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Recent studies show higher creative problem solving abilities among drunk subjects than sober. We’ve decided to research this ourselves.

**UPDATE: Matador editors completed this experiment.**

EVERY HIGH SCHOOL TEACHER’S ADVICE was wrong. Coming to class tired (and wasted) actually improves test scores! AnimalNYC relays some recent studies on the subject.

The first suggests that if you give an insomniac a pop quiz at their “least optimal time of day” they’ll actually be remarkably better at solving puzzles. Analytical problems were unaffected by the hour.

Another study found that participants whose blood alcohol level was 0.075 solved more creative problems than when they were sober. But before you pull out that beer-bong, you should know that for most people a BAC of 0.075 is achieved after less than one drink (just beer-bong one beer at a time.)

The study indicates that being tired and/or drunk is good for creativity because that makes it harder to concentrate. Not being able to pay attention allows the brain to wander and arrive at unconventional solutions.

Although studies did indicate that creativity is only really stimulated if you drink one beer, the three Matador editors (myself, Josh Johnson, and David Miller) who discussed this study decided to take it further: can we write more creatively while drunk, not just after a single beer, but multiple beverages?

We don’t have scientific equipment, but we do have a few bottles of wine and tequila, plus our notepads and a Google Hangout.

We will be initiating the experiment on Friday, Feb 24, at 10pm EST. Please feel free to ask us questions / request things reported by commenting here.

* Thanks to AnimalNYC for calling out the studies on increased creativity through fatigue and inebriation.

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About The Author

Josh Heller

Josh is a writer from Los Angeles. He has lived in Mexico City, New York, and Berlin with extensive jaunts to Latin America and Europe.

  • Hal Amen

    nice. once you establish these findings, we should factor in ‘quality of beverage’ to the variables:

    • david miller

      agree with that. 

      i feel like beverage ‘type’ might also be a factor.

      wine vs tequila, for example.

  • Carlo Alcos

    You forgot the asterisk: “Study brought to you buy the makers of Smirnoff and Captain Morgan”

    I can see how having a few drinks would lower inhibitions so you’d be more apt to write things you might not normally write…the removal of the filter so to speak. Not sure about the creative aspect of it…at least for me, anyway, alcohol just lowers my inhibitions, it doesn’t cause me to see things differently, say like pot does.

  • Bill

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  • Mat Masterson

    I tend to have a drink every time I try to write anything. They just go so well together.

  • Girltoymeow

    hilariouslly interesting… Thank you AnimalNYC & you boys for researching something I find to be true in an every weekend argument… xoxo

  • Candice Walsh

    I can’t believe I missed the Google Hangout. This is so right up my alley.

  • Meaghan

    This actually makes a lot of sense. I’ve often suspected I’m more creative when I’m drunk, although it’s kind of hard to remember. 

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