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Feature photo by Just B Cuz. Photo above by Xa’at.

So you want adventure? Make some money? Bask in amazing natural beauty? Good. Can you live in cramped space? Work 48 hours straight? Ignore freezing temperatures? Good. You’re ready to get a job on a commercial fishing boat in Alaska.

FIFTEEN OR TWENTY YEARS ago, thousands upon thousands of college-age kids migrated to Bristol Bay and Cook Inlet in the late spring, pitched tents in parking lots, and beat the docks until they secured a site on a drift boat or seiner. In those days the salmon runs were incredibly strong, the ex-vessel price was over $3.00/lb., and work abounded.

Photo by pinprick.

If you couldn’t find a site, then the tender vessel or the cannery certainly had a position for you – a less lucrative one to be sure, but good work nonetheless. Crab fishing in the wintertime offered similar opportunity. A young man could get on a plane in Anchorage and have a job before he landed in Dutch Harbor.

Boats made so much money they could hire an extra guy on a half-share basis just to make life a little easier for everyone. It was relatively easy for an able-bodied guy to get a site, even if he didn’t have any fishing experience.

Things are quite different today. Regulations, oil spills, an economic emphasis on imports, the crash of the Japanese economy in the mid-90s – all of these factors have drastically changed the fabric of the industry over the last two decades. But the romantic allure persists and the risk/reward factor is still intense.

The job can still be quite lucrative for the right person, and the best way for you to land your site is still to simply SHOW UP! Skippers don’t troll for employees on Monster. There are websites dedicated to finding “fishing” jobs in Alaska, like,, and others.

Some of these charge a membership fee though, and most of the positions are on factory processors owned by giant seafood corporations like Trident or Peter Pan. This might be a good place to start, but in truth, the chances of getting hired on a proper fishing boat, sight unseen, especially if you’re “green”, are about zero.

There is no application process, we’re going straight to the interviews. So if you’re starting a career or just taking a sabbatical from the cubicle, here’s how to go about it.

Photo by Piero Sierra.

1. Do your research first

You want to be in the right place at the right time. Herring season kicks off in Togiak in April. The salmon run in Kenai starts in July.

Last year I worked with a guy who flew into Kodiak in mid-May, went to the city employment office (hint, hint), and had a site on a seiner the next day. He said he made $25,000.00 in ten weeks. Now that was a fortunate scenario, but he made his own luck by showing up at the right time, just a week or so before the season opened.

An e-visit to the city in question should provide you a timetable, provided it’s a big enough place like Homer. A smaller burg like Naknek will require some extended effort. National Fisherman publishes monthly articles, filled with tons of data on the volume and value of almost every fishery.

Visit and check the dates. There’s even a small classifieds page there. Local and regional newspapers always carry a story or two as well. Be creative with your search.

Photo by kqedquest.

2. Pack appropriately

Functionality is key. Even in the summer months the weather will be unpleasant at times, and you’re there to work. Go with some sweatpants, hooded sweatshirts, comfortable, durable socks, and some rugged footwear. Bring a light, rain-resistant jacket.

You want layers of versatility stuffed into one semi-large pack. Remember, you want to be mobile, and the vessel on which you land your site isn’t going to have a lot of extra space for storage.

You can easily get your slickers and gloves after you’ve landed your site. In most cases the boat will even charge it, then just take it out of your first check.

Under Armor is great stuff, too. (Make sure to keep every single receipt for ANY related purchase. Find an accountant familiar with the maritime industry, there are all sorts of deductions for commercial guys.)

Photo by jillig.

3. Be professional

You’re ready to swashbuckle like Captain Jack Sparrow, but this is still a business. The number one issue for boat owners and captains is the dependability of their crewmen. Beat the docks early, and without a hangover.

You want to stress your reliability and your eagerness to respond to a good opportunity. If the man asks you if you have any experience, just say “No” or “Not yet.” Do not tell him how you went sailing on your uncle’s yacht one summer. Do not tell him that you are a hard worker and a fast learner, he’s heard it a million times. He’ll be more impressed with directness and honesty.

Do you have any relevant skills? Maybe you can “turn a wrench” or you’re familiar with electronics. If you’re not mechanically inclined yet, don’t sweat it. The number one attribute for fresh hires? Cooking. If you can whip up a nice meal for three or four or five guys on short order, your prospects just improved significantly.

Now if the boss listens to what you have to say and still tells you to ease on down the dock, don’t take it personally, some skippers wouldn’t hire Superman if he hadn’t been on a boat before. But I’ve worked for a lot of skippers who liked to hire “clean and green,” because they knew the guy was going to be trouble-free and they could train him up how they wanted.

Photo by pinprick.

4. Adapt

You might not land a site right away just by beating the docks, so you’ll need to utilize your resourcefulness. Check the fishhouses and canneries, a lot of skippers will post their “want-ads” in the offices there. Talk to people. You need to drum up as many leads as possible.

I worked with a guy who made his contact in line at the post office. Another guy put up his “resume” on the bulletin board at the coffee shop and had calls within 24 hours. Their combined previous experience: 0.

If you’re not getting any breaks, maybe you need a change of scenery. Another guy I worked with beat the docks of Cordova for two weeks and couldn’t get any action. He finally jumped on the ferry to Kodiak and found a site on his third day in town.

Persevere. There are tens of thousands of commercial fishing boats and hundreds of thousands of sites in Alaska. But they aren’t going to come to you.

Once you’re in, your performance will propel you wherever you want to go. Maybe you’ll settle in on a big ship that works year-round. Maybe you’ll network to different sites in different fisheries for different seasons.

Just like any other business, the owners and captains all know each other and who needs crew, and when. Build a good name for yourself and you’ll have it made in the industry for as long as you want.

So now you’re ready! It takes a lot of confidence and determination to find substantive employment in this manner. You need to be alert, assertive, and flexible. If you can’t handle what it takes to get the job then the job isn’t for you. Good luck.

About The Author

Brad Whipple

Bradford Whipple is an avid grease collector. He recently drove across the country for free.

  • Tim Patterson

    This post was solid as a rock – I don’t think I would make it on an Alaskan fishing boat, but if I had a little more mechanical aptitude or cooking ability, and wasn’t sick of the cold, this article would give me everything I needed to know.


  • Lola Akinmade

    Great post Brad! Definitely one of the toughest jobs on earth. Takes a certain kind of discipline and motivation to exist in the world of commercial fishing.

  • Peter Davison

    One really gets a sense from your article of the rough and tumble world of Alaskan fishing. A school acquiantance of mine was able to cover off a year of expenses based on some serious west coast fishing work.

    It is so true that people have illusions of grandure. I barely survived a summer on a farm let alone rely on my hand-eye on the open seas.

    I got a sense of the community and I think it is a real “ear to the ground” kinda article.


  • Brad Whipple

    thanks for all positive response guys, i really appreciate it.

  • Stuart Poole

    I love copper river salmon and I totally spent a week on a sailboat when I was 12.. so, basically.. I couldn’t hack it.

    good stuff. great post. maybe you should start a website matching real fishing boats/captains, with interested crew people.. do like a rating system (like ebay sellers) where the captain rates the individuals, so if they suck the first time, they’ll never get picked back up again. and if they’re good, the recommendation/rating will speak for itself.. although, not sure if captains use the old interweb much..

    ok, hope you’re well.

  • http://None Helen Whipple

    What do you know! Same last name!
    Very well written, very informative, but definitely not the
    kind of work I would want to do.
    However, I read a death notice in
    the local paper not too long ago of
    a woman who had done office-type
    work in a mill and spent the retirement years of her life on a
    fishing boat in Maine. Crazy???!!!

  • Emily La Porte

    Hi Brad. What are the job ops for women?

  • Eduardo Gabioud

    Hi, i’m a 21 argentinian boy, and i would like to get more information about the jobs in alaska, the amount of time they require and the posibilities for doing the job. Please contact me.

    • Aguinaldo

      Hello there! Im working in the passenger cruise as a motorman planning to shift in the fishing boat to work any available position for me? please email me…

  • David `Wong

    This was one of the best information that i have had. I am just 15 years old would that be god enough to get a job on a fishing boat? I am thinking of getting on a boat next year.

