article, Jeannie! I get the impression you really appreciate tobacco. Do you prefer cigars to cigarettes? I also read your article on hat countires still allow smoking, and it’s so encouraging since it’s getting harder to smoke in public here in The USA.Quite frustrating! And of course even thinking about it makes me want another cigarette.


    • Nomadic Chick

      Oh man, I’d say I have an appreciation for both. Cigarettes fall into that regular ol’ drinking routine, while cigars denote a classier occasion. Heck, even just a summer walk to the beach. Now take comfort, go watch some Mad Men for a glimpse at what America use to be, smoking wise that is.

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