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Carly Blatt gets up close and personal with the king of the marine food chain.
He wouldn't let me pay for the coffee but was highly amused that I kept notes in my bra.
People lined up to take this shot of a cherry blossom framing the Buddha. Yes, I waited.
This is where the other Woofers and I went to have pizza parties on Sunday nights.
In Iquitos, "panning" the fury of tuk tuks flying past me.
You wore a rim of mustard pollen around your nose.
All we want is a cold beer and some good, old fashioned peel ‘n’ eat shrimp.
Come sunset, everyone heads to the hilltop to take in the 360-degree view.
The amount of life in the crater was non-stop.
A travel moment from Takoradi, Ghana.
Tom Morello leading an impromptu “Occupy SXSW” movement.