  • daniel fernández godoy

    Hello, I am daniel fernández godoy, spain, I have 18 years, and would be interested in working on a fishing boat, I have to say that, though not ablo English, but I think that if enough to understand and learn.
    And neither worked before in any fishing boat but I think it could do so many thanks if tienesn any offer or information would be interested in that I did get through

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  • tom allen

    I had never heard of alskan crabfishing untill I saw an episode of deadliest catch on tv. what you guys do is insane!! just the kind of job I been looking for. Ive tried roofing and farming and it all just bored me to death after a year or two. the only thing i found thrilling was bullriding. now I love fishing and excitement and adreniline pumping action crab fishing is right up my alley..not to mention the potentail of money to make.

  • Alex

    33 yr old husband/father (of 2 girls) who has ALWAYS wanted to work on a fishing boat since he was a kid and LOVES just being out on the open water, would be up for finding work on a fishing boat and up to the challenge/work. I live in the city and find myself more at peace when i’m up north and out on a boat doing what i LOVE… The money is the added bonus/reward! Great Income for a dedicated family who would love to work HARD and play HARD!

    Feel free PLS, to contact me or forward my e-mail on (if you know someone that would be interested in someone as myself)

  • David Jones

    Great blog post. Really solid advice.

    My only comment is that that is another site that people might want to check out as well as the ones that you mentioned in the article. It has a lot of free content – videos, articles and stuff, related to the whole “How do I actually get a job on a fishing boat?” thing.

  • fishing

    Great post, Brad, very informative. I’m not sure if I have what it takes but I think it would be worth it if I had the money. Working for 48 hours would be pretty tiring…

    Also, the word functionality bugs me to death, please try to avoid it lol.

  • Steve Causley

    I love the show and would love to have a chance to go out and give it a whirl, I like challendges and at 47 years of age this would be the altimate challendge I’d take to the grave. those guys on the boats have balls of steal not to mention bravery to EVEN challendge Mother Nature heself, I’m Native American and have all the respect that the waters will give you and I she stops for no-one, Bottom line if I recieved a call to try it there is no-eay in hell I could refuse the challendge is to great not to take on. Take-Care and G-B to all.

  • John L. Whipple Sr.

    Sounds like my kind of adventure. . . Your employment advise reminds me of.oil field jobs. If you claim experience. . . .you had better have it or you will find yourself left in town . . . alone! . . . . .I’m going to spare you that story.

    I had a friend that bought several VW Pickup trucks from me and ran a unique shrimp boat operation on the West Coast. He was a crippled man that made good in the fishing boat business and told some incredible adventure stories.

    And wouldn’t you know it. . . . . his name was Whipple. We could not find any relation link.but his stories reveled the nature of a Whipple. . . ..

  • Darin

    come to fisherman’s terminal in Seattle the last week of March and there should be lots of jobs cleaning the boats and hauling the nets into the warehouses ect…i heard the pay is around 20 bucks an hour and it lasts up to 4-5 weeks.I also heard from a guy who did it that you can even get room and board on the boats.This is a solid chance of impressing a skipper and before you know it,you might be north bound with the hammer down…..I’m checking it out this Friday.

  • Garrett Billingsley

    I would to become an employee of the team. I’m 33yrs.old wht. male in good shape, and a very hard worker. Thank you for your time and patience.

  • John Terry

    Hello, my name is John, and I have been talking with my dad who lives in Alaska about possibly going there to work on a boat for the summer. I currently live in Nebraska, I am 20 years old and have had a laborer job since I was 15. I am currently working full time for an Electric Company but would really like to work on a boat this summer. I have the money for a plane ticket, I just need to know I will have a job when I get there. If anyone is interested in a hard working, respectful and ambitous guy to add to their crew please let me know.


  • liveyourlife

    Thanks!!!! this was brilliant!! and to John did u even read the have to go and meet people and”beat the docks”!

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  • wesley lynam

    great article. your right. maby i could get a responce tho on any skills i could get on the side before i quit my job and head north. im 18 with skills only for a wherehouse job. maby ill take up cooking. someone that knows wht their talkin bout tell me what skills i can work on b4 i go. thanks.

  • ramiro lopez valdes

    hi my name its ramiro lopez im from mexico city i wanna go to work to alaska
    i want change my work y learn very fast in cooking and learn every very fast
    so if some people have work for me send mi email and i get to alaska ver ssoon thanks i have 32 years old

  • ronald

    I’m looking too find a job in the fisherman industry! Can anyone help me out? Where would one stay and go if he was too fly out there? Anyone that can help text me please (716)485-8834 thanks again for your replies!

  • Wendy Stone

    Hi.. From Texas Coast.

    Looking for a new challenge.. Hard worker…

    W. (StoneCold)

  • http://- joseph

    my name is joseph, from Ghana, i am now living in china-kunming-yunnan. i am 37 yr old,and in my passport is 43yrs old.i am husband/father (of 2 children,one boy,one girl) who has ALWAYS wanted to work on a fishing boat since he was a kid and LOVES just being out on the open water,i am a local fisheman when i was 19 yrs old.i would be up for finding work on a fishing boat and up to the challenge/work. I live in the city and find myself more at peace when i’m up north and out on a boat doing what i LOVE… The money is the added bonus/reward! Great Income for a dedicated family who would love to work HARD and play HARD!

    Feel free PLS, to contact me or forward my e-mail on (if you know someone that would be interested in someone like myself)

  • joshua elwell

    hi my name is josh. i am from massachusetts, currently working in texas. i am looking for a couple of things. i work on power plants now. i will be getting laid off soon. i would like to stay busy and earn some extra money. i am a very hard worker, i like to work with my hands. i love the water. i feel that i could learn how to do this job very quickly because i am a very fast learner. i know i would be a very good asset to a captains boat. there are two things that i like very much working hard and earning money. they come in hand in hand. if anyone is interested in hiring, pplease contact me at 413 834 8170 or my email thank you very much for your time.

  • Ramesh

    i from landlock country nepal…and i am 24 year old &having complited my intremediate level in 2004…and i want ot job in alaska in fissing boat..becaus i would like to work full time in alaska if there is possible chance…..
    i regreadly hope….my dream will fuilfill…regards ramesh

  • http://yagual victor emilio yagual

    hola bueno dias as todo como podria yo costacta con anguiel que me ayude ay para alaska quiero trabaja yo vivo es españa pues mucha gracias por todo

  • Darin

    Get a job first on a processor,it’s a great way to get your feet in the door.Work your butt off and then get a deckhand job,that way your out on the boats pumping them and talking firsthand to the fishermen and the captains….I just painted a garage for a ship yard manager here in Seattle and he’s hooking me up on one of three boats.2 are draggers ( trawlers ) and the othe ris a top of the line catcher processor.He told me that the guy that I’m replacing hasn’t paid taxes since 04 which is over 240 grand.Tell me what kind of chunk of change he was making….Get to Seattle and with a passionate faith in God and wanting to work on a boat,it’s almost inevitable that you won’t make it….It’s called fate !!! Try Icicle or Trident seafoods,which are bottom of the barrel traing grounds but it’s a start.That’s how I did it….Good Luck.

  • Dale Webb

    I would like to get on a processors boat in jan 2010 can you help me here my no 916 868-8231

  • rodelio

    hello i like to apply to company of fishing cant u help me how thank you by the way im filipino guys here in saipan im fisherman from long line tuna and long net experciend and 19 year to work in fishing boat up to now thank ?

  • Donal Moriarty

    Hi my name is Donal. Im 25 from ireland and im currently unemployed which is boring me to death. Would love to give fishing a go so if anybody is interested in hiring me give me an email. its something you wouldnt regret.Thanks :)

  • http://None Kira

    Would love to workout on the boats in alaska.
    Does anyone know of any information?

    • Darin Thompson

      send me an email…i work for trident and may be able to do something for ya.

      • http://NA Kira

        Hey Darin, Thanks for replying. Im looking of leaving MI in about six months or less. What information could you help me out with?

        • Darin Thompson

          my email is

          im leaving for st.paul in 4 weeks doing opellio crab…..send me an email and i can get you on trident for the summer B season…..

