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  • Katka Lapelosová

    Gorgeous…Ghana is a wonderful place, never got to Takoradi but wish I had!

  • Natalie Crossland

    Very nice picture! I think introducing yourself is a great way to get nice pictures of people.

You wore a rim of mustard pollen around your nose.
Come sunset, everyone heads to the hilltop to take in the 360-degree view.
The amount of life in the crater was non-stop.
People lined up to take this shot of a cherry blossom framing the Buddha. Yes, I waited.
I got off my saddle and waddled to a quiet spot near a meadow and took in the scene.
An old man sitting with friends stood up, waved his arms at me, and confessed his love.
Fallen and worn by the Hoh River, it made the perfect spot for morning coffee.
They bring with them their early morning catch.
He wouldn't let me pay for the coffee but was highly amused that I kept notes in my bra.
I found one solitary, quiet moment to capture this lone camel herder.
This is where the other Woofers and I went to have pizza parties on Sunday nights.