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One day someone asked me, “Is Colombia beautiful?” I had been traveling and taking pictures for ten years, from Asia through the Americas. And yet I was not sure if should say “yes.” I am Colombian, and I could not be sure.

Once back in Colombia I took my camera and went north. I was overwhelmed by the places, indigenous peoples, and ethnic groups I’d never seen before. I had not been a traveler in my own country and the experience was magical.

These are some of the most beautiful faces I found.

Photo Essay


About The Author

Andrés Vanegas Canosa

Andrés Vanegas Canosa, or Andy VC, is a lawyer who has worked for the UN Office on Drugs and Crime headquarters in Vienna and the Microfinance Foundation BBVA in Madrid. He is also a freelance photographer, focusing on the human consequences of war and crisis in developing countries. See more on his website, Andy VC.

  • Angelika Refohgile

    Colombia is soooo beautiful. Great pictures!

  • Oscar J Pinto


  • Nicky Classen

    Great pics:)

  • Rick Luiten

    Exellent photos and story. Great Job.

    • Rick Luiten

      Check out Andy’s new work for Andy is a photography friend from Columbia who travels around the world on his own dime as tries to bring to light the hardships people go through because of war and in developing countries. He does great work!

  • Travel Oops

    I love these photos — they are touching, poignant and fun. I love seeing the innocence of the children, especially after the horrible tragedy in the US.

  • The Traveling Advisor

    Beautiful portraits. I spent some time in Medellin but was not able to see the Colombia you have shared here. I hope to do so someday. Thank you for telling stories with pictures.

  • The Drifters’ Blog

    The people there look so beautiful and happy!

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