  • Jeff hufker

    I am very interested in to getting on a boat and helping out with whatever job needs to be done.I am 25 single and ready to try new things. Hope to here from you soon before the next season in January.

  • adam kirner

    ive got 7 years crabbing experience in the english channel & would like some more info/job opportunities into the alaskan crabbing industry

  • Jeff hufker

    I also know refrigeration on freezers and coolers, and plumbing anyway I can help get me on abord a fishing boat. Call me at
    16026890023 thanks.

  • shawn

    im looking for work on a fishing boat but dont know where to start as in based in south africa. if you can help me out how to start it will be appriciated

  • Heriberto reyes jr

    Hi im 20 years old i want to work on comercial fishing can somebody help me out im ready to work any day.I used to fish in Puerto Rico to.

  • http://howtogetworkonafishingboat Jake evan Armstrong

    My, name is Jake Armstrong,I am 22yearsold, I am in great shape and i need a chance to make some money,and I heard that this is some hard ass work but give me a chance and i will not let you down thanks.

  • Nebeu

    HI my name is Nebeu i am 24 years old i live in California and i need job in Alaska fishing bought . u can contact me any time 702 234 7690 thanks

  • Nebeu

    i wont the job as soon as possible

  • http://noweb joseph

    hello to all.
    belated happy new year to you all, my name is joseph amartey.please as a fisherman what is cold?the water and the sea always cold, so we know the cold before cold come’s,i want alaskan fishing to invite me as a worker in their company, i am a very hard worker, i like to work with my hands. i love the waters. i feel that i could learn more about how to do this job very quickly because i am a very fast learner. i know i would be a very good asset to a fishing boat. there are two things that i like very much working hard and earning money. they come in hand in hand. if anyone is interested in hiring, please contact me here in china at[0086-13658842646] or my email [ thank you very much for your time. regards joseph

  • raul cisneros

    megustarya ir me atrabajar alaska embarcarme yaq meencanta lapesca mipadre fue capitandebarco durante 25 anos y eso loyebo en lasangre

  • Brad Markham

    I really enjoyed your article. I am very interested in hitting the docks looking for work. Where do you suggest I go? I am from Dallas Texas so I have no Idea where to start or where to go. If you could help me out with possible cities or docks that I could go to. I am trying to get on a fishing boat or oil rig. Please help!

  • curtis miller

    cant u tell me a phone number or site info to get on the right track to get on a fishing boat need a job in the worst way

  • rodelio

    hi good morning who company hired fisherman like me here in philippines i willing to work to alaska for for life time work
    thank you

  • Jesse Grew

    My name is Jesse Grew. I have been traveling around the United States and working in the Industrial and commercial industries since I was seventeen. I have am 29 years old. I have attended college, currently am attending college and persueing a bachelors degree in admistration. I completed a formal pipefitter/ welder apprenticeship and have been on the road every since. I am used to working rotating 12-24 and sometimes 48 hour shifts. I grew up on the great lakes in Duluth Minnesota. I am accustomed to working my ass off for long hours in 50 below tempuratures, looking for an adventure. I am looking for a skipper who wouldnt mind taking on a first timer.

  • jeremy tucker

    i am stuck in a city (madisonville ky) where ther are no jobs available. also i am stuck in a rut and i am desperatly seeking a job on a barge or a boat. hell, it dont even have to be on water! i just have to escape the area in order to better my life!!! please, if anybody has any ideas or job opporftunities, please email me

  • raul cisneros

    meinteresa trabajar en lapesca enlacosina de ayudante mecon sidero q ago todo al maximo y megusta aser bien el trabajo

  • Jason

    My name is Jason , I live near Seattle ,WA, am 40 yrs old last job was seasonal installing sprinkler’s residential and commercial .I have considered Fishing on Alaskan boats for along time ,It seems to be a tough process in which i usually give up =/.Whats important to me is working hard and getting the job done with good results .
    not to mention i love fishing anyways , love to catch the bass and being in boats . Working with others , love it when theres that bond and trust to get things done and respect for each other , respect is earned and i’m willing to work my butt off just to be part of a good crew and to make good friends .

    • Mellissa Garza

      Jason, my name is Mellissa and i was reading your comments.My husband is a very hard worker and thinks very highly of his family.He just got off a bus route of 2 1/2 days. He just arrived in Seattle Washington and has nowhere to live and no job. He went to Seattle hoping to get on a fishing boat.I stayed behind to care for our family and keep working.He has no idea and has asked around where this dock is at and no one seems to know.He is very detemine to do what has to be done for us.Im very affraid for his saftey and i pray that someone out there can direct him. His email is ( SOMEONE PLEASE HELP US!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Christian

    Hello my name is christian and I have never been on a boat but have heard that you can make a lot of money doing it I live in the Portland, Oregon area I’m 27 years old and I have a family of 6 to support my only down fall is I have a felony on my record can anyone help point me in the right direction to getting on a good boat? my e-mail is

  • Olivar Garza

    My name is Olivar and i just arrived in Seattle Washington. I left my wife and children with two grand babies behind to come and try to get on one of the Alaska Fishing Boats.Heard it is very prospress and i’ve traveled by bus for 2 1/2 days from Texas to get here to Seattle washington to try to get on a boat. I am from Lubbock Texas and pay or economy is not doing well and i had no other choice but to come here and try my hardest for my family back home. I am homeless,jobless and determine to find employment.

    • Christian

      try to call icicle at 206 282 0988 they are in seattle and i herd they are leaving soon? Good Luck and God Bless

  • Jake Becker

    My name is jake i am 19 years old looking for a new job while im still young i work 12 hours a day six days a week with bad pay looking for a better paying job and a little travel.

  • leonel huerta

    hello may name is leonel i from mexico i’m 30 years old i study ing in fishering, not titule

    • Christian

      Not to sound rude but I feel like one of my countries BIG problems for not having work is people from mexico are coming here and taking them!

  • juan

    every one has a family every man women and child have the right to work for there survival it doesn’t matter where you come from and how you got there if the guy or women works harder then you pick it up i feel no threat from outsiders i work hard for my family and now one takes a job from me or have i lost a job that wasn’t my fault just my thoughts

  • Picasso

    hello guys….
    my name is picasso im a ship’s captain and im european.i’ll visit usa this summer and i have plan to get work in alaska i have a lot of experience with hard work in the ocean ( africa,europe,asia ) i am 27 year old, i wish for all you to get a job,and if not yet i hope soon,well i am here looknig for job ,you help me even by advice to get a job in alaska even as sailor ( fisherman) i love crab fishing or tuna fishing anyway i hope i can get work on Fishing boat Industry.

    thank you ,have a good day
    i hope to hear from you soon guys


    • juan

      if you get a boat am your man i have been trying to get on a ship for some time and just havent found my chance but if you need some hands am there

  • Heriberto Reyes

    Hello everyone! My name is HERIBERTO im looking for a fishing job ive been fishing for along time in puerto rico plus i have a little experience in beekeeping i used to seel raw honey too im 20 years old but look younger ill work day and night i love fishing. My record is clean i dont smoke or use drugs and im humble and barely talk unless im spoken.

  • Orasio machado

    My cousen and I herd about your website and was wondering how to go about being a fisherman and getting more information?

  • David garcia

    hola soy me llamo david garcia y vivo en mexico, hace tiempo que me interesa este tipo de trabajo, pero me gustaria saber algunas cosas: que necesito para este trabajo? cuanto tiempo es? aceptan gente de otros paises?…me gustaria que me mandaran esa informacion por correo, realmente me interesa…

  • ozzie

    i want a job on a fishing boat want to learn the trade od a deckhand and work my way to the top and captain a ship or maybe even mt own ves. wish someone would hire me believe me I can pull my own waight.GIVE ME A CHANCE . im thirty years old and hard working 3 kids and my wife

  • need a good payen JOB

    how can i get a seasonal job as a deckhand in alaska if I live in Arizona?riddle me this lol

  • Nandor

    Hi all

    I am from europe , i am 28 years old , and i also look for a job in a fishing boat , sincery i don’t have much experience in that but i am a hard working and strong person. I don’t smoke , dont drink and dont consume even medicine or drugs. Please write me if u have a job for me , thx.

