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Eva Holland crunches the numbers on a cross-Canada drive from Eastern Ontario to the capital city of the Yukon Territory.

 Starting Point: Ottawa, Ontario

Finish Line: Whitehorse, Yukon

Days on the road: 12

Days spent actually driving: 9.5

Kilometers driven: 7866

Time zones visited: 4

Provinces and territories passed through: 6

Dollars spent on gas: $960.98

Highest gas price paid: $1.19 per litre

Lowest gas price paid: $0.84 per litre

Cups of coffee/tea consumed: 24

PB & J sandwiches made and eaten roadside: 4

Power Bars choked down while driving in lieu of a lunch stop: 3

Fast food meals eaten (including Veggie Delite subs and Tim Horton’s bagels): 6

Fast food meals eaten (not including Veggie Delite subs and Tim Horton’s bagels): 1

Cups of Mr. Noodles prepared in gas station microwaves and consumed while idling in the station parking lot: 1

Strangers at gas stations who spotted my Ontario plates and told me I was “a long way from home”: 3

Days in which that sort of exchange was my most substantial conversation with another human being: 4

Gas station restrooms visited: 17

Gas station restrooms with sketchy malfunctioning locks that resulted in a trucker walking in on me: 1

Establishments dubiously named “The Beaver Motel” spotted en route: 2

Motel rooms rented (not at The Beaver Motel): 4

Dorm beds crashed in: 2

Friends and relations imposed on for couches, hide-a-beds and spare rooms en route: 3

Outrageously marked-up pay-per-view movies purchased in motel rooms: 1

Number of minutes spent waiting in line to see “The Twilight Saga: New Moon” in a mining town in northern British Columbia: 30

Number of times I was served by an Australian on a WHV at a coffee shop/restaurant/hostel in the Rockies: 5

Wildlife spotted roadside: 1 buck deer, 10+ elk, 4 coyotes, 2 bighorn sheep, 1 grizzly bear, 1 bald eagle, 5 moose, 1 fox, 60+ bison

Giant roadside “world’s largest” sculptures visited: 3

Number of times I topped up my wiper fluid: 4

Number of times I cleaned caked-on mud off my headlight covers: 3

Number of times I forgot to clean my headlight covers and drove blind through the darkness for an hour, following the tail lights of the car ahead of me and hoping for the best: 1

Days I spent dreaming about my next trans-Canada trip: Days 1 through 9

Days I spent vowing never to do another trans-Canada trip, and questioning why I ever wanted to do the first one: Days 10, 11

Days I spent dreaming about my next trans-Canada trip all over again: Day 12


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By the Numbers


About The Author

Eva Holland

Eva Holland is a freelance writer, Senior Editor of World Hum and a longtime contributor to the Matador community. She lives in Canada’s Yukon Territory and blogs about Alaska and Yukon travel at Travelers North.

  • Casey

    I liked the stats. I really wanna get up to Canada and do that drive. Maybe in the summer. Nice Beaver Motel stats, haha.

    • Eva

      Come on up!

  • Donna Hull

    This is a trip that I’ve always wanted to take. I’ve had friends who drove the trip in an RV that they delivered for a company. Sounds interesting. Now I’ll have your numbers to consult for the long drive across Canada.

    • Eva

      Definitely recommended, Donna! Let me know if you ever decide to go for it.

  • Candice

    These are freaking awesome, especially The Beaver Motel.

    • Eva

      Ha, indeed.

  • Hal Amen

    Loved following your journey via Twitter/blogs, Eva, and this just caps it off. So psyched for you.

    • Eva

      Thanks, Hal! I’m psyched too. Keep me posted as you guys start the homecoming process.

  • MacArthur

    Departures did the exact same thing, except they went all the way to Nunavut.
    PS: If you didn’t know Departures is an incredible Canadian travel show.

    • Eva

      Sounds sweet – though they must have flown in. No roads into Nunavut that I know of.

      • MacArthur

        Yeah they did.

  • Carlo

    Awesome. See you up in the Great White North one of these days?

    • Eva

      I sure hope so! You still aiming to be around Van in February? I land on the 20th.

  • Carlo

    Yep, we’ll be landing on the 17th. See u there! We’ll go watch a team Canada hockey game in a pub somewhere :)

    • Eva

      Nice!! It’s a plan.

  • Canada Travel Guy

    My brother road his bike across Canada (coast to coast). Took longer than your drive (just a bit), but he enjoyed it. I can’t imagine biking or driving. I just can’t do anything that long — I get antsy after 3 hour drives!

    Love your post though! It captures the trip rather nicely and we can all relate.

  • Alaina

    Haha cool stats. I especially like the one about New Moon! =)

  • Josh G

    Me and 12 friends had a hitchhiking race from Halifax to Vancouver 4 years ago with HI letting us stay at the hostels for free… took us a week. A great way to travel ;-)

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