How to: Travel by cargo ship

Shipping companies travel nearly everywhere. Photo by Josh Sullivan.

Ever wonder if it were possible to travel by cargo ship? Here’s how.

[Si eres hispano hablante, por favor chequea Cómo viajar en un buque de carga.]

I HAVE ALWAYS WANTED a collection of brown leather trunks with brightly colored stickers from all the world’s corners. They remind me of travelers in the early 1900s who spent days on the ocean in order to reach their destinations. Back then, arriving at the destination was as much a part of the trip as the destination itself.

So when I needed to get from Guadeloupe in the Caribbean to France I asked myself, “is it still possible to travel by boat?” A few months later I was on a CMA-CGM cargo ship headed from Pointe-à-Pitre to Dunkerque.

My nine days on the Atlantic included gourmet French food, duty-free Porto and hours spent mesmerized by the blinking lights of the GPS. Yes, you can definitely still travel to many locations in the world by boat.

Here are some pointers for researching and planning your own adventure on the high seas:

1. What exactly is traveling by Cargo Ship?

Most of the major global shipping lines CMA-CGM, Canada Maritime, and Bank Line offer paying passengers to hop on one of their lines. As a paying passenger you are accommodated in guest cabins and have access to most areas of the ship.

Captains and crew spend a lot of time on the water, and they are usually happy to have a fresh face walking around their workplace, meaning that they may even invite you to eat with them, give you tours of the ship and maybe even have you over for an Officer’s happy hour.

2. Where can I go?

You can travel almost anywhere by cargo ship.

The global shipping industry is huge, and many ports like New York, Shanghai, Los Angeles, and Sydney welcome several ships everyday.

Just think: anywhere global commodities are shipped are places that you can disembark and spend time soaking up the local culture before re-boarding.

Shipping companies have certain lines covering specific routes, and many of them will allow you to buy a ticket for one of these lines and disembark and board as you please as long as there is a ship leaving on your chosen day.

This is often how round the world routes work: book your freighter ticket and then plan in a few weeks in every major port. With freighters, the possibilities for your adventure are almost endless. Just think: anywhere global commodities are shipped are places that you can disembark and spend time soaking up the local culture before re-boarding.

3. What will it cost?

A common misconception is that if you are willing to spend an extended amount of time on open water you can score an inexpensive mode of transportation to your next travel destination.

Although there are possibilities to work on boats, traveling as a passenger is in fact more expensive than your average airfare. But before you scoff at the price – plan on an average price of $80-140/day – consider this: your ticket pays for room, meals, and a plethora of experiences that cannot be had anywhere else.

Image: tinou bao

4. Life on a ship

As a passenger you are surrounded by the everyday life of the vessel and her crew. Schedules revolve around mealtimes, which can be extravagant events depending on the chef.

If you are a gourmet traveler, consider traveling with one of the French companies which are known for their high quality cuisine and table wine.

Besides meals, the rest of the day is spent as you please. Make your way up to the bridge and chat with the captain about sea navigation or schedule a tour with the head mechanic to see the vessel’s impressive technical insides.

You will quickly find that the freighter environment is a rough but enjoyable one; think lots of steel and salt water. Before the evening meal, meet for a pre-dinner drink with your co-passengers in the guest lounge area and discuss the events of the day.

You may think that a week on open water can give you a case of cabin fever, but a slower pace of life can be much welcomed and enjoyable.

5. Planning

So you’ve decided that freighter travel is for you, what now? Do your internet research, there are several websites maintained by individuals seduced by traveling on the high seas with great tips and long lists of different routes around the world.

Go to the websites of the freighter companies and send them an email asking about passenger fares. Another option is travel agencies that specialize in freighter travel like A la Carte Freighter Travel based in Montreal.

Some helpful websites to get you started:

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  • Julie

    Fascinating! I never would have thought of this. Thanks.

  • Greg

    I wondered about this a couple of years when trying to get from London to Australia without air travel. In the end I made it to Hong Kong and flew the rest of the way.
    Wish I’d known how easy this could have been!

  • admin

    Wow…I love it!

    I’ve always wondered about if this is possible and how to pull it off. Definitely on my list now :)


  • Jenny

    My boyfriend and I did serious research into traveling by freighter from Mombasa (Kenya) to Mumbai (India). Unfortunately, we were often turned away at the door; most of the shipping lines we talked to said that because of the USA’s increased “anti-terrorist regulations,” there was all sorts of red tape about allowing regular passengers on cargo ships. Is this actually true, or was it just a ruse to get us to bugger off?? (There were a few lines who did say they could take passengers, but yes–it was $100 per day per person, on average–sadly above our budget…)

  • Jesy

    Great, the author has given a few tips that are good. This is the first time I am gonna adventure in the sea.

  • http://----- Babs & Yoshi

    Great to see there are still freighters taking on passengers.

    Have been dreaming about such a trip.

    We would like to go to Japan from Seattle (Washington state) in the near future.

    Do you or anyone on the list know any freighters which make that trip? Names and/or contact details would be very welcome.

    Thanks and cheers,
    Babs & Yoshi

  • nomadic matt

    I’ve always wanted to do this and I want to one day. This is such great advice

  • Lorrie

    Babs & Yoshi,
    Contact Freighter World They show on their website a trip from Seattle to Japan round trip is 35 days.

  • joe

    is it possible to work on the cargo ship in order to make the traveling expense less?

  • Anna Brones


    I am not sure about working on cargo ships as normally they require specially trained crews. I do however know of several people who crossed the Atlantic working on cruise ships and/or large sailboats. These boats were traveling to the Caribbean and traveled with crews who worked to do basic maintenance and get the boats clean again before they had another set of paying passengers on board.

  • Erik

    Are there any options for rougher accomodations, I mean I saw the pictures of some cabins and its way to fancy for someone like me. All I need is a little corner and a hammock. Is it possible to find something like that or is it just not in demand enough to exist.

  • soultravlers3

    We are a family into our 3rd year of an open ended world tour and freighter ships are one of our favorite modes of travel. We travel mostly overland ,but using a ship like this can really save us some time and money.

    We have used every means of transportation on 4 continents & 29 countries so far, but travel mostly by RV, so this is a great way for us to move our vehicle to a new place.

    Our favorite one was a new ship from UK to Sweden and there were only 3 other passengers besides us. Just watching the ships load up the freight is an awesome thing to watch and any little boy’s dream. My daughter ( who was 5 when we began and 8 now) looooves this mode of travel and the little pull down bunk beds in our room, food with the crew and watching the sea as we go!

    There are also many huge ferry ships that are similar & we have taken them from Barcelona to Rome overnight, Venice to Athens, Bari to Croatia, France to Ireland , Rhodes to Turkey, Spain to Morocco, around the Greek Islands etc. On those, Erik you can pay much less by not buying a cabin.

    We have known people who have driven cars or RV’s around the world, so they often use this method to take short cuts over seas. It is a wonderful way to travel and much easier than most people realize!

    • mariana

      Amazing your story. really inspired since i love boat travelling, and this opens my mind and my options while travelling. thnk you for sharing your story again!!


      gratefull traveller
      mariana calleja ross
      san jos, costa rica

    • Jon Willis

      We enjoyed reading your comments. We’re in California at the moment and next year will be heading “home” to the UK, after a trip (by RV) around the last few places we haven’t quite managed to get to yet in the ten years we’ve been here. We plan to end up in eastern Canada and thought we’d ship the RV and Toad from there, then take a freighter back to Europe. Your posting had us thinking about how great it would be to travel on the same ship at the RV/car, so we’d have transport to and from the docks at each end.

