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Come sunset, everyone heads to the hilltop to take in the 360-degree view.
A travel moment from Takoradi, Ghana.
The amount of life in the crater was non-stop.
I got off my saddle and waddled to a quiet spot near a meadow and took in the scene.
You wore a rim of mustard pollen around your nose.
Fallen and worn by the Hoh River, it made the perfect spot for morning coffee.
An old man sitting with friends stood up, waved his arms at me, and confessed his love.
From flat whites to kangaroo BBQ's - the average day of an American in Sydney.
They bring with them their early morning catch.
My roommate (pictured above) would quickly become my confidante.
Next to photography, travel is my thing.
One of Belgrade's most luxurious hotels, it now stands empty and broken.
Sleeping to the sound of breaking waves and the dingo's howl.