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Kathrine Lloyd lurks around in the bushes, capturing candid photographs of Washington’s local fauna.

AFTER SPENDING COUNTLESS HOURS volunteering my time at the PAWS Wildlife Center in Lynnwood, Washington, helping to rehabilitate and return orphaned and injured native animals into the wild, I endeavored to observe and photograph these animals in their natural habitat — viewing them as the healthy and wild beings they’re meant to be. All of the animals pictured here are living wild and free and were not baited with food, sound recordings, or anything else.

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About The Author

Kathrine Lloyd

A semi-professional photographer that grew up on the East Coast, Kathrine Lloyd transplanted to Seattle, WA, where there are no venomous snakes -- particularly vipers -- after a rather nasty encounter. Now she spends time confidently walking through marshy areas knowing she won't lose a foot! Happy to photograph anything from enormous mountains, tiny insects, or charging elephants -- to the exclusion of venomous snakes. To check out more images, visit (3 more lives to go….more or less).

  • Carlo Alcos

    These are so fantastic, really loved this set. And I loved the sharing of what it took to get some of the shots. Dedication!

  • Susan Myers

    Check it out! Great stuff….

  • Drew Gagne

    Kathrine, that was fantastic. Thank you!

  • Katie Lloyd

    Thanks! I enjoy capturing them….most of the time!

  • Dottie Lorenz

    Great shot Kath. I think I see the little pilot peeking out!

  • Abhijit Gupta

    Wowww! What beautiful pictures! I especially loved the 1st, 3rd and 4th ones.. amazing!

  • Sandy Dukes Kemper

    Beautiful Picture! Great Stuff!

  • Karin-Marijke Vis

    Wow, stunning. Great job.

  • Ariful Islam


  • Peter E. Fancher


  • Yvonne Davis

    the photos were magnificent it gave me views I would never see on my own! more please

  • Merri Carter

    Spectactular photos! I really enjoyed them, as well as your commentary.

  • Randall Lloyd

    So, so so proud of you! Those are amazing photos. I especially love the one of the Canadian geese in the fog!!

    • Katie Lloyd

      Thanks Randy :-) <3

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