      So these questions are about how you travelled with your RV. Do you have any recommendations for shipping lines which are likely to be more RV-friendly than others? How did you manage to find which lines would take both the RV and passengers? I’ve had enough trouble finding just a passenger freighter from Canada to the UK, let alone asking them to find space for the RV. Any other suggestions which might help us?


      Jon and Lynda

    • Josh

      Great story, guys! Do you have a website or blog?

      For sometime I have been planning an around the world trip on motorcycle. The other people I have found who have done this have flown across the oceans. I have been thinking how much more meaningful it would be to navigate the globe never taking to the air. So I was very excited to find this article and your stories of successfully shipping your RV via cargo ship.

      If you have any websites, phone numbers for connections, or just some suggestions it would be very much appreciated.

      Keep living the dream!

      Happy travels,

  • Last Minute Traveler

    Well, that can be one hack of an adventure. But very dangerous, I wouldn’t risk it.
    Expenses lower, but risk much higher, longer time, no refunds, no entertainment, not to mention seasickness…

  • Andrew Horsman

    I definitely recommend it as a great way to travel. I took a container ship from Singapore to Brisbane, taking 10 days to sail through the Indonesian islands, past an erupting volcano, racing dolphins and flying fish and finally navigating the Great Barrier Reef. I got to meet a fantastic crew and saw a side of life that we would otherwise have missed, watching hundreds of containers carrying all the clothes, white goods and TVs that we take for granted transported between continents.
    I wrote about it in my travelblog here if you want to read more:
    Happy travels!


    I would never have thought to travel by cargo ship. It would be a different travel experience. I could understand why some people would be apprehensive about traveling via cargo ship. Sea-sickness, different environment, not knowing what to expect, etc…It would be an adventure of a lifetime. Thanks for sharing.

  • Milander

    Did this when I was a young(ish) 28 year old. I managed to defray the cost of the trip by providing English lessons (yes, I’m qualified to do that, EFL, etc) for most of the crews with whom I travelled. Other people I’ve known have also offered ‘soft’ skills such as massage, IT training, etc as ways of getting passage. Might be worth looking into… ps always know where your towel is.

  • 8chocolate

    Someone wants entertainment? Maybe the deck hands can break into a song and dance. LOL

    But on a more serious note – do they have WiFi? :o)

  • Rahul Kumar

    Hi,please let me know if i will go from delhi x place, how can i check the fare ?
    if any website is there, then please let mw know?

  • Jim

    I was so happy to find this article after thinking about freight travel for over a year. Thank you for the information, but I’m sad to say my hopes fell when I read that prices are not dirt cheap, which is what I was imagining. Exactly, imagining. Maybe I can wash dishes my way around the world on these ships.

    From Sunny Florida

    • Tim Patterson

      Yeah, too bad it’s so pricey, huh.

    • Wassim M.

      Thats exactly what me and my buddy wanted to do. Some chores around the ship so they give us a good deal.

  • Mircea

    Very tempted to try this :) Now have to go consult my wife to find out if we can scrap enough finance

  • Mark

    Im costarican and i want to travel back from amsterdam by freight (sounds cool)
    how can i know which one is the best
    or how?
    or how cheep?
    im on a tight budget :(
    thanx for the help guys!!
    incredible article!!

  • Elisse J Goldstein

    In 1978 after i finished college and was immigrating to Israel w/a lot of luggage, I took a Yugoslavian freight ship (Yugolinia) from PA to Rijeka, Yugolslavia, via Fernandina Beach, FL, Marseille, France, Savona, Italy, Thessaloniki, Greece & Split, Yugoslavia! It was cheap, the “10-day voyage” hauling paper pulp took 3 months (in large measure because every time it rained we had to drop anchor), and I had a BLAST! Booze & cigs were CHEAP, my shared berth was darling, food was fine, crew was fun, & I got a crash course in East European politics, to see the Phillip of Macedonia Gold Exhibition in Thessaloniki, & enjoy a truly memorable pasta w/walnut sauce in Savona!! There were only about 17 passengers, as I recall, mostly retired folks w/plenty of time (inc. a former showgirl named Vaudis Vestal), plus a family moving to Spain, a PhD candidate on her way to Italy (who was my berth-mate and became a good friend), and I! I still recall several hillarious evenings spent making costumes out of our bed sheets & singing “King Tut”… I heartily recommend it for the flexible!

  • ana ford

    hi, I was wondering what the cabins are like, my family live in mexico, and I live in england with my gran, and she would love to visit them, but she is a bit claustrophobic, which means she can’t travel by air, so could someone please tell me if the cabins are really enclosed?


    • Andrew Horsman

      Hi Ana,

      The cabin I was in had 2 bunk beds with a desk, sofa and ensuite shower room/toilet. It had one forward-facing window, so it didn’t feel enclosed at all, although potentially the view could be blocked by containers. When I booked my passage I was offered a number of rooms, some of them with normal (non-bunk) beds – I went for the budget option ;-)

      The only slightly claustrophobic thing was moving between floors – there can be a lot of climbing and descending steep stairways.

      Hope this helps. Feel free to message me on my blog (listed a few comments above) if you have any other questions.


  • Huong

    thank you so much!!! i am thinking of travelling by cargo ship so I search the internet!!! thank you so much for your advice because I don’t know wher to begin! I want to travel from UK to Vietnam, do u think it will be difficult? a long distance!

  • Nepal expedition

    i thing it can be very wonderful journey by cargo ship. when i read your this blog i thing to to travel by cargo ship in near future once for experience of cargo ship travel
    thanks for very informative blog

  • LordHox

    Wow, I never thought to take a trip on a cargo ship. What a great idea. i am going to have to look into this a little more. Thanks for the resources at the bottom of the post of the websites to look into.

    Lord Out!

  • Nepal Trekking

    i thing travelling by cargo ship is one of the best way to travel. it offer not only intertentment but also offer experience. i hope i will start my journey next year on october by cargo ship
    thanks for making this nice blog

  • Linda

    Amazing! Ever since meeting a couple who’d traveled to Ghana from northern Europe on a cargo ship, I’ve been wondering about this. Thanks, great article, I’m bookmarking it in my travel folder.

  • Fei An Tjan

    Thanks so much! I always wanted to do that one day but had no idea where to start looking or if the crew’s ship would start laughing in my face…

  • Galapagos

    My aunt did this from Shanghai to LA. She had tiny quarters and limited food – but said it was a serene experience. Her advice: bring a lot of books and extra food (if they let you).

  • http://googlemail sandy

    I am a single dad of a seven year old, unemployed since march because i had to take on full time care of my child. Being of limited funds i am still keen to show my child that a great deal can be acheived if imagination is used. Taking an affordable sea journey aboard a working ship would suit her curiousity and outgoing personality perfectly. I have no doubt that she will be firm friends with all crew within hours and suspect that the engine room personnel will become particularly targeted. I would appreciate any advice on how to give “our kid” this opportunity, on a budget and out of the UK. My thanks. James.

  • joy

    like a lot of people I wonder if it is possible to do this cheaply..I’ve been thinking bout going to oz in this way for some time…just need a place to put my sleeping bag..whats the chance? Or is it possible to get the train to India and then get to australia from there somehow—any comments welcomed…joy

  • http://google sean coetzee

    Hi i am Sean and i am widowed and i have always been interested in travelling by cargo ship.I am a toolmaker,fitter and turner ,welder and i do most engineering duties and i am only 44 years old and i have this incredible urge to just pack up and leave Cape Town south africa for a few years and i am wondering if there is someone out there to give me some advice on how i could achieve this dream of mine.