  • Ruth Morse

    Hello…..If you like good food and need a cook send me an email. I bake wonderful bread and make filling tasty meals …….anything you want. Big plates of bacon and eggs with biscuits and gravy. Wonderful beef stews and pork roasts. Fried catfish and hush puppies. Special requests are my specialty. Not afraid of hard work. I am from Tennessee and am married to a man from France. That pretty much covers the spectrum. Just an old lady looking for adventure and a paycheck. Can’t be anymore honest than that. Honestly you will love the food.

  • Eduardo

    Olá ,
    Sou ex-militar tenho 46 anos , 1,83mt , 90 kg , com bom preparo físico e tenho experiencia com embarcações , navegação , GPS , radiotransmisores , mecanico de motores diesel e gasolina , manutenção de maquinas industriais , técnico manutenção PC Hardware , eletronica e eletrica e estou disposto a qualquer vaga no trabalho em barco comercial de pesca no Alasca .


  • Tekle

    Hello my name is Tekle Im from East Africa right now I’m living in USA and i have plan to get any work in Alaska, so please help me to find a work.
    Thank you




  • salvo

    Hello I am except alive in venezuela am interested in being employed at the fishing in alaska, am 25 years old, availability complete time if someone this ineresado him agradesco comunicarce with me for e-mail thank you

  • arno

    Helllo, im from south africa and considering this job. Can anyone tell me if you need a work permit and if so how to apply? Otherwise, do you arrive there with a holiday visa, start your job search and jump on a boat or whats the usual procedure?

  • Cleverson Taffarel

    Hi, im brazillian, 29 years old, graduate as electrical engineer. I have 45 days vacation and I would like to work in a fishing boat. I have a small boat in brazil also the amateur and master skipper licenses.
    I have some fishing and diving skills.

  • http://mexico armando de la torre

    hola soy biologo titulado
    tengo 46 años
    me gustaria trabajar con ustedes tengo muy poca experiencia en la pesca en barco
    pero me encanta la pesca y trabaje en un barco camaronero cuando estudiaba
    tengo mi propio negocio el cual estoy por cerrar y tengo la necesidad de trabajar fuera de mexico

  • nicholas edge

    hi may name is nick i am 22 and from liverpool england i am not inbterested in any of the jobs avaliable to me here and want nothing more than to get involved in some hard graft fishing. my problem is i dont really know how to get started should i just leave england and start hitting the docks,or is there a way to confirm a position before i leave? any comments are appreciated

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  • Joshua burdine

    I want to work hard I want live on the water and do something most people only watch the discovery channel. I don’t want die not having lived. Hope to get a shot that’s all. I’m 27 and a Olympic weIght lifter and former bodybuilder I need a challenge.

  • claudio ruiz

    desearia poder trabajar en un barco pesquero de centollas seria un orgullo yun verdadero placer para mi y mi familia tengo mucas ganas de poder concretarlo se que es muy duro realmente duro pero tengo las fuerzas , el compañerismo, la lealtad y el respeto de mi hacia mis compañeros de trabajo para lograrlo soy muy compañero y estoy dispuesto a soportarlo todas las enseñanzas y retos des mis compañeros para que todo salga bien por todos un cordial saludo ……. claudio

  • surendra nadh

    hi my name is surendra.
    i’m 18 yrs old.
    i’m from india,andhra pradesh.
    i’m not intrested in doing jobs ect…
    i have more intrest in fishing & to work in a fishing boat….
    and if there is any work plz inform me……

  • Robert Seymour

    Hey Yall,
    My name is Robert Seymour i am a Hard Worker who has been let go due to decrease in jobs in Montana. I am a Army Veteran and i am Looking for Work as a Fisherman in Alaska. Can anyone give me some advice or someone to contact about work? anything will help i would appericiate anything anyone has to offer. thank you .

  • Nelson Thomas

    my              name is nelson,i ,sam seeking work on a fishing boat as a deckhannd for starter,s.I already have a recent passport in my possesion which i woul like to put to use.   my.cell#443-717-5561 callanytime if your looking for a serious employee for that kind of work out there.let,s make us some money sir!

  • Majorobrien

    Major O’Brien Hard worker looking for work 206-832-7560 

  • JTSmith

    My name is Taylor Smith, I enjoy fishing, but do not know how to commercially fish.  I am electronically smart and can definitely cook up some good grub.  I currently live in California, but do have relatives in Alaska.  I can be reached anytime at (559)765-5765 

  • David

    My name is David Jackson, I am looking for work as a deckhand on an Alaskan Fishing ship. I live in Texas, but I am willing to buy my own gear and fly out to Alaska. If you are looking for a green horn please contact me by my email:
    I understand that since it is long distance it would be expensive to call me so I won’t leave my number. If you contact me by email and wish to speak over the phone I will give you my number.
     I am looking to make money to pay for school so I can finish my degree.

  • George spio Quansah

    my name is George spio Quansah,am looking for more experience in the fishing field,currently i am in ringlet fishing vessel in Ghana as a mechanics and would like to work.please my e mail is i would like to here from you sir.

  • wissem Laffi

    Hello, i am Wissem Laffi, looking for an alaska fishing job, please help me to do that, i need to pay for studing fees as i am a medical-universty student!
    Thank you!
    My e-mail is:

  • James Eason

    My name is James Eason the former singer of the band DROID. My band was pretty successful yet 10 years of commitment was stripped away due to lazy ass members. throwing away playing arenas every night blows my mind. I as many lost souls am looking for something to fill a  void in my life. I am beyond driven yet humble but willing to fight for my future to no avail. I have though of many ways to find the hidden lion inside me yet nothing has presented itself to me until now. Yet I would be considered the greenest of green horns ever, I am beyond game for the challenge.  I am fit 6ft and ready to change my life call me I want to work in this field. 

    562-234-4099  yes I am serious    James Buddy Eason    google it.

    • TPM

      Dude, DROID was fucking awesome. I AM THE SOUL COLLECTOR!

  • Tannerwestbury

    Im Tanner Westbury, no experiance, this is for me i know it is and i dont care what other people think about it anymore, i am ready to do it, i have wanted to for years and am looking for a job now, it says its good to know how to cook, im a great cook. im used to no sleep and have gone through pain! please call 608-235-5369

  • Bubble Burster

    Hi, I’m the Bubble Burster, Captains aren’t surfing the internet looking for deckhands and they’re sure as hell not looking here. Read the article people, sally forth to one port town in AK or another and beat the docks, not the web, for fishing jobs!

    • Nelson Thomas

      Hey,bubble burster,i didn,t mean any disrepest to you or the maritme industry.i just saw your matdor site  and know that i qualify for that kind of work.what kind of position do you have availablefor a person like me.I told you what kind of documents i have already.Can you give me some reliable info on those ports inAK Iam desperate for that kind of employment i just aint trying to be treated like a  blind man out there.Good  talking withyou,please  respond soon. nelson h thomas, po box38700baltimore, md21231-8700 or 443-717-5561

  • Emortal545

    i am from the caribbean looking foe a fishing job.

  • Gordiz Venus

    hi my name is Cesar Cortez
    I´m interested in this job.
    I´ve  26 years old.
    My adress is cesar.071684@hotmail:disqus
    .com i´m live for so along time in United Estates but  rigth now live in Guatemala.

    Please contact me, i want work in Fishing boat.

  • Gordiz Venus

    hi my name is Cesar Cortez
    I´m interested in this job.
    I´ve  26 years old.
    My adress is cesar.071684@hotmail:disqus
    .com i´m live for so along time in United Estates but  rigth now live in Guatemala.

    Please contact me, i want work in Fishing boat.

  • ahmed samir

    My name is  Ahmed Samir i’m aprofessional  boxer i’m really interested to work my email samirboxing@gmail .com

  • Agustin_escobar87

    my name is agustin and really want work on this gob this is my email.

  • Figura

    Hellow guys….my name is Jesús Villalvazo i´m  fx broker, i have 28 years old, i´m from México but i live in NY city and i really want to disconect of the system .
    I would love to be a part of a fishing boat !!!!!!!
    Please contact me my friends.
    jvillalvazo.82@gmail:disqus .com
    cheers !!!!

