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Layla in Seattle Arboretum. Photo: Laura Bernhein.

Happy Spring from the Traveler’s Notebook. Here’s what’s up.
Indie Travel Podcast

Congrats to longtime Matador contributors Craig and Linda Martin for their winning the Lonely Planet’s award for best travel podcast. If you haven’t yet, make sure you subscribe to their podcast.. Craig has produced several podcasts for the Notebook as well. You can find them here.

Notes from the Road

Also wanted to thank everyone who has been submitting their notes from the road. We’ve been getting lots of great stories. In general, most have been rejected not because the writing isn’t ‘good’ but because it doesn’t seem like a ‘note’. Those that have been selected seem to have a few things in common:

  • Total lack of any kind of ‘judgment’.
  • A focus on ‘concrete’ language.
  • Short paragraphs, words, sentences, overall length.
  • A narrator who isn’t looking for ‘universal truths’ but just traveling and observing things as they come.

Please keep writing and sending everyone. We could be publishing your note next.

Travel and Adventure Jobs

In the weeks ahead we’ll be bringing back one of our favorite series: travel and adventure jobs. Please note: we’re currently soliciting submissions .

Happy Spring everyone. Here in Seattle the Cherry Blossoms are going off and there’s still color in the sky at 8:00 pm.



About The Author

David Miller

David Miller is Senior Editor of Matador (winner of 2010 and 2011 Lowell Thomas awards for travel journalism) and Director of Curricula at MatadorU. Follow him @dahveed_miller.

  • Craig

    Thanks for shouting out to the Indie Travel Podcast, David. We’re stoked to have won our category.

  • David Miller

    @ Craig — you bet compadre. We’re all psyched for you guys.

  • Tim Patterson

    Craig, this is awesome news – congrats. Love the photo of Layla too, DM. She’s gotten big.

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