  • mike

    how nice it would be if it is cheaper than $100USD per day

  • Chris Myles

    If you REALLY want to see the world.. do it in your own sailboat. We just finished a 33,000 mile, 5.5 year trip. You really get off the beaten track, visit remote villages that have rarely seen tourists, like alone ships.

    The best part.. every night you get to go home to your own bed. While we were in BoraBora we anchored for free.. blocking the views of $1000 a night rooms.

  • William Wallace

    I cant think of a worse way to travel and what a complete waste of money. The only way to travel on the water is in a fancy cruise liner.

  • vicky christopoulos

    looking for way to travel from greece to canada by cargo ship and with my pets, dogs and cats, can you help me,

  • Babel

    i want to travel to australia on a cargo ship but its too expensive… a few decades ago you could join and work und travel for free… but these times are gone! :-(

  • HedgeLender

    what an amazing idea. haven’t people been doing since the invention of cargo boats?

  • Unomos

    I would like to see more information about working on a freighter to get where you would like to go. I understand that many of the positions would be for skilled people but don’t they need extra deck hands? There has to be someone out there who has done this. If I have to be the first, I will look into it.


  • Friedel

    Thanks for the great article. I travelled by cargo ship between Australia and NZ and it was a wonderful experience. I wrote some tips of my own here:

  • Lin Maskell

    Hi Can anyone help me with regard to info, need to go to Florida or nearest port from Southampton or Tilbury need to stay in florida for about ten days then travel back to UK via same route, don’t necessary want cruise ship, but no flying.

    • Andrew Horsman

      Hi Lin,
      You might like to try these 2 freighter companies to see if they can help – it would be worth asking. I’ve found them useful in the past:

  • Lin Maskell

    Hi Thanks Andy will give it a shot

  • John

    Hi Josh,
    Taking a cargo ship to South America has always appealed to me, as I do not wish to take a long haul flight and have the time available to use slow travel.
    I am now wondering what my carbon footprint would be. Would a long haul flight consume less fossil fuel?
    It appears that the carbon footprint of sea travel is measured per tonne.
    Its now just a matter of the ship is going anyway so its just me and my baggage its carrying. What about the weight of the cabin? It would not be required if the ship wasn’t carrying passengers.

  • martin

    hi guys ,
    I would like to travel by cargo ship from the south of france to the red sea for a couple of weeks holls drop off and return the same way any ideas?

  • Rob

    Great article. I am planning to travel around the world for the next 12 years and my first stop was to catch up with friends in the UK. I was originally planning to fly straight to London but after reading this article I now plan to take a freight line. I think it would be fantastic to travel by ship through the Suez Canal. Although I have been to Egypt a couple of times I have never seen the Suez Canal.

    Any thoughts on a shipping line that does a Singapore to UK trip via the Suez?

  • Ian Graham

    I have had a quick look at the comments – and hopes and dreams of many of the contributers.
    Just for the record – My wife and I – plus the dog (and the car) travelled by cargo ship from Piraeus to Limassol when we first moved to Cyprus just over 3 years ago. We had driven from the UK across Europe to Brindisi crossed over to Greece by ferry – had a short holiday in Corfu – then hurried down to Athens to catch the boat. They said it couldn’t be done – but arrangements were made beforehand with the operations manager of Salamis shipping lines in Limassol. Eating with the crew – the food was interesting! Lots of very small fish deep-fried and the ship broke down half way to Cyprus – just off Rhodes. but we had a good time and plan to do it in the other direction again next year. It worked out much cheaper than 2 air tickets from UK plus of course the cost of flying the dog!
    Good luck to anyone else willing to try for a bit of adventure. Ian Graham

  • calgary web

    Great article, i would love to do this , but i cant seem to get off the couch, damn you american fast food.

  • TheYetzter

    A trip from Europe to the USA takes around 2 months… At 100 dollars a day??? Super insane

  • Janet Schafer

    This is something I will try in the future. I’ve traveled by ferry, across the sea and it was’nt too bad. I suppose this will be similar.

  • L.


    I was wondering if there are any cargo ships that go from the usa to England and carry passengers? Also approximately how long would the trip take? Thank you in advance.

    • george bond.

      hi, i am an englishman living in jamaica and i am looking at the possibiliy of a passage on a cargo ship from kingston jamaica to the uk,maybe southampton or a port of entry that has a rail connection and a return trip with a 4 to 6 week interval.any chance.?.
      i dont want to fly anymore.carnt take the stress.!!.
      p.s. ive always liked ships.
      george. thanks.

  • Alex

    I’m looking for a cargo ship company, if it’s possible, from India to South America. I have a long time to do it! but. maybe, not to much money. Could I work in one of this ship to not pay ticket?
    Thanks chear

    • sam

      no, you cannot work on cargo ships for fair. union regulations prohibit it!
      a passport is an ID…

  • Mira

    do the passengers need to be registered? as in have a visa? must i have an ID i have a passport but no ID and is there cargo shipping travel in egypt? from egypt to the states…plz i need help

  • http://nil Jeff Fraser

    Would like to travel by cargo/freight ship from England to Australia (Sydney or Brisbane) in May/June, layover for maybe 4 to 6 weeks, then return to England by same method. I am 80, but very fit. Is this possible?

    • Babel

      sure if you have enough money ;) if you pay the costs for me i will travel with you :D

      • http://nil Jeff Fraser

        Appreciate your offer Babel but I must be straight with you – no thanks.

  • ana ford

    travelling by cargo ship has become almost as expensive as a cruise.
    exept for there are no transatlantic cruises available.
    having said this, there is only one line that takes passangers across the atlantic and it takes round about 7 to 8 days. it travels from the uk to new york, like the good old fashioned days.
    I can’t find the link at the moment, but will post it later on when I have.

  • Andrew Horsman

    3 companies that I’ve come across on my travels that have proved useful (either to myself or other travellers) are:

    Hope this helps,


  • Tak

    Uhmm… I haven’t jet done enough research ont this topic but I recently bombed with questions a second officer on a cargo ship who told me of a number of legal issues related to travelling on cargoes.

    The main issue to me seems that you can either do it legally or illegally. The legal way is to pre-arrange the thing with a company and be added to the crew list. Adding you to the crew list means that you do not need visas in the harbours you visit and that you are legally under the supervision of the captain (although I think you would be anyway).
    However, the catch is that to be added to this list, you must be on the whole of the trade route, which is usually circular.
    Sounds pretty good in theory until you are informed that each cargo ship stops in each harbour only about 8 hours or less, since cargoes are really really fast to load and unload. So, you could be on board 2 weeks but visiting Ha-noi, Shanghai and HK only for a handful of hours…

    The illegal way is not exactly to be smuggled but to be travelling with illegal papers. This means that if you are caught at a harbour, well, you are in trouble and potentially you are lacking the documents to be in that country. The author of the article above did a relatively easy trip because she atravelled from Guadaloupe (French Guadaloupe is a Depertment D’otre Mar- it is considered French soil but out of continental France. They even use Euros!) to France so there is no change in country between the beginning and the end. That could be of help. But most other trips are more challenging than that and you really want to make sure to be travelling legally.

    On the upside, I was told that same trade route do not charge as much as $80-140 per day.

    • Jeff F

      Many thanks Tak for your well-researched and very helpful advice.
      I didn’t know that. Jeff

  • http://none Durairaj.S

    I am durai raj.S from India i need work in ship how to get the ship job free

  • Laurie

    I looked into this a while back and then realized how expensive it was. It sounds like an adventure, but I think I’ll just fly.

