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Photo by Ryan Libre

Ryan Libre discusses perspective, timing, and themes.

Click on the Play button to listen along and learn more including patience, positioning, and how to approach your photography thematically.


Along with Ryan Libre, the Matador community is filled with talented and passionate photographers. Delacouri has amazing shots from her time working with endangered monkeys in Vietnam. Veronica has incredible images of Patagonia. Rob has taken hundreds of priceless shots from all over the world. Phishtopher has some amazing images from his life in Western China. And both Beija-flor and AsianInsights are experts at photographing people. Grady, MST and Reed Lindsay can give you tips on digital video production and goodman is without a doubt, one of the most gifted photographers on the Web.

Join them
. Matador is blossoming…

About The Author

Ryan Libre

Ryan Libre is a photojournalist based in Japan and Thailand. He was awarded the 2010 Nikon Inspiration Award for his photographic work on the Kachin struggle for independence in Myanmar. Please visit his homepage

  • Craig

    Hi Ryan,

    I just had a chance to listen to your latest three episodes. Great work — I really enjoyed them. It’s a shame the photos aren’t appearing in iTunes though. It’d be cool to see them while listening to the show.

  • ryan libre

    i agree Craig,
    can you make a part 4 to your podcast series about making enhanced podcasts on a PC? or even how to include a single photo…

  • niclouis

    Can’t see images you are referring to, it’s a pity

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