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These vids made us want to grab our cameras.

Ho Chi Minh Portraits from Todd Brown on Vimeo.

Street Portrait Photo How To from Joe Bloggs on Vimeo.

MOMENTARY STATES from Dave Mitchell on Vimeo.


What inspires you to shoot photos or video? Landscapes, people, action shots or still life? Share your shutterbug stoke in the comments below.

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Joshywashington is a Travel Media Ninja from Seattle who enjoys writing, climbing trees and strong coffee.


    I think most people are inspired by the beauty of the scenery or culture around them. Taking pictures of a tribal ceremony or random people on the street is a great way to capture the essence of your travels. Don’t think about it, just shoot the photos (with permission of course).

  • Jenny

    you say “with permission”. But how do you do that? Because I have tried taking pictures of people, and I find that if I ask them before-hand they begin posing, and it is not as natural anymore.
    I know someone who even pays them sometimes and also asks them, so I guess I just need to try, but it does seem strange to me. How can I ask a mother and her child to photograph their interaction together, without ruining their natural behavior?

    Any advice and tips would be great! :D

  • TimR

    I’ve had that problem of asking permission resulting in all kinds of unnatural poses. Kids usually get all animated, and adults usually freeze stiff. One thing I’ve tried to do is take pictures of people working–making food, carving wood, etc. That way they’re usually too busy to stop to pose, and they often seem happy, even proud, to have someone taking pictures. For other general street scenes for the candid shots, I also use a telephoto. And being an obvious tourist (e.g., Westerner in an Asian country) I think helps–you’re a tourist, so you’re supposed to have a camera around your neck. Nothing’s 100% though I guess.

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