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Photo by Ryan Libre.

In low light conditions when you don’t want to use a flash, your standard zoom lens is not what you want to use. Learn here about fixed fast lenses and high ISO.

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About The Author

Ryan Libre

Ryan Libre is a photojournalist based in Japan and Thailand. He was awarded the 2010 Nikon Inspiration Award for his photographic work on the Kachin struggle for independence in Myanmar. Please visit his homepage

  • Julie

    It is always a challenge to get both a high enough shutter speed to stop some motion and low light conditions with a fast lens and a low ISO, but I have moved to an ISO-400 or ISO-800 and still had some pretty good results at times.

  • Carlo Alcos

    Cool little podcast! A good alternative to that 50mm f/1.4 lens is the 50mm f/1.8 which Lola talks about here:

    It’s about a quarter the cost of the 1.4 so if money is tight…

  • Capturesque

    always hard to get the exact combo especially for me I hate noise so I have a hard time pushing my iso up.

If you're interested in some serious travel photography, you need to have these three...
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Take control of your images by understanding exposure.
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Some shots that looked great in camera are dull, lifeless, or overall just…blah.
I know that 1/250 f8 equals both 1/2000 f2.8 and 1/30 f22.
In order to fully grasp these options, it's best to just head out and try them all.
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