  • Jeff F

    Thanks Laurie, you are right. The prices are way up! Maybe that’s because the trips take a longer time? The England/Australia (one-way) used to take 6 weeks calling at 7 ports (with about six hours ashore).

    Are freighter ships slower than this?

  • Alex

    Yes, it’s true! The pice is aproximitly, pre day, is USD 90. Anybody know something about work in a ship and save the cost???

  • Jeff F

    All I know is the rumour that the ship’s cookies are formed by squeezing bits of dough in the armpit !

  • Kathy

    Interested in traveling from the west coast of the United States to Ecuador. Anyone know of any shipping lines that travel between these locations or how to find out? Much appreciate any help in this regard.

  • sebastian

    how much would a trip from the us to europe cost in a cargo the ?? like the cheapest ticket you can get ????? thanks

  • Sean

    Is it possible to exchange fair for medical services “Doc”?

  • C to the P

    I’m looking for a cargo ship from Atlantis to Free Port Louisiana. Help please?

  • Matthew

    Any info on working a ship for fare would be appreciated.


  • mahmoud aly

    i hope to work in kargo ship asst cook and i was working in cruise lines

  • Billy

    This is perfect. I’m doing it. Thanks so much for the article, Anna!

  • Babel

    @billy then please right about it so that everyone who cant affort it can come with you in some way… ;) do you have a blog? nice travel! :)

  • Michael

    Hallo Hola quiero saber si puedo viajar de valencia espana a norte america o canada en barco de carga y pasaje o si se puede hacer de otros puertos en europa ,y nombres de las companias que lo hacen si lo hacen claro , gracias quiero llebar mi auto caraban V W , y mi perro tengo toda la documentacion en orden gracias de nuebo.

  • Douglas

    I am very interested going to Tepai or to DaNang from the USA and back to the USA some 2-4 weeks later. i would like to go this time in more of the dry season; April/May. My main destination is DaNang.

  • Sea Travel Ltd

    Dear All,
    Regarding your interest in freighter travel you can visit our webpage

    We specialise in cargo ship voyages worldwide.
    Sea Travel Ltd

  • José Beltrán

    A very good morning to you all. I just wonder if there is anybody kind enough to let me know how to find a website containing the E-mail directory of cargo ship crews, currently sailing around the world; particularly those arriving in Puerto Cabello, Venezuela.
    yours sincerely

    José Beltrán
    Mobile Number: 58 416 4232828

  • Steve

    Thanks a lot for the information! I was talking with a friend today at work about traveling by cargo ship. I was thinking it would be cheaper than taking an airplane, but it looks like it’s not from what you said. It still seems pretty interesting, and traveling across the Atlantic or Pacific Oceans definitely would be an adventure.

  • Thel

    Hi there,

    Just wondering if anyone can help me. I am looking to help a friend get from Alexandria, Egypt to Montreal, Quebec Canada, by ship he cannot fly.

    So i am guessing Egypt to a European country then from there on to Canada?

    Cheapest way possible is best , nothing fancy. Can anyone help with names, websites? I would appreciate any help you can give me, asap .
    Thank you kindly for any help. have a great day.

    My e-mail address is


  • mike

    hi was looking for ship from florida direct to ireland or uk thanks

  • Tsveti Georgieva
  • Peter Gribbin

    Any information on more localized cargo ship travel in Southeast Asia, specifically, between Manila, Philippines and Bangkok, Thailand? But if there are regional carriers in that part ofthe world, please pass them on. Thanks

  • Barbara

    I’m looking to travel by container ship from San Pedro, Ca to Seatle, Wa. Can you direct me to an agency that can book travel or a shipping line that travels this directions.

    Thank you!

  • David Hampton

    Hi guys,

    Trying to get from East Coast, US to Cairo. Does anyone know of any options?


  • Goran

    On start I mean that it is so much interest and cheep, but now I understood that it is so expensive for 80% peoples on this world. Maybe in future, they will finde some another option that peoles can to travel and work on this ships. That will be more better and interest….

  • karin

    i was wondering if there are any cargo ships that go from the LIMA PERU TO CHILE and carry passengers? PLEASE ANSWER ME

  • Anna

    I would like to go to Shanghai, China from the port of Miami or any port in Florida. Thank you

  • elizabeth

    Does any one have a clue of the costs för 2 persons going from Singapore to Brisbane/Sydney in May by cargo transport. Heard it`s expensive.But how expensive? Thanks

    • Tsveti

      Hi Elizabeth,

      You can do from Singapore to Fremantle, 9 days; to Melbourne – 15 days; to Sydney 18 days or to Brisbane – 36 days. The duration is only approximate and not guaranteed. If you are wondering why Singapore to Brisbane is so long…this is because the ship calls at New Zealand in-between.

      The fare for 2 people will be calculated per person/ per day and is EURO 80 per person/per day + Euro 107 per person/per trip deviation insurance (mandatory) + Euro 85 per person/per trip port charges also mandatory.

      So for example a voyage from Singapore to Fremantle with duration 9 days will be fare per person EURO 80 x 9 days = EURO 720 pp + insurance EURO 107 pp + ports EURO 85 pp = GRAND TOTAL per person EURO 912 x 2 people = TOTAL EURO for 2 people 1,824.

      Following the above calculation you will be able to calculate how much would be for 2 people respectively to the rest of the Australian ports.

      Also Australia is a very popular destination and at present the 1st availability is in MARCH 2011 already.

      If you need more information you can email us on or visit our website:

      Hope the above is useful.

  • Tsveti

    Hi Anna
    We can offer a passage from NY or Savannah to Shanghai, duration approx 41 days, single cabin 110.00 Euro per day or Houston/ New Orleans or Philadelphia to Shanghai _ approx 76 – 84 days.Single cabin80.00 Euro pp.
    If you wish to travel from Miami, you would have to do a transatlantic voyage to a European port and then change ships from Europe to China. Miami to Algesiras – approx 13 days and then Algesiras to Shanghai another 26 days approx, 85.00 Euro per day.Please note that additional port charges and mandatory deviation insurance would apply to the fares above. If you wish you can have a look at all destinations on our website
    or if you need more information contact us on

  • Rt

    I am looking for a cargo trip from Canada (Vancouver) to Japan WITH my DOG. I read some cargo ships bring ponnies in containers with thier owners. Does anyone have good info on this? Thanks! :)

    • Tsveti

      Dear RT,

      Unfortunately bringing a pet on board a cargo vessel is not an easy task as cargo ships do not carry pets for security reasons.

      For traveling with a pet there are only 2 possibilities: 1 cargo ship service and 1 cruise passenger liner.

      The only cargo ship service that accept animals is from/to Fort de France or Point a Pietre to Europe – mainly Le Havre in France and vice versa. A deposit of EUR 1,600 is required to be paid to the Captain at the time of embarkation and will be refundable only after through inspection of the cabin is carried out on disembarkation and no damage to the cabin is found and caused by the animal.

      The second option is the famous cruise passenger liner m/v Queen Mary 2 on a regular Transatlantic service from/to Southampton/NYC and vice versa. But bookings well in advance are recommended as kennels go fast.

      If you wish to have more information please do not hesitate to contact us on

      or visit our website:


  • Lesley Bell

    Would it be possible to travel by cargo ship from Durban, South Africa to Perth, Australia or Melbourne, Australia? Approx how long would the voyage take and what would it cost for a couple? My husband is 78 now but very healthy. And we would possibly then look at returning from Auckland, NZ to Durban, South Africa.

  • Rob

    I was wondering if there were any ships taking passengers that leave New York and sail down to New Orleans?

