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How to get your laptop, video camera, clothes for 5 days, book, and even your towel all in your carry-on, and avoid getting charged for checking a bag.

How to take as much as you like in your hand luggage from Matador Network on Vimeo.

Feature Photo by: bmfckr.

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Benny Lewis

Benny Lewis is an Irish polyglot and a freelance translator. For six years, he's been on a journey through various countries with emphasis on integrating into their cultures through acquiring their languages. He shares his tips and adventures along the way through his multilingual video blog "Around the World in Eighty Mays."

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  • Lauren

    That is awesome – I’m taking a carry-on and a large bag around the world for a month. Traveling lite is the only way to go.

  • happybrunette23

    Omg, you seriously did that towel thing?! Ever thought of the small swimming towels that you can squeeze the moisture out and then it dries, pack in the size of a sunglasses casing. Perhaps, air dry? The superman thing was funny.

  • Benny the Irish polyglot

    Yes, I did do the towel thing. Do it every time I travel :) I love my big bulky towels, but they take up way too much space in the bag. I tried the fibre-optic towels for a few months and hated it. Might be ok if you go on a short trip, but for long term travelling I’m afraid I just can’t sacrifice the comfort of fluffiness :)
    Note that I didn’t show in the video that I only have everything on me like that when passing through security (and have learned to take it all off in less than a few seconds believe it or not, for passing through quickly) and when boarding the plane if it’s Ryanair (they enforce the one-bag rule as you leave the terminal on some flights).
    I usually travel with lots of books stuffed into the inside of my jacket (I ripped a whole in the jacket and treat that like a “second carry on” bag in a way. No rules are being broken, just loopholes being jumped through :)
    I bring a big plastic bag in my pocket to dump everything into while strolling around the terminal and to use on arrival. If possible I’d like to make a second video to explain all that, but I won’t get around to it until next year since I have other projects.
    Thanks for watching!! :)

  • Crystal

    Thanks for the tips! those are awesome ideas and will surely prove to be a lifesaver for me in future travels!

  • Todd

    Great video, had me laughing quite a few times there, some great ideas (yes even the towel one!) I can only imagine the eye-rolling that must occur behind you in the security line as you empty your pockets of so much gear!!

  • Cheap Paris Hotels

    Right now i’m planning my Christmas trip to Paris so the ideas in the video may come in handy :)

    I want to take as much photos as possible while in Paris and hopefully i’ll come up with some good ideas for new articles on my blog. Maybe you can take a look at it.


  • Nora

    thanks for the tips! will be attempting it in the next couple of weeks…. except maybe the towel thing…. haha :)

  • William Wallace

    I personally would rather just pay the extra to take more luggage with me. Way too much hassle for my liking and I aint got time to do washing on a short trip like 10 days. Much better things to do….But each to there own as the saying goes….!

  • Prentiss Riddle

    I can see stuffing the pockets of a jacket full of gear because you can take the jacket off to send it through the scanner, but did you really load up the pockets of your cargo pants with electronics? Wouldn’t it take forever to unload and reload them at security?

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