  • bogza alexandru name is bogza alexandru.i’m 23 years old,and i’m interested to woek on fishing adres

  • Reed6325

    Hello my name is vince quinn.   I am nearly 19 and i am motivated to fish in the severe cold  and harsh weather i am perfectly healthy. My commrade Orion Avery is the same as i yet he is nearly 20. We have worked tierlesly in many different jobs yet we have not much else to turn to. Contact me at  When you are willing to hire we will not let you down.

  • Tom

    hey my name is Tom Buckley, i have always wanted to work on a boat of some sort!! being out in the open sea on a boat would be amazing!! i am hard working, up for a chalenge, will do anything and im a fast learner!! would be a fantastic opertunity to work on someones rig!! please get in contact with me if you have any jobs going!! on or 07979610024

  • Marcin Tarniewicz

    My name is Marcin Tarniewicz. My story is a bit difficult, and if anyones out there reading this, plese help. I used to serve in the U.S. Marine Corps working on Harrier jet engines,stationed out of Yuma, AZ. I got out a few months ago. I had money saved up, but my car broke down, and I spent over 2,000 dollars on fixing it. It recently broke down again, and not being able to find employment, eventually I ran out of funds and got evicted out of my apartment, and baceme homeless. An oportunity came up and I went to Aguila, AZ to work in the melon picking fields. It sounded promissing, but realy they just use you up working 12-16 hours in the hot sun, barelly making anything. They hardly feed you out here, with the meal plan they set you up with, but really you don’t have choice since there’s  nowhere out here to buy real food. Only two small stores, but you can’t survive of penut butter and jellysandwitches for to long. I’m 32 and originaly from Poland. I love cold weather and am tired of the desert. I’m very fit and strong used to go to the gym everyday while in the Marines. I’ just getting buned out of energy out here so take advantage of it while i’m still good. Recentlly I got robed out here and haven’t eaten for 3 days. I speak two languages, Polish and English, and learning Spanish. I’ve done all kind of things before and during my service in the Marines. Mechanics on jet engines, construction work, fork lift and bus driver, all sorts of tools and power tools, crane operator, computers, restaurant work, and all sorts of manual labor. I’m a natural born workohaulic. I served my time in Afghanistan also. The Marine Corps still owes me aroud 3,000 dollars. When I’ll see that… well, that’s a big “?”.  I herd some individuals get flown out there and pay the ticket of later. If anyone out there could plese help me, it would be gratfully apreciated. If you’re not satisfied, which I promise you, that you will, you can at least have me work until I pay back for the ticket. Today is Monday Aug. 22, and I haven’t eaten since Saturday. I got robed including my iphone, but I’ve been coming to the local library dailly to check my emails. I’m tired of the desert. Just one sandbox after the another, working for nothing and still starving to death. I’m ready to jump start my life and make all the stress and worry to wash away. Please help!!! You will not be disapointed. Please email me and I can send more info like references,etc. Like my Gunnery Sergant who is storing my things in Yuma. Thank you and God Bless!!!


    • K8

      taki fajny arytkuł, a jakis polski ćwok zawsze musi wiochę zrobić na forum… Pisz na podaj tam nr konta, tam napewno znajda sie naiwniacy, co ci przeleja kase na bilet. 

      • Dhiren Lambalmyum Singh

        i like these job  and i have interest for the fish packing . i have a problem that is sir , about the my visa  and passport,

        • rose


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    • oskar

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  • Amit09891425643

    hi………..friends my name is amit and i want a job on fishing. i am intrested for it if u have    any job please …………….write me on my addres  amit09891425643@gmail:disqus .com or

  • Delenavicente

    Hi ,my  name is Timothy  Stallworth
     I live in Ga and would love to have the chance of a life time by working doing the thing i love the most. I would really like to come and work and learn new things ,Im a very hard worker ive been working from the young age of nine  years old , it has been my dream to always work on a fishing boat. please contact me at  home # 678-691-0477 cell# 770-365-6836 my email is   Thank you very much and look forward to hearing back from you

  • Gokulcastro

    Hi…. friends  my name is Gokul.I am from India.I like to work in fishing.i love to be a fisherman.Bec i am basically from a fisher man family.But after my grandfather no one have continue this fishing work.And i was born and brought up in  Kanyakumary till the age of 6.Then i moved up to chennai.But still that memories of my childwood is great.Now i am 24  working has a Facility exc in a private concern.But i dont wanna work  in this four walls.So anybody can ple help me or tell me if there is any job in

  • Edwin Abreu

    I have a bit of a long story. Right now we need to get down to business. I’m in Anchorage, Alaska right now. I moved up here from Orlando, Florida to work on a fishing vessel or boat. I just got here on the 17th of September and am more than ready to work. I’m 29 in excellent shape and enthused to get started. Can any body please help or point me in the right direction. My Phone number is (407)927-5612. And my e-mail is  God  bless and thank you.


    CUCU SERGIU             everyone talks but nobody knows how difficult is to live with 80 dollars for a mounth in Romania i have working on the boats on the black sea in my country i know how is thhe job on the boat and also on the sea cause here in ROMANIA the winters are very very cold and it must to do your job doesnt matter of any conditions.for this reason i wanna a job in alaska on a boat because here in my country is very very though i dont wanna be a movie star on the discovery because every guy first of all think of that they have in minds only to see them on tv only this have in their minds,i want only a job on the boat to make my duty doesnt matter what i do on the boat even i clean the toiletts only to have a job and to make for my self a better life to make a home for me only this is my interest to get a job on the boat doesnt matter is it small or big only to get a job.if some captains read this maybe makes a good thing to me and help me with this may contact me on the to send me an adress or a phone number to speak and to see me that i am a strong guy and also to see my resume i know welding ,or you also contact me on my phone number 0040741578968.i hope to get an answer with regards from ROMANIA cucu sergiu

  • Oscarluzon

    I am a chef and I am looking for a job in your company. I have a very good references about your agency and I will like to work with  in a boat. I have the maritim certificate. I have been working in a boat for three seasons for the same family. I would like to find a boat that give me a job for an entire year minimum.I hope to have notices about of my reason is becouse is one of my dream be fisherman i thing is very hard but y wont to try if is no here maybe another boat please helpme to co my dream in alaskaThank you for your time.Oscar Luzon

  • Dbrown67444

    Im new in the business don’t know much but will bust my butt off when it comes down to it I have been looking for a job to go balls to the wall always alert.  Something that just actually work test you at your strengths and abilities to fight the terrible weather and conditions I’m the guy that goes 110% on whatever i do and wants a chance at this opportunity to be there for a guy that is just down out right exhausted to back him up and a guy backing me up the thought of knowing that I could be doing something people usually turn away from it makes me want to do it even more.  I’m not a joke I’m turning 25 in april and would like a shot haven’t found much that really just put me at my true ability to push through.  I’ve done road construction long day in the heat no biggy I’ve walked many of miles wearing a tshirt in the blistering cold I can adapt and I will.  not good a cooking but can cook some basic will learn quick on that to always looking for that one thing to be all I can be and then some on dier situations I dont mind small spaces i welcome them I said what i had to say and if you would give me a chance tell me the time and place to meet give me like a month ahead please I’m in the middle of kansas will find a ride to wherever to jump on board and become apart of the crew.  I’m just needing something to cure this pent up explosive work my ass off kind of energy need something that will push me there and back again my email is  will give number if contact on email.

  • Agenor Pombo

    Hello, my name is Junior Agenor, I would like to know how to get a job outside of Brazil? I’m 30, I am formadoem Economics, butwould love to work in the fisheries sector outside Brazil, if anybody is interested please contact me.