  • Robert

    I would like to travel from the East Coast of the USA to any port in France or Italy… one way… with my motorcycle. Does anyone know if this is possible?

  • Joe


    I would like to know if there is a possibilty to travel onboard a freighter from Costa Rica to Ecuador (Guayaquil). Concerning the time, it would be for end of September 2010.

    Could you help me in any way?
    Thank you

  • jose

    I was wondering if there was a cargo ship that travels from USA to El Salvador, Central America?

  • sheel pounj

    I would like to travel from Goa to England with my wife either on a cargo ship or a passenger ship.Any ideas as to how I can get some details about how I can do this?

    • Tsveti Georgieva

      We can offer freighter voyage from Nhava Sheva to Southampton. Duration: approx 24 days, Double cabin : 100-115 Euro pp per day. Contact us on for more info

  • Thomas Rooks


    I need to get from HONG KONGto SINGAPORE as soon as possible. Anyone know of availability? Please email:

  • Maria

    I would like to know if their is a way to sail from Vancouver or Los Angelos to Japan in January or February 2011….we would like to spend 4-5 months in japan but one of us is not comfortable flying so we would like to reduce the flying time as much a s possible. By the way we would be leaving from Montreal.

    Thank you in advance for any tips.


    • Linda B

      Hi Maria,
      Check those services at Sea Travel Ltd. I got an update today. There isnt a Japanese port but still you might find the info useful. Or email them and ask:

      – Duration: approx. 56 days
      New York – Norfolk – Savannah – Panama Kanal – Kaohsiung – Shekou – Hongkong – Panama Kanal – Kingston – New York

      – Duration: approx. 42 days
      Long Beach – Oakland – Xiamen – Chiwan – Hong Kong – Yantian – Long Beach

      – Duration: approx. 35 days

      Long Beach – Oakland – Kaohsiung – Xiamen – Hong Kong – Yantian – Long Beach

      – Duration: approx. 42 days
      Long Beach – Oakland – Seattle – Pusan – Yantian – Kaohsiung – Shanghai (Yangshan) – Kwangyang – Pusan – Long Beach

      – Duration: approx. 33 days

      Long Beach – Oakland – Dalian – Xingang – Shanghai – Ningbo – Long Beach

      – Duration : approx. 35 days
      Long Beach – Pusan – Shanghai (Yangshan) – Kwangyang – Pusan – Long Beach – Manzanillo – Ensenada – Long Beach

  • Lucy Bee

    CMA CMG also sail from Northern France to Martinique once a week, taking around a week.

  • Visweswaran

    I would like to go from Los Angeles to India by ship. Is that a possbilty and how long would it take?. Would really apreciate some help here.

  • Alexis

    Hello! I’ve read through this blog a million time’s, and I just have some questions.
    My friend is currently in Australia & he’s not safe there, and I need to get him to canada as soon as possible. I’ve looked virtually everywhere, and I can’t seem to find any cargo ships or anything that travel in this path. I’m willing to pay anything, although the cheaper the better obviously. I”m really worried about my friend, he’s basically my brother . If you could help me out by sending me ssome links or ANYTHING that would make this easier financially and quickly.
    Thank you.
    Xx- Alexxis.

  • rick

    I’d love to travel from Sweden to New York by Cargo ship in July/August. I’m flexible as when I leave. Any ideas?

    Rick Z

  • Sandy

    I’ve read the information, its great!

    You may also be interested to the ff site

    Kindly check it, thanks!

  • Linda B

    Hi Alexis,
    Your friend can do Australia to Savannah in US voyage. Check with Sea Travel Ltd if there is any space left.

  • Pamela

    I’ve always been curious about travel by freighter, but as a solo female traveler I’m a little nervous to try it. I know this probably makes me sounds naive, but I can’t help it. Besides, 4 days is the maximum time I can spend on open water. Too scared to go longer. haha

    Great article though. I’m sure you’ve had some very interesting adventures!

  • john brochu

    I am planning on moving to Costa Rica from the USA.

    My problem is finding a way to safely transport my dog so he does not have to go on a plane and possibly be harmed by the heat of an airplane cargo area.

    I can even supply my own kennel. All documentation to allow my pet’s acceptance into Costa Rica have been investigated and will be obtained prior to such a move.
    I can embarq on any cargo/ship/ at any location in america, But hopefully one as close to Costa Rica as Miami.

    Thanks for any info or new leads.


  • Francisco

    I want to travel from Vancouver to Lisboa in Portugal by cargo freight. Anybody knows what vessel companies do this route?
    Thanks, Francisco

  • jorge islas

    hi i will like to found a way to travel from Mexico to Ukraine or some other country close to Ukraine,, i want to know cost, time of travel and any other information u can help me with it,, thanks

  • abyamin000

    hi everybody!
    its great reading this article, I guess it must be one of the interesting thing I am planning to :)
    but the problem is, I cant find any option available here in Bangladesh. I really need more specific help and advice to accomplish my real journey!!! looking forward to it.

  • Maximiliano Wickel

    hola soy Max.

    me guastaria viajar en cargero de España a Chile, cuanto sale un voleto ?

  • Eelhsa

    Hi, I was just wondering if anyone knows how I might travel from Canada to Scotland by ship. I would really love to find some way other than by plane.


  • Sulaiman kemoh

    Iwill like to found away to travel from sweden to Sierra Leone by gargo ship

  • Sandrine

    Thiking of doing it with my 2yr old son and hubby, from Australia to Chile.
    Anyone have any suggestions???

  • Cristian



    Dear Sir,
    >I am interested any sea(Cargo ship/cruise,freighter cruise,Ferry,Barge
    >etc.) travel about the following routs:
    > Rout (A)
    >(1) Indonasia to Fiji or Vanuatu or Cook island.
    > or
    >(2) Philipine or Palau to Fiji or Vanuatu or Cook island.
    > or
    >(3) Micronasia to Fiji or Vanuatu or Cook island.
    > or
    >(4) Singapore or China or Hong Kong to Fiji or Vanuatu or Cook island.
    > Rout (B)
    >(1) Egypt or Morcco to Barbadose or Trinidad & Tubro.
    > or
    >(2) Senegal or Shahara to Barbadose or Trinidad & Tubro.
    >If you suggest any travel agency or ship agency provide those
    >route,than you relpy the mail.
    >Thanking you,

  • M. Teresa

    ‘I’m planning to move a few items to chile in January 2011 and I would like to travel on the same ship at cheap cost but safe, what could you suggest? Thanks

  • dunn

    I´m interested in using a cargo ship for relocating to either Panama or Northeast Brazil, departing Spain with my wife and nine small pets in 2011.
    Any leads or info. would be most welcome.

  • jamie

    Hello, looking to travel to western europe this july from the us… any information you have on any freighters willing to do work trade for passage would be appreciated. Thanks!

  • Jonathan

    I want to transport my golden retriever dog with me to Europe (France/Spain) by cargo ship.
    Links or info and experiences please.
    I would be very grateful.


  • rafi atalla

    Dear Si ,
    I’m interested in finding any cargo for my husband to travel on from South-Africa to
    Montreal – Canada
    Please I would appreciate any information . He’s thinking of leaving any time from now. He also has a small dog with him
    Thanking you
    Rafi Atalla

  • Preston

    Hello! reading this article has really got me enthusiastic about traveling by boat. How impossible would it be to find work on one of these boats and get to my destination that way? From New York to Uk.

