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Tyson Cable is a wandering travel / adventure photographer, and the brains behind the Adventure Photo Challenge, a successful crowdfunding project on Kickstarter that’s helping him fund his travels and include people from all over the world in his adventures. His original goal for the campaign was to raise £1,000 — he more than quadrupled that amount.

Although Tyson’s Kickstarter campaign is finished, I wanted to touch base with him to learn how he set up his campaign, what went into making it a success, and see what he’s been able to do with the money he raised on Kickstarter to give some hope to all the traveling creative people out there in the world.

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After his first trip to Taiwan, Austin Yoder was detained by US Customs in the airport when he came through security with an entire carry-on suitcase full of tea, which TSA mistook for weed. Austin traveled into Kashmir for Yak Butter tea, and currently lives on the ground in Taipei, Taiwan in constant search of unique and funky loose leaf teas. He reviews the best of what he finds on his site and

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