  • Kiknass_87

    My name is Joshua Cobb. Im from Illinois. I have no experience but, im a hard worker and a quick learner. I have a 2 year old baby girl and another one on the way. I would like to give them a good  life with no worries and would not like to worry about expenses. My brother and I were thinking of flying out to Kodiak around April and checking out the employment office and trying to get on a crew, but im afraid of it being a wasted trip. If anyone reads this and can send me in the right direction that would be greatly appreciated.              Thank You

    • oldsalt

      Hey Kiknass,  I did this work for many many years and let me tell you 95% of the guy that come off the docks get put back on ‘em 3 months later in tears.  This is not a job for the emotional.  It always seems the bigger the guy the quicker he crumbles too.  One min. you’ll be bored to death and the next, staring right at it.  I’ve lost 3 friend and watched 2 mates die, right before my eyes, so think about that and your young family too (get accidental death and injury insurance if you do go, it’s cheap and you WILL get hurt, it’s just how bad will you get hurt). 
      Nonetheless, you can start by getting your “Z” card.  Find your closest Coast Guard and go get the health packet, take it to a doc. and they’ll give you a Coast guard physical.  It’s easy, cheap, and get you a leg up on any competition.  Now, there are, basically, 3 types of fishing boats- catchers, catcher/processors, and factory ships.  All three have there pros and cons but in a nutshell: catchers are small (think sea sick!) pay is based on catch, you catch you get paid, you don’t catch, you no pay!  But, like gambling or the stock market- no risk , no reward.  I’ve seen men make 70,000.00 in 3 months but I’ve also seen men make 4,000.00 for the same months, so it’s a bit of a gamble.  Cather/processor pay is base, again, on a percent of the catch, these ships are catching and, in a little factory below decks, are cleaning and freezing the fish, ships are bigger, but still had 4 go down between 2002 and 2006 in our area.  Finally, the factory ships- safest of all, biggest, stays close to shore or in bays and inlets for stability because these are just big fish factories on the water.  Fishing tenders pull alongside and off load their fish and the factory cleans and freezes the fish.  There are maybe three of these ships left in the US.  Pay is less but much better working conditions. 
      OK, so here is the list of companies to contact- Icicle, Seven Seas, Trident, and American Seafood.  If they still exist then they’re based in Seattle.  Take a crew position over a factory position if offered.

      • Haider

        My name is Haider, (907-317-1328). Sir i am really trying hard to find a job in fishing department in anchorage, alaska because i live there but nothing seems helpful. So somehow i came here in search of deckhand job and  i  read your reply to kiknass. You are an expert, professional man and a guide to me. I would really appreciate if you would help me how to get a job in fishing department as a deckhand.  I am really looking forward to it. thankyou

      • circlingraven

        old salt my name is santiago have no experience  but want to get on a boat do you have any leads or anyone that reads this 253 881 1781 if i dont answer please leave a mesage

  • Carlos david cardona

    Hola mi nombre es Carlos David Cardona tengo 36 anos soy dueño de una compañia de remodelaciones que se llama( Genius remodeling inc), pero las cosas no andan muy bien y mi situacion economica y responsabilidades con mi familia he hijos me obligan a tomar una determinacion aunque por un corto o largo tiempo tenga que separarme de ellos, he escuchaado que por alla en Alasca las cosas en la pesca son buenas, aparte de que es mi deporte favorito me gustan los deportes de alto riesgo. bueno al grano si alguien me puede contratar a corto o largo plaso mido 6´peso 180 y soy muy agil,mis creencias son cristianas, tengo conosimientos en motores diesel estudie en key power tenical institud, mecanica en general, soy tenico en A/C  y en electricidad y muchas otras cualidades ustedes se preguntaran que ago yo buscando trabajo y a miles de millas de distancia de donde vivo en miami pues si, he sido trabajador y tambien he sido jefe se lo que es recibir ordenes y tambien se darlas con humildad y sabiduria pero la verdad es que un salario no arreglaria en nada mi situaccion yo estoy buscand0 un trabajo legal que me ofresca una oportunidad de poder saldar deudas sin nesecidad de tenerme que ir a una alguien esta interesado en contactarme mi correo es o mi #de telefono es 786-308-7587 hablo ingles y español gracias y DIOS BENDIGA LA OPORTUNIDAD

  • Michaelchadmiller

    My name is Michael.  I will bust my ass as a crew member on any vessel this coming summer of 2012.  I am a recent college graduate in need of funds to alleviate college debt.  Send me an e-mail and I will fly to be part of your business.

  • Angelevepuerto

    ANGEL. hola soy marino hondureño, queria saber en verdad si exiten este tipo trabajo , ysi es dificil de aplicar. tengo mis cursos de la organizacion maritima iternacional. tengo experiencia a bordo de buques, trabajo como electricista de barcos. y como podria aplicar,si alguien me puede explicar se lo agradeceria.

  • Roy dcosta

    hi my name is Roy Dcosta I m from India I have a commercial fishing boat here we do fishing with nets and hooks but I wanted to work on a fishing boat in Alaska and learn some new ways of fishing I have gone for fishing on my boat in d sea I have a lot of experience so it would b kind of you if you consider me for a job you may contact me on : 9769330019

  • Fernando_torres1616

    Hola soy  Fernando T. T. soy de México, tengo 22 años, me gustaría aprender el trabajo  pesquero, conozco parte del ámbito gastronómico, como de la carrera de mecatronica, si hay alguna oportunidad para ocupar un puesto me pueden contactar en mi correo

  • Midi Case

    Joseph mccord (206-769-0446) -Seattle, Wa- 
    I am a very strong minded person and im tired of the 9-5 and never making all my bills and fees in this life challenge. I am skilled in many areas: from audio engineering to demolition,hard manual labor , grave yard shifts , management ,security staffing ,ect but i have to make more money i work hard and i feel that this is the job for me so i can provide for me and my family. <<<>>> 

  • angel aviles

    Hola amigos soy de honduras soy marino mercante electricista,quiero saber,como puedo trabajar en un barco pesquero no importa ya sea emisor o receptor.cuales son los requisitos donde puedo aplicar,o alguna agencia o alguna persona que pueda ayudar con la informacion acerca de este trabajo me gusta el trabajo rudo y estoy fisicamente bien. les estare agradecido por la informacion saludos y suerte



  • Ddts10

    I would wored whit them My name is Daniel

  • Jtjasperthomas

    Are the people commenting on here even reading the article? It says NOT to say “I’m hard-working and a quick learner” .. it also says that the best way to get a jab is not to scour online, but to go up there and try …. 

  • Sarah

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  • Nikolaos

    Is it even  possible for an european citizen to work in Alaska? I mean I could get a temporary work visa but to do that I would need a contract at least 1 month before I start working..Lucky Americans! ha ha!..I was looking for jobs in Norway too but it’s all written in Nordic and although I speak German I didn’t understand a thing! Any ideas??

  • C Sathish

    need to be a fisher men in alaska i am from india, if any one know the reference inform me

  • ilo

    Anyone know the chances of getting hired if you’re a woman?

  • marcel reitsma

    i am a hobby fischer in the noordzee (the netherlands)
    and im intrestid 1e to see if im up to it  nothing in live comes simple but alaska can be killing.
     if been in canada alot if got family there so the country i know .

  • Michael

    hi Alaska Fishing Employers!  My Name is Michael and i used to work on a fishing vessel for many years in my country. I have full experience of  fishing. And am now ready to work in any part of United States specially in Alaska. I live in Gerogia and my Phone number is 770-837-6798 = E-MAIL ( thanks

  • thomas mandigo

    my name is thomas mandigo, 21 ive never been in a job position fishing i always saw it as too fun to me work…but then i went ocean fishin and man bringing fish in is like my life medicine whish is the good thing cuz im adicted to medicine well head medicine for my bio polar mania i have anger issues but not that bad cuz i can handle them i just want to give my whole background but anyways i got pulled ove r and did stupid stuff and got in trouble learned a life llessson and now im into poetry…i love conversating and fishing and hunting are my lifelong hobby…could u set me up with a position??it would b well appreciated right now i live off food shelf with my mother and friends and dont have a place of my own…and nothing to do with my time im wonderin…can i join the crew??ill gut haul real in shy on the skinning but ill most definetly take pics of fish please call my number is 673 5480…thank you for your time man..

  • pedro40

    HI ! IM Pedro i have long time found company in Alaska to work , i am a Hard worker. i having a litlee experiences in those jobs.  whatever position i am ready to go.