    • Tsveti

      Dear Preston,
      Transatlantic crossings arepossible on cargo ships. As a paying passenger you would be looking at approximately 10/15 days voyage and about EUR 100 per day inlcuding taxes and fees, accommodation and meals.
      You can check all the Transatlantic Destinations on the following page:

      or email us at Sea Travel Limited for further information:

    • Gordon Kodack

      preston,sorry about responding so late,just hooked up my new sites for me, good place to start would be to refer to the vessels as ships because they are Big, boats useally don’t cross oceans. Get my drift,my friend

  • Taylor Smith

     Hi! I have a question… I’m moving to Sydney Australia for a year starting in January. I’ll be coming from Los Angeles and i’ll be doing music stuff there so  I have a bit of equipment I need to bring with me. If i were to get over there by ship like this, do they allow you to load a bunch of stuff? Thanks!


    one more question from my side Sir, I have to go to Ukraine on any date between 15th of August to end of September to start my studying over there, I live in Dubai, United Arab Emirates, so is it possible for me to go as passenger by your ships to Ukraine , if so, please advise me how to get all required information for that

    Kind Regards

    • Lennardsibeijn

      hey WAQAS i work at the docks and sometimes on a ship find your self a cargo ship that travels to europe.. and from that one u can pass on the UKRAINE

  • Nany083

    Good morning i have to go to Shangai or somewhere  near the Philippines from Europe, but i’d like to know if it’s possible to bring 2 dogs (small size) in cabine because i cant find cargo ship thath allowed animals in there thank you so much

  • sam


  • Hans Visser

    I would like to travel to the UK by freighter. Please advise costs.

    • Tsveti

      Dear Hans,
      Sea Travel Limited will be able to help.
      If you email us on and give us more information from where/how many passengers etc …we will reply with the options. Regards,

  • Richard

    I would like to travel to Liberia, West Africa alone from Los Angeles California with a midsize vehicle; what is the cost and how long will it take? My Email address is: My phone #: 310-263-0775.

    Thanks, Richard 

    • Mike

      Check out the sites mentioned above. is another good one.

      You could probably do it for $1500 or so each way (10-15 days, assuming there is a direct route, which may not be the case).

      I don’t know if any company would let you bring a vehicle though. I’d say it’s unlikely.

  • Julian

    I would like to travel from the uk to Barcelona on a cargo ship – is this possible?  If so how do I go about that?

    • Jasmine

      Dear Julian,
      We can offer departures from Felixstowe to barcelona every month. You can find more information on the service on our website or email us on
      @seatravelltd:disqus Regards

  • Johnpeek3

    I would like to travel to Europe on a freighter but I travel with a service dog is this possiable?

  • AC

    A friend and I graduated from architecture school, we are based n Seattle, are there any freights offering work in exchange to Singapore?

  • david

    hello pls i will like to live this country i need help

  • sally

     I am a retired schoolteacher,finally !!I live near new york city and want to finally get to buenos aires argentina.  can I get there by freighter?I have the time now to do it.can somebody please inform me? thanks!

    • rcohen617

      best thing is to google    freighter travel    and see what you get

  • Shipping from UK to Australia

    Cargo ship is providing so many facilities to their passenger.

  • Antonio_gardinez666

    i am wanting to drive to austrialia from the UK i beleve theres a cargo ship that sails from Liverpool in the UK to new york USA, is this true and i am wanting to then get a cargo ship with my car from western north/central or southern america not fussy where from aslong as it goes to syndny, any advice?


  • Sandy S.

    Is it possible to travel from Goa, India to Hong Kong or Russia by a freight ship. And how many days will take to reach Hong Kong or Russia if one took the sea route?

  • Sandesh N M

    hey….hi this is sandesh from mysore,india. i want to travel U S through cargo and want to it possible? and if how can i go there.what are all the things needed? and how much it cost for me and what is the time to reach ther?

  • Boylesw

    I want to move from California to Acajutla, El Salvador:  2 adults, 2 25# dogs, 1,000# of goods.  Your advice, please.

    • John

      Sell your goods, fly with your dogs.

    • Lynn

      Really? Are there no dogs allowed? Don’t want my dogs to experience the trauma of flying

    • Kat

      First plan/budget ahead for all required vet certificates and quarantine times and costs for each country you travel through. Research embassies and country requirements online.

      Consider hitching or chartering for dogs sake on reputable watercraft from San Diego or Texas if you are not willing to drive through for them.

      As previously advised… sell all but most absolutely irreplacable items such as legal, financial, and medical records that can not be digitized first… sentimental stuff… minimal wardrobe, etc. So much of our American possessions are simply overkill! Look to mail/UPS for what you can and realize furniture, clothes, etc are replacable in your new country.

  • Babyminemusi

    I woul d like to travel from Los angeles to Le Havre (France) with a car on a cargo ship. is this possible?
    Thank you for your advices.
    Babyminemusi@yahoo:disqus .fr

  • Mercedes

    I am interested in traveling by freighter from the US to South Korea with my dog. Is this possible? I am searching for an alternative to flying her in the unheated cargo for a 16 hour flight. Any help would be much appreciated. 

  • Margaretandandy

    hi there i would like to travel from uk to canada with my wife and 2 dogs  on a cargo ship can this be done


  • Fey

    I would like to travel from New York or New Jersey to Germany with my dog. Any options? Thank you


    I wanna to travel from Russian Far East(EX. Anadyr or Magadan. these belong to Russia) to Alaska State in USA ?
    Is this possible journey? If you know anything about this. Please advise

  • AleeCassan

    do you know if some cargo ships will allow cats on board? we are looking to use cargo ships as a means to move to another country, and would like to take our cats with us.

  • Supervisorupt

    Hi, just want to know how many day’s can you travell on a ship to america?

  • Bryan

    My girlfriend and I would like to travel from Guam to China on any ship – please email me at if you have any information

  • Pedro

    a good company for freighter travel worldwide is also oceanus freighter travel.  you can find their website under . Good luck!

  • Zaellon311

    I would like to travel from the U S A to the U K and would like to know if anyone has any information on how to get there by boat without it being a full on cruise.  ty email me at

  • Franky

    Hi there, I am seriously planning of a Round-the-world trip starting from Hong Kong without flying.
    I will do a overland route from Hong Kong, all the way to Europe, preferably Portugal, then by cargo ship across the Atlantic Ocean to South / Central America to continue the journey.
    Could anyone please email me if you have the relevant information on the cargo ship stuff?  I tried those links above but would like to get some more useful information from service provider or traveler who has similar experience.
    My email is
    Million thanks

  • Nodas Papathanasiou

    If you want to a href=””>Find hotels and flights with the best prices on the web,just visit this site hotels booking
    Search and read through thousands of hotel reviews from verified sources.
    Search for great rates at top hotels from over 30 different travel sites and see high resolution photos of hotels before you book.

  • Caleb

    Hey is it possible from US to Europe around near Spain and France?

  • Elendilla

    I need any information about how to get to USA from Europe ( the cheapest way). This is very important because it ‘s part of our anthropological project.  

    Please, help us.

    Karolina from Poland

    • Elendilla

      Oh, and the most important thing: I meant some ship or sometnihg like this. No plane :)

  • Hassan_d500

    hi i wont to go from holland at toranto canada  what i doing

  • tararat

    It’s a bonus income to those carriers, because they profit in shipping cargo and they added passenger cabin so it’s like two business in one.
    corporate travel management
    corporate travel managers
    travel managers
    business travel

  • Tim_Flack

    I’m interested in travelling from Vancouver to anywhere in Japan by Cargo ship. What is the cost as a passenger? Is it possible to reduce the cost of a fare if I work on the ship during the trip?

