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These filmmakers know that travel can bring out the weirdness.

Strange recorded tape when I was in Paris for you.
By marin & sybila

By Wing Yin Yau

Cairo Street
By hatzputra

It Goes Without Saying
By Una Lorenzen

By Javier Fernández Fañanás

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I see you are a strange one too…in that case you want to check out MatadorPulse Archives of Weird Stuff.

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Joshywashington is a Travel Media Ninja from Seattle who enjoys writing, climbing trees and strong coffee.

  • Hal

    Those line drawings are insane.

  • Kathy

    Can we get the Zaragozoom guy to do that for some other cities!? So neat!


    It Goes Without Saying that was one “trippy” video. It’s nice to see how creative people can be with videos. Not a bad way of driving traffic to a website or getting noticed on YouTube.

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