  • Ramiro

    hola que tal soy de argentina estoy en busca de trabajo y me gustaría trabajar en los barcos o plantas pesqueras  tengo 21 año  no tengo experiencia mi e mail es estoy dispuesto a trabajar. gracias

  • Rubendj127

    hola me llamo ruben estoy buscando trabajo vivo en republica dominicana quiero trabajar en un barco pesquero mi correo es gracia

  • Aminemezahem

    hello my dear friends how you goodwill, Bath I need help Because my hunch I’m not very good at English I am looking for the counter works for crab fishing in Alaska and I love this series is well you just do something for me because i have a professional livriez fishing since 1998 and have Worked in Many fishing vessel vessels and it is not you find anything of concern and thank you in advance here is my email and it’s a little one and tell me how for this work

  • Retiredsquidman

    My name is Jason Spry, I am 20 years old and live in Montana. I am currently employed as a restaurant manager. I hav no experience in the fising industry but am very intersted in employment in the industry. I am willing to relocate for a job. I am single nd have no family that is dependent on me. 406-781-9063

  • Redouane

    my name is redouane i want work withe alaskan fishing boad  tlfn 0034633326717          i live in spin thank you

  • manoj dutta

    my name is manoj dutta a 34 aged man from india. i would highly thanfull to you SIR if you guide me to go alaska and get a job in fishing vessells. in my condition i not know anything to how to get a job there. from my childhood i am a desparete lover of fishing. but now i have to make my dream real. please sir help. my email is

  • Matthewlosey1992

    My name is Matthew L. I would love to get the chance to turn my life around. And when i say turn my life around, i don’t mean im a bad person or have had a horrible life. I mean i’ve been working small general labor jobs and your average fast food job for about 6 years now, i’ve had a few good construction jobs, yeah it pulled in the money but it was never stable. I do not have any experience on a fishing boat. My Father was in the Navy so i know what it’s like to be on a ship in general. I am a hard working guy, i know you hear it from a lot of people but i really am, i take pride in my work and i work hard. Show me something once and it is done. I would really love an opportunity to get on a boat in Alaska and be out having an experience, adventure and making the money i need to support myself and my family without struggle. Please contact me, i am located in Seattle, WA. I would be willing to travel as long as it’s the right job. I’ll do as many phone interviews as it takes and i’m ready when you are. Please contact me by email:, from there i’ll be okay with disclosing more personal information. Thank you,

  • Darrin Perere

    My name is Darrin Perere
    Me and my family is looking forward to moving to Alaska I would love to work on a fishing boat
    I have a camp in bayou pigeon n la
    I love fishing but green horn to Alaska
    So if can help me please contact me at
    Thanks Darrin Perere

  • Jayson_mondigo

    My name is jayson mondigo, im from Philippines,and i would like to apply a position of deck hand, i have an exprience onboard ship, sir give me a chance to join in your good company, i promise sir i am a hardorking, obedient, honest. her in philippines sir it’s very hard to find a  job i have a complete papers to join onboard ship sir., pls. sir give me a chance…thank very much for giving time to read my mesage…([ (+63) 9339593719 ] / [(+63) 9161208050]

  • trevor

    my name is trevor hammond i live in washington! want to get on a boat do some thing diffrent i have nothing holding me in washington! im 28 years old a green horn to fishing boats but ide love to learn if any thing how do i get on a boat ? of course i work really hard at what ever i do! my number # 360-273-8381. thanks

  • Phillip hartley

    need to find a job can u help ,

  • Kristian Lanej

    wow this is the best boat fishers in the world I would like to work in this ship but its very dificult for me I live in Albania ,,, ej people don’t stop to get a job here if the are in time ,, bravoooooo boys.

    • Kristian Lanej

      i would like to work in this ship about 7 or 10 yer my email itS

      i m ready for evrything i m hard worker i have work in fish boat about 5 year here in albania but in small boat ,,, now i m 18 year old to dream in fish boat its my dream i can work for free about one mounth you can see me …ok thats all see guys

  • Anonymous

    Howdy- What time of the month does the Salmon run begin in July? Do I still have time to find a site on a boat?

  • Sajmir Bosi

    I would like to work in this ship..cuz this is the best boat fishers in the world..i need work near her.:)

  • Nathan Willmore

    When is the best time to be ready to work for the King Crab season?

  • Irka Dorsh

    I am a Chef, worked for N.O.R.D, and mining Alsaka Hwy, and as far north “Byron Bay, Nunavut…. been runing camps for 6 years, winter… so cold and tight rooms are well known to me. If anyone knows of work I would like to know. Thank you ( Andrew,

  • Ramesh Shukla

    I m indian chef n able to whip up a nice meal for three or four or five guys on short order.
    thanks (

  • Jesse Davis

    Hi my name Jesse Davis I am looking for a new career. I’ve been a carpenter for about 12years.The business isn’t what it use to be. I think fishing career is for me. I Am very interested in this career and need some help on how to get started. So if theirs anyone in the WA that is hiring or has some advice about getting started please contact me at

    • Shirley Moemke

      You sound like my son Sam…he would like a fishing career too,but in Florida…Good luck,sure there something out there in that field

    • Shirley Moemke

      Oh…and it was great to see you,your wife and adorable lil Conner♥

  • Samson Hasiugluur

    Sir, I am Samson Hasiugluur, I’m 32 years old, I’m from yap state, federated state of Micronesia. I am working at yap fishing authority as a skipper on a 15 meter length Frp boat. I’ve been work here for 6 year doing trolling and deep bottom fishing. Pls help me I want work with you there to experience the hardworking there. Pls email me @ or Thank you very much.

  • Anastacialily Bloom

    Exactly what I was looking for, thanks!

  • Vince Stewart Sr

    Hey there… my name is Vince Stewart & I am definitely interested in working on a fishing boat & would really appreciate getting connected with a ship & captain for this next season. 970 560-2127 Thanks.

  • Anonymous

    thanks for this interessant article! I’m 23 years old and I would like to work for an Alaskan fishing boat! what’s the easiest way to get in contact with employers? my email adress: a. peace!

  • Tyrone Brisbois

    my name is tyrone brisbois i am a single father of three an would love to work for any vessel an i been fishing in tulalip bay for six years an love the water i am 22 years old an want to have a great job if i could get hired i would put my heart an all into my job you can get ahold of me at these #’s 360-631-0591. 360-659-7511

  • Anonymous

    My name is Adan and I am 24 year’s old and I am interested in Alaskan fishing boat job.
    so what’s the easiest way to get in contact with employers? my Email adress is
    Any one help me out.

  • Anonymous

    hi there I’m christopher galera I’m a filipino seafarer I want to work on alska fishing boats help me.

  • Daniel Twiggs

    My name is Daniel Twiggs and I live in South Bend, Indiana. Here is a little about myself. I am 33 year I am physically fit, I study martial arts in my spare time. I am also a culinary student at Ivy Tech Community college. I have always wanted to test my abilities as a human, that is why I want to join a crab fishing boat crew.I had an opportunity to go to Alaska on a crab boat about 3 years ago but, my girlfriend talked me out of it, I have regretted it ever since. I have been applying to various crab boats in Alaska, mainly because there is a high unemployment rate in South Bend, I believe it is the 2nd or 3rd in the country. Jobs are scarce and I am wanting to get out of here as soon as possible. I have no obligations here anymore. Please contact me at 574-387-0958 or I hope to hear from you soon, thank you for the opportunity.


    Daniel Twiggs

  • Ruben Gutierrez

    apparently you guys can’t read and hopefully that won’t be a requirement. The man said the best way to go about it is to show up!

    • Melinda Tellez

      Hey Ruben, I tried to message you to see how things are going. No love for MoMo or what? lol ASSHOLE!

  • Anonymous

    Hi my name is Dan I’m 25 yrs old support a 5yr old son and am looking to work the ocean out in Alaska a few months at a time I currently work for rhino linings in Washington and just got done working on the 3 biggest boats out @ he Ballard locks…after working on them I realized how I want to get on a boat asap and set a career path for fishing and crabbing if there is anyone out there who needs an honest, smart, young energetic professional aboard please let me know…I can be reached @ 206 422 8821.

