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Some pretty dope travel videos have been shared with our YouTube group. Sharing to the group is simple and it lets the rest of us experience and enjoy your travels.

Dust off those travel videos and share them to our YouTube group.

Firstly, grab a YouTube channel if you don’t already have one, it’s free and is like setting up an account on any other social networking site. Think of a snappy name, upload some videos and subscribe to Matador…now you are ready to join our group!

In this video I cruise around our channel on YouTube, show you where our group is and watch a few of the 80+ travel videos that have been shared so far.

NOTE: I took this screen capture with an application called Jing, and the result of screencapping video is a bit jumpy. The videos on YouTube are as smooth as butter on a babies big toe.

Well, whatcha waiting for? Show us what you got and look for more travel videos from Matador.



About The Author


Joshywashington is a Travel Media Ninja from Seattle who enjoys writing, climbing trees and strong coffee.

  • Michelle

    First, thanks for the instructions. That’s crazy helpful.

    I love youtube and hang out there a lot, but putting up my own vids is something I have yet to do. Ridiculous, considering I’m in a few bands and could use the exposure! But somehow youtube is pretty much the only social media site I’m not active on.

    Time to change that! :)

    • joshywashington

      Good on ya!

      Many people don’t realize the power of YouTube…it is the #2 search engine next to google…that is massive.

      and videos are crazy powerful for SEO…

      see your beautiful mug on YouTube!

  • Bridget O’Neill

    oOOooh thank you! Now I know where to find those :)

  • Christine

    Really good idea, Joshua. Cool to hear so many people are involved on the video part of Matador!

    • joshywashington

      folks are def starting to catch on…almost everyone shoots some video of their travels ( i am a freak, shooting EVERYTHING! ) but capturing footage is only half the beautiful battle, you have to share it.

      I want Matador to be a place people go to see amazing travel videos and want to share their own…we are on our way!

  • david miller

    nice bugs ian.

  • Josh Johnson

    Joshywashington has started 3 new groups on Matador’s YouTube channel…log on and share your footage!

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