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Hey travelers — you don’t need to drop dollars on a Halloween costume.

Instead of trying to go creative this year, how about just showing up at your friend’s party dressed as your own special breed of traveler? Myself: the freeloading beer drinker with frazzled nerves and 30 notebooks. My everyday attire, really.

If you don’t fit into any of these categories, please, do share your style secrets.

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Candice Walsh

Candice Walsh is a Professional Experience Collector and full-time writer, blogger, and inventor of job titles that don't make much sense. She's based out of St. John's, Newfoundland. Follow her website for more shenanigans.

  • Carlo Alcos

    You’re money Candice. Simply money.

  • Scott Hartman

    For myself: Nouveau Victorian. While I certainly leave the attitude at home, this is about the luggage, the number of books I take, the reason I go. I go to work, to write, and when I’m working on a big piece/book/novella/screenplay, I need the perspective of distance and, perhaps mainly, unlimited time. Time for me to do my “Stanislavski Method”/immersion writing. No distractions – other than those I want. The location is of prime importance, though less about the “place” per se than what that place can offer me. Varanasi, India has been that place for my last two BIG writing sessions, and I have a feeling it’s coming again soon…

    • Candice Walsh

      You would have to drag around a vintage suitcase, carry a few books, wear a top hat, and a long coat. I can see it now.

    • Candice Walsh

      (top hat probably isn’t appropriate for the Victorian era, but that’s just how I see it happening)

  • Dragonfly Moving Pictures

    Thanks Candice, Love your travelling archetypes, I fell embarrassingly into a seven with shades of one, two and three. Would you consider expanding? The trustafarian, the just left home for the first time wildchild, the I can live on 5$ a day , the three scandanavian girls followed by an entourage of sex-starved euro boys…you`ve got me thinking.

    • Candice Walsh

      Those are amazing options. I also forgot “hipster.” *face palm*

  • Sparkpunk

    Please, for the good of humanity and my own enjoyment, write a book. I love reading your posts :)

  • Susan Portz

    Honest to God…..rolling on the floor, yes, laughing my ass off.

  • Dani Blanchette

    nice! iwent as a starving art student once. ran home. threw on old, ripped, patched jeans and a wifebeater tank. hand smeared a bunch of acrylic paint on said jeans , shit, face,, arms, hair. grabbed an empy 6 pack carrier from upstairs and went door to door trick or treating for beer.

    only lasted a couple houses though, till a neighbour said they had no beer but invited me into get drunk on box wine (with her and my mom).
    which I did.

    always the classy one!

  • Candice Walsh

    Young money cash money!

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