  • Israel Vazquez

    Hi to whom it may concern concern my name is Nemuel Archilla I am 19 years of age I’m a fast learner & a good worker work is seems to me and I don’t play around well not until the work is done I also know how to cook a bit poaching carbs and fat’s are a necessity in cold temperature contact me back at

    • Jesse Carr

      But not a great reader, apparently.

  • Brian Keith

    Hello my name is Brian i have grew up arnd tha water all my life n have it n my blood my g farther wrked on the water all his life i have done various things on the water such as fish pound nets,dredged crabs,gill netted n, crab potted i am thirty years old n i want to get a good job wrkn on a boat so i can secure a great future for my 10 month old lil boy want to b able to provide for him n make sure he has a good easy life ahead of him i want nuthin more then to b able to provide tha way i sld u can contact me at

  • Corey Joseph

    Good afternoon,
    My name’s Corey- 22 years old and I’ve been getting increasingly interested in pursuing a commercial fishing job for the summer or at least a portion of the summer. I don’t have any actual experience with this type of fishing so to speak of; of course I’ve gone fishing around the rivers and creeks I live by but, like I said, nothing extensive. While I don’t have any direct fishing boat experience I’m yearning for this adventure. I absolutely would be going into this job in a humble yet tenacious manner. I’d like to be tested by the elements and I’d like to grow through my experiences on the boat with the hopes of becoming a harder-working more appreciative person. Thanks for the consideration.

  • Aurelio Magalhaes

    My name is Aurelio and I am 37 year’s old and I am interested in Alaskan fishing boat job.
    so what’s the easiest way to get in contact with employers? my Email adress is
    Any one help me out.

  • Ariel Santiago

    My name is Ariel David Santiago, I m ex military ready to go, I need a boat ASAP, this is my e-mail phone 917-847-4398 I m a strong hard worker ””Thanks”"”

  • Mohsin Khan

    Hello boss i will find work anyone i will do it.i m only need mony.

  • James Garon


    I’m looking for work and would like to apply my self for a Green Horn position on a crab boat in the fleet… I have spent the last 5 ½ years over coming a life of alcoholism and have spent the last five years trying to better my life. I’m a struggling tattoo artist from Tustin, CA. I would just like the opportunity to provide for my family and being so California has no work do to inflation and the population. So my father who I have never spent much time with has asked me to move to Valdez, AK. I would really like to be working before I make that kind of transition. I have spent my life on the move, for every 2 years since I was 16 I have found myself in another town in another state trying to find my place in the world. I would just like a chance. I would appreciate if this letter could be passed on to other Captain’s if you don’t have room on your crew. God will bless.

    Facebook@ Skullisland Tattooing….

  • James Garon


    I’m looking for work and would like to apply my self for a Green Horn position on a crab boat in the fleet… I have spent the last 5 ½ years over coming a life of alcoholism and have spent the last five years trying to better my life. I’m a struggling tattoo artist from Tustin, CA. I would just like the opportunity to provide for my family and being so California has no work do to inflation and the population. So my father who I have never spent much time with has asked me to move to Valdez, AK. I would really like to be working before I make that kind of transition. I have spent my life on the move, for every 2 years since I was 16 I have found myself in another town in another state trying to find my place in the world. I would just like a chance. I would appreciate if this letter could be passed on to other Captain’s if you don’t have room on your crew. God will bless.

    Facebook@ Skullisland Tattooing….

  • Ed Carpenter

    I fished in Bc for 30 years

  • Ed Carpenter

    I fished in Bc for 30 years

  • david w walker

    My name is david walker iam looking for a challenge and a career on crab boat as a greenhorn I’m a hard worker and verry dedicated to my job quick to learn and ready to go I was working in oil feld for weatherford I know hard work I work 89-140 hrs a week some days u never got sleep 36hr work days I have done that plinty i am a dependable person and don’t make excuses for my actions the way I see things in life it is what it is if you don’t like it sorry 417.317.3842 thirs my number give me a call if u can give someone like me a chance thx

  • jarett shields

    My name is Jarett Shields, im from North Carolina. Fishing and Hunting has always been apart of my life and the thought of getting paid to do that has to be the best job in the world. Work here in NC is hard to find and pay is very low. I grew up on a cotton farm running tractors combines ect.. At the age of 15 I decided that logging was the direction for me and lord have i enjoyed it. Its tough work but kept me lean and mean so to speak. Now Im 30 and looking for new adventure,Alaskan fishing,and without any experience on a boat like that i know my chances are slim to none but if i dont try it will never happen. The way I see it you can live for something or die for nothing. In closeing if anyone out there can help me get on a fishing or crabing boat i cant tell you how much the oppertunity would mean to me. If any captin is interested in hiring or just talking, please call my brother Matt Shields at (252) 862-6105 and leave a message with him and ill contact you ASAP thank you.

  • Jose Luis Quinones

    Hi people my name is Jose Quinones I am 33 old from Connecticut. I want to work in Alaska fishing boat. is my dream to work in the sea. I like a opportunity to work with ur guys contact me at 1-860-706 2072.I am ready to travel.

  • rowel bantugan

    hi! good morning!..My name is rowel from the philippines.I am interested to work alaska fishing,I had already experiences working in fishing even though its very hard but because of my eagerness working in fishing i totally survive to work 48 hours straight..heres my email

  • Lushane

    Hi there
    Im lushane from south Africa I would like to know how can I apply for a job In Alaska im great fishermen and have skipper licence to 100 ton boat.
    I would like to know who can I contact.
    Please sent me a mail if u know how to get in Alaska fisheries.

  • mulia ikrar sidi

    hello. .
    my name is mulia ikrar sidi and l want to join your company l was born in jakarta of indonesian country
    l have sertificate

    .seamen book. .
    if you are l need for crew please can you call me. .

    l am ready to work in your ship
    l apply for deckhand. .

    thank you for your kind attention

  • anduriliam

    this comment section is depressing…

  • nickholland

    My name is nicholas holland and I’m looking for work I’m 19 and lI’ve in fairbanks alaska if you need help email me at

  • Tony T.

    Looks like I’m late to the party but like everyone else here, I read this article because I am interested in working as a crewman on an Alaskan crabbing boat. The experience and the money sounds life changing for a city boy wanting to push his limits. –

  • Greg

    Wow! Great article but I have to address the massive white elephant.

    All of you idiots posting your info on here as if you can get a job this way. WTF? Get your asses to Alaska and pound the ground for it as the man told you to. If you’re so lazy that all you can manage is posting to a random article on the net, no offense intended Mr Whipple, then you neither need on a fishing vessel nor will you get on one.

    This job is tough. Getting the job is tough. If you can not handle doing what it takes to get the job the way all the others do, then you will NEVER get the job.

    • Dennis

      Have to agree whit this person, even the article says to get on the docks or near the boats to find the work. I have tried posting my info and dedication to work on many sites, none work. Either you show up to do or you stay home dreaming to do it.
      I am saving up to head to Alaska myself atm, then I will live and look for work up there. I really do hope to find some but realize that if you can’t get near the job or know someone already in it that could plug you in to the system, then the odds are probably 0% chance to get on a boat. Now not saying to give up trying, I still post many things to hope someone will call and fly me out there, but in the mean time I am saving to get there as well.
      Hope everyone does great! Keep it Real! Peace

  • felisity

    What are the chances for a girl that wants to join this industry.?.

  • Sdfree83

    OMG the comments for this are sad, get up off the couch and hit the docks posting your resume, if you can’t go to Ak go to Seattle and apply to the company processing vessels to get your foot in the door

  • luis


  • Ethan Fox Miles

    Inspiring stuff…I’ve wanted to do this job for years, but always ended up doing something else….after spending years working overseas, I’ve come to realize I got to try this job, for the experience, for the potential earning, for the stories. And so, I’ll save up a bit and look to fly out to Anchorage and go from there, probably by next winter or so….Any places particularly recommended? I saw Homer and Kenai in the article, is Anchorage the place to base yourself in, or would it be Kodiak?
    Hoping to get to Alaska soon enough, I’ve been procrastinating for far too long!

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