  • nancy weiner

    i would like to know if i can travel from Costa Rica -NYC /cats

  • nancy weiner

    i would like to travel from costa rica to nyc w/cats

  • Mentalmegz_2003

    I would like to go from the UK to New York with a dog is this possible?

  • jacob

    I would like to travel from New York to Iceland. Is it possible to work for my ride?

  • Prasath Dazzler

    i would like to go from kiev to india..!!s it possible..??

  • Alice

    Watch the documentary Cargo by Laura Waddington. I watched it years ago, but I don’t think another film has ever effected me as much as this independent film.  

  • Mohammed Audah

    I am a Saudi, I am interested in travelling and touring the UK. Is it possible to start from Saudi Arabia or the United Arab Emirates? How long the average voyage will take? And how much will it cost? 

  • Bernie

    I take the point about comparing sailing with flying costs — 7 hours by plane should be less expensive than 7 days by ship, especially on regular routes.  Which brings me to the question;  what about unusual routes?  Specifically, it is not simple to fly from Canada to Bangladesh, thus, could it be relatively less expensive by ship?
    Thank you.

  • Thecultivatedimage

    Is it possible to travel from New York with my wife and if so what is the usual cost??  Thanks!! Ian

  • Dgplcy

    What would be a typical travel time from Manila, PH to Vancouver, BC, in March/April?

  • peter

    Am peter, I would like to travel   from Nigeria to Australia by cargo ship, how can you help me?

  • Frank

    I live in South Africa, near Cape Town and plan to go back to Germany after volunteering the past eight years. Where to start?

  • eclipse2002

    Hi, I would like take a ship from anywhere in california to the philipines. I am open to price I just hate to fly. When can we leave. I would like to stay a while in the philipines and then catch a ride back maybe on a return ship or something? Any ideas

  • Maryknapp19

    Hi I will probably be moving to Coimbatore India by this summer. I need to bring my 14 yr old cat but she’s never been on a plane & I’m afraid for her well being & safety. I was wondering if there was any option where I could take her on a ship to India. Obviously I know it’ll take much longer but I think it’d be less stressful. Any info u could give me would be much appreciated.. Thank you!

  • Danny Albers

    I’d like to travel From UK to NYC, i don’t care about ship type, i only wanna know what document’s do i need and how much it cost? And what about work on ship?

  • Dennis Friesen

    We are interested in traveling from Bangkok to the pacific north west one way. Can anyone give me some idea off contacts and cost.

  • Scott

    Hello, I would like to move from Miami to France with two medium-sized dogs.   Is there a freighter that would allow this?  Thanks.  Scott

  • Ctgamps

    I would like to travel from manila to los angeles, california usa by cargo ship. please send me some infos.

  • J Davies

    I would like to travel from Newcastle to Denmark / Norway or Sweden. is this possible?

  • Bhalstea

    I would like to travel from the U.S. East Coast to Sydney arriving in their spring.  Is it possible?

  • marine paneling

    It is important to plan for your trip before setting out to ride on a cargo ship such as determining the destination and traveling costs. Once you are good to go, you can enjoy and experience traveling to your destination on a cargo ship.

  • AnotherTraveler

    We would like to travel on one of these big freightliners from the east coast (U.S.) to Ireland, and be able to see Ireland for at least a week maybe more, and then back to the east coast.
    Which freighter company might go that route?

  • Zstar


  • Bob

    Hi there i would love to travel from the uk to australia in a Freighter  can you tell me how much it would cost 

  • Indigo M-b

    can i ask you a question? if i rocked up to my local port in
    port adelaide or somewhere in oz, and asked to jump on a cargo ship to
    work, wold they? i need to get the fuck out of here

  • Edith

    Hi there, I will be relocating back to Europe next year and wish to take my 2 dogs.  They are small dogs and very anxious about air travel, so is it possible to travel with them by sea, with a cargo ship/freighter.  Are they allowed in the cabin? Thanks!

  • JOHN

    I would like to travel by freighter from N.Y. to France, preferably Bordeaux or Le Havre.
    with my three dogs Jack Russels, the airlines have a limit of ten pounde for dogs in the cabin, and I do not want to put them in the freight hold for obvious reasons, my dogs are between 15 and 25 pounds, can anyone advise or help.


  • Arizman2003

    I would like to travel to the davao phillipines. can I do this by cargo ship? I live in virginia could i leave a port from this state? 

  • Anthonyrun

    I am having a difficult time finding transport on a cargo ship from Chileto the United States.  If anyone wer to have information regarding this, all help is appreciated.

  • Removals Edinburgh

    The cargo planes, the possibility of adventure are virtually endless. Just think that to be transported anywhere in the world commodity, you can disembark and spend time soaking before rising again to the local culture.

  • Nunocassola

    Currently I’m living in São Paulo and as part of my master’s thesis project I want to travel to Europe, more exactly Germany.
    Which company do you advise me to do so?!

    thank you.

  • Nunocassola

    right now I’m living in São Paulo, Brazil and as part of my master’s thesis project, I want to go by boat, cargo ship, to Germany.
    Do you know which companies does that?
    And if there is a way to reduce the money for the travel? if there is possibility to work on the boat, for example.

    thank you.

  • Jay

     I would like to travel from NY to Germany with ship and also take my car to europe .Can anybody advise me the Best way.

  • CraigMWood

     l would like to travel from SF or Oakland to Hawai,  any suggestions or connections.


  • Jobo101

    Hi me and my girlfriend are currently in Sydney we would like to leave pretty soon, are final destination is cyprus what would you advise.

    • Tsveti

      Dear Jobo101,
      your best option will be to take a ship from Australia to Asia and then connecting trip from Asia to Europe. Diresst routes are fully booked currently. People usually book 12 months in advance therefore you would have to split the voyage in order to find space. For more information, please contact Sea Travel Limited on
      @seatravelltd:disqus Hope that helps.

    • Sea Travel Limited

      Dear Jobo101,
      We have departure from Sydney on about 17 JUN 2012 to UK – a last minute cabin and service via the Suez canal and duration approx 48 days.
      If that might be of interest please contact uys on for more information. Hope that helps.

  • Festmark

    Please how many countries do I have to go through from UK to Australia…I would really love to travel by cargo ship

    • Tsveti

      Dear Festmark,Here is an example of a possible itinerary:TILBURY, UK 0ROTTERDAM, The NetherlandsDUNKERQUE, FranceLE HAVRE, France NEW YORK, USA SAVANNAH, USA KINGSTON, Jamaica PUNTA MANZANILLO, Panama PAPEETE, French PolynesiaLAUTOKA, Fiji Islands NOUMEA, New Caledonia SYDNEY, AustraliaFor more information please contact 

  • Sarawinrow

    Are there any cargo ships, sailing from the uk to the united states that take dogs onboard.

    Many thanks sara

    • Sea Travel Limited

      Dear Sara,
      The answer to your question is NO, however there is a cargo ship that sails from France to Martinique or Guadeloupe and is possible to accommodate small pets but then you would still have to fly from there to US. If you think that might be of interest please contact Sea Travel Limited on for further information. Hope that helps.

  • Margaretandandy


    • Sea Travel Limited

      Unfortunately cargo ships are not suiatable for pets. You option is to take them from NYC to UK onboard QM2 as this is the only cruise passenger liner that has got kennels or your other option is to travel from French West Indies to Europe onboard the only Container Carrier that might accept small pets. For more information on cargo ships you can conatct mail@

  • jorge chermulas

    I would to go to Benos aires Argentina i like to know how it will take and how much it will cost me as a passenger Thank you?

    • Sea Travel Limited

      Dear Jorge,
      Yes certainly you can travel to Buenos Aires. There are departures from Europe as well as from the US East Coast. If you need more information, please request information from Sea Travel Limited – and please specify your departure point in order your enquiry to be abswered precisely. Looking forward to hearing from you.

  • Seattle Airport Transportation

    I would like to journey from NY to Malaysia with send and also take my car to european countries. Can anybody recommend me the Best way.

    • Sea Travel

      Hello, we can offer fromj Savannah to Singapore, duration:25 days approx, single fare: 2315.00 Euro  or departure from New York  to Taiwan . Duration on this journey is apporx. 34 days and single fare Euro 3760. Regarding your car you would need tocvontact forwarding agent. Please let us know  at if you need more information.

  • jjoy

    I have been looking into traveling by cargo from Vancouver to Sydney.  It seems like it would end up being $6000 US for two people. Does that sound right? How many companies go that route?

  • maritime attorney Galveston TX

    Going for a vacation by a cargo ship sounds really interesting especially for those who wanted a different brand of travel. Though there’s not enough entertainment to fill your day as what cruises offer, the fun of industrial shipping can still be fun sometimes.

  • Pipilongstockings1313

    I am traveling from Maui to LA. I would like to know how long that usually takes? I do not wish to book travel by cargo simply for an adventure. I must get from point A to point B without flying. I would like to know the fastest passage that you offer from Maui to LA?

  • Seattle Airport Transportation

    It is important to strategy for your journey before establishing out to journey on a freight send such as identifying the location and visiting expenditures.

  • Somethingnovel

    I just want to escape sewage dump Manila!  I have the needed visa to enter the U.S.A. but no money for airfare.  I hate this place.  Any suggestions?

  • Filipe Serra

    I’d like to go from Portugal to Halifax (Canada). Can anyone give a clue?

  • Ma Urken

    I would like to travel from Darwin/Broome to Perth, Western Australia

  • Omiga00

    I would like to travel Syria to France Please advise costs
    my e-mail

  • Warrnamboolman

    I would like to travel from Sydney to Philippines by cargo ship, can you please give me some recommendations for something very inexpensive.

  • Jane Blamire

    Want to get my dog and the two of us from the West Coast via passenger freighter to Costa Rica…

    • Susan Lyons

      Sounds like fun!

    • Lauren Wyscaver

      Did you ever figure out how to get your dog to be able to travel with you?

      • Sam Gandy

        Did you find a carrier that would accommodate your dogs? I am trying to go from New York to South Australia with a mastiff and a clumber spaniel.

  • Margaret Trombley

    I am looking to travel with two small (15 lb) dogs that do not fly well from wherever I have to go n the US to St. Croix, US VI. Is this possible?

    • Sam Gandy

      Did you find a carrier that would accommodate your dogs? I am trying to go to South Australia with a mastiff and a clumber spaniel.

  • Mervyn Haines

    I am looking to travel by Cargo ship to the USA but would like to bring my own M/cycle on board.

  • Kushveer Singh

    I m looking to travel by cargo ship to france.

  • Raymond LeDuc

    I like it, boilermaker, retired, and ready too go!

  • Andrew Williams

    who wants to go?

    • Antonela Piña Delgado

      me (:

    • Neil Lopez


    • Danny Rose

      lets set sail

    • Lael Osness


    • Donnie Kerouac

      when do we leave?

  • Nicolina Fraietta

    Hello, I’m looking to travel by cargo ship from Galveston, TX to Manaus, Brazil in July of next year. Can anyone suggest any companies or websites that might be able to help me out? Thanks!

  • Nancy Sain

    I’m interested in going from Port of Los Angeles to Costa Rica. Any suggestions for companies to contact?

  • Jacquie McColl

    This sounds like an option for me. I was hoping to go by sea from Canada to Turkey, with my pets dogs and cats. Does anyone know if this is possible. Any info would help.

  • Adriano Genovevo

    Anyone know of a ship from Boston to South America through the Panama Canal?

  • Freighter Travel with Sea Travel Ltd

    For information on how to travel by cargo ship, Sea Travel Limited of London can assist. You can email us on or telephone us on +44 203 371 9484 and we will do our best to match your requirements.

  • Rostislav Yankovsky

    I would like to travel from Boston to UK by ship and then on to Russia by train. Any ideas? Next, I want to travel from Vladivostok to the Philippines. Is that possible ?

  • Maxwell

    Any advise as to what cargo lines offer this travel from Miami or Houston to Costa Rica? I have two large dogs which is the main reason for this venue as well as other cargo \

    • Allison Rhea

      Maxwell – Any luck with this? We are also moving to CR in November with 2 big dogs. Would love to go cargo ship rather than plane. If so, would you let me know at

      • laurelea

        Hello, what did you find out? we also want to cargo to Cost Rica with our dog this 2014 summer. We would love any information you have.

  • al mendoza

    Hi, I´m interested on going to Thailand from Mexico, where can i find information ? thanks

  • Hassan

    If I would like to travel by a Cargo Ship from the east coast of Canada on the Atlantic to Alexandria, Egypt, how long will it take? what are the available dates? how much will it cost ? What are the ports on the east coast of Canada that could be considered ?

  • Ken Ackerman

    My wife and I are considering a move from Florida to Panama, and we would like to book freighter passage.

  • Maureen

    I would love to find a cargo trip out of Honolulu to somewhere on the pacific north west. Does anyone have a suggestion.

  • love

    did you have success my sweet?

  • Raymond Gustke

    Need to get to Costa Rica on a American ship

  • Emily powell

    Am Emily Powell from Canada I never believed in spell casters until my life fell apart when my lover of 4 years decided to call it quit. I was so devastated that i had an accident that left me bedridden. After 7 months of emotional pain and languish, a friend of mine introduced me to a certain spell caster, this was after I have been scammed by various fake spell caster. I was introduced to DR ONIHA ( A Spell Caster). In less than 12 hrs i saw wonders, my Lover came back to me and my life got back just like a completed puzzle… am so happy.. Dr ONIHA have all kinds of spells from pregnancy to love,from employment to visa lottery winning. He has spell to stop divorce,spell to make someone look attractive and others. here’s his contact for serious minded people only, it might be of help… wow Dr.ONIHA…thanks am so grateful as you saved my life.

  • ursich55

    me and my girl friend along with my mother in law will love to travel by ship from Durban South Africa to Grease if any one know witch line can we contact will be very appreciated !!! we don’t have that much money for this trip but when we get there planing to rent a car and visit my family in the island of Brac’ former Yogueslavija Croatia where we have a place for us with family and friends !! if any one can help please send us un Email to thank you kindly !!

  • julie

    Is it possible to go to canada from sweden by cargo ships? How many weeks it will take? And does it need to have visa to get in?? Please give advise

  • Frederica Smith

    We are interested in a cargo ship travel from Corpus Christy, Texas to Belize City, in November. Would like info on expense, the ability to bring a dog with us, remaining in Belize for 4 months and travel back to the US. Please forward info regarding the ‘ how to’ of arranging this.

  • joan

    Do you have a destination to phiippines cause i want to go to luala lumpur malaysia or kota kinabalu malaysia

  • kit

    I want to get from new Orleans to st Petersburg fl or near there…

  • Mike

    I am very interested in traveling from W coast of usa or Canada to Bangkok Thailand on a freighter, how do I start

  • Aaron

    Hey. I also have the same idea with you. Cheapest way to travel from east coast of US to UK. Do you have any clue right now? I may travel in the mid June
    Please let me know.