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Barack Obama recently made headlines with his eight-day tour of Europe and the Middle East.

MANY ANALYSTS here and abroad agree it was a smart political move for the U.S. presidential nominee, but some argue it was just a drop in a substantial bucket of goodwill needed to improve international relations with America.

As President George W. Bush nears the end of a mostly disastrous eight-year term, he too should be given credit for public appearances overseas.

Traveling by air — er, compressed air, that is — and landing on everything from brick walls to telephone poles to the doors of trash chutes, Bush boasts a presence in just about every last nook in the world.

Curitiba, Brazil

Unlike Bush’s approval rating, attendance at Disney theme parks doesn’t seem to have taken a hit in America’s worsening economy.

Photo by mlbor

Granada, Spain

Bush’s Starbucks-colored tank creeps toward a McDonald’s logo.

Photo by juanti

Lisbon, Portugal

Photo by Graffiti Land

London, England

Painted on a wall facing East London’s members-only Shoreditch House is this poignant portrait.

Photo by nickburcher

Sofia, Bulgaria

Faded from foot traffic, the sidewalk mugshot reads: Wanted Dead: George W. Bush, for crimes against humanity and the planet.

Photo by kiki

Berlin, Germany

Bush faces off with Osama bin Laden outside a record store in Berlin. War is terror, the caption reads.

Senator Obama’s tour included a stop in Berlin, where he gave a speech to a crowd of more than 200,000. American blogger Fred Wilson responds: “This kind of worldwide popularity is something we need in the US right now.”

Photo by shawnbot

Colonia, Uruguay

This makeshift banner welcomed Bush to Uruguay in March of 2007, when Bush met with President Tabaré Vasquez.

Translated, the greeting reads: Your dead, hungry, unemployed, disappeared [illegally imprisoned], lying cronies salute you.

Photo by MichaelO’B

Durango, Mexico

Photo by OliverAlex

Wellington, New Zealand

Give Bush an inch, and he’ll bomb a country, one stencil remarks.

Bush’s critics argue he never should have sent troops to battle without Congressional approval. Legally, the power to declare war lies in the hands of the Congress, not the President.

Photo by glutnix

Gullbringusysla, Iceland

Flanked by missiles, could Bush be folding his hands in prayer?

Photo by choufiphone

San José, Costa Rica

Translation: Mentally ill in service of capital.

Photo by C-Monster

Rome, Italy

Photo by tracymadaj

Melbourne, Australia

Photo by Toots Fontaine

Rosario, Argentina

Joyfully riding a missile — gut protruding, cowboy hat waving — Bush’s embodiment of