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Rarely do travel guides step up to the question every traveler, male and female alike, cannot help but consider when exploring new terrain: are the locals hot?

One of the most exciting aspects of traveling is learning about a new culture. However, this “learning process” isn’t just limited to days in stuffy museums or visiting another one of the 100 churches in the city, but by exploring it with locals. And by “locals,” I mean hot, sexy men.

Sure, maybe life isn’t quite like Hollywood engineered romances such as “Before Sunset,” but at the very least, it makes traveling quite the spicy adventure.

So, if you’re tired of hearing men talk about their steamy travel encounters or sick of the stereotype that all women want “Harlequin style romances,” then ladies, it’s time we took travel and adventure by the “balls” with Matador’s list of the “Sexiest Men in the World.”

Berlin, Germany:

Berlin is THE place for traveling bookworms, artists and intellectuals looking for some stimulation – mental or otherwise. The stereotype of uptight, lederhosen-wearing Germans is no longer applicable in the 21st century. Berliners today are well-traveled, well-read and well, you know… sausage isn’t their national food for nothing.

When it comes to romance, the men from the city of lights truly do live up to their reputation.
Paris, France:

Paris, je t’aime! When it comes to romance, the men from the city of lights truly do live up to their reputation. Don’t expect berets and silly mustaches, as the French men of Paris have stepped it up a notch and have a much edgier style of dressing, philosophizing and pursuing women.

Though, a word to the wise, there are still many sleazy Parisians who enjoy “preying” on soft-hearted travelers who are obviously seeking dreamy love affairs. Sharks such as these have been known to hang out in hostels and tourist areas with the mission of picking up foreign “babes.”

However, the true men out there do know a thing or two about wining and dining, though it’s not the cheesy Hollywood created Paris affairs you’d expect. Instead of having dinner on the top of the Eiffel tower, you and your fabulous tour guide will check out the latest grungy cafe; and instead of having French poetry whispered in your ear, you’ll find yourself debating politics as you peruse open air markets, taste-tasting fresh fruits and cheeses.

Rome, Italy:

The cliché of the Italian lotharios is alive and well. That said, the effect isn’t quite the same knowing that most of them still live at home with their mothers.

Quick to brand themselves as “Italian stallions,” these men really do know how to lay the compliments on thick. Flirting seems to be a part of their genetic-cultural code, as the sight of any attractive woman seems to arouse a mouthful of “ciao, bella” or attempts at supposedly “seductive” maneuvers.

However, don’t dismiss these smooth boys just yet, as you’ll be charmed by their passion for protesting everything from the environment to legalizing pot, as well as their affectionate nature and love for their Italian mothers.

Amsterdam, The Netherlands:

The sexiness of the Dutch seems to be underrated, but these sharply dressed and quick-witted men really do deserve some time in the spotlight.

No, they aren’t all potheads and mushroom-eaters in Amsterdam – they leave that to the wide-eyed tourists. Though they’re not known for any hot-blooded romantic gestures, these “tall glasses of water” are well-mannered, skilled linguists and will be eager to show you some drug-free (or whatever) mind trips.

Aside from celebrities like Orlando Bloom and Hugh Grant, Londoners in general are often perceived as cocky, stuffy and just plain unromantic.
London, England:

From jokes about “British teeth” to “Benny Hill,” the boys from London sure do have it tough. Aside from celebrities like Orlando Bloom and Hugh Grant, Londoners in general are often perceived as cocky, stuffy and just plain unromantic. However, these lads have a charm that is all their own.

Their witty, self-deprecating jokes and remarks will have you falling off the barstool, while their knowledge of pop culture issues and trends will leave you flabbergasted.

Manila, Philippines:

If the hot and humid tropical weather hasn’t gotten you sweating yet, the Manila men certainly will. If you’re looking for some old fashioned, high romance, Manila men are as sexy as they get. From long drawn out courtships to thoughtful gestures, these seemingly conservative souls will make it their personal mission to sweep you off your feet.

Madrid, Spain:

The word “sexy” seems to be synonymous with “Spanish men”, and the men of Madrid are in a class all their own. Cool, sophisticated, charming, creative and oh-so-captivating, their passion and pride for their city is contagious.

There are a hundred reasons why Aussie blokes are considered hot.
Sydney, Australia:

There are a hundred reasons why Aussie blokes are considered hot. It could be their sexy accents, dedication to physical fitness and well, their sexy accents.

Now don’t assume that the men from Sydney are carbon copies of Crocodile Dundee or the late Steve Irwin, as Australia is a massive country where the outback is a world away from the city. However, the guys from Sydney are cosmopolitan, fun, cheeky and won’t hesitate to make shameless references to taking a trip “down under.”

Bangkok, Thailand:

Though Thailand is rife with foreign exploitation and is perceived by many sleazy travelers as their personal “sex playground,” the inclusion of Bangkok in this “Sexiest Men in World” list tries to avoid such stereotypes.

The men, as well as the women, in Bangkok are not only sexy because of their beautiful features but because they know everything there is to know about the latest music trends, have profound sensibilities towards visual art and a deep respect for their cultural traditions.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur is more than just it’s famed Petronas Towers, this happening city also has a plethora of sexy, captivating men. It’s not just the food that’s savory, but also the guys, who are extremely cultured, intelligent and multi-dimensional. Be prepared to eat your heart out, as you’ll most on a taste-testing adventure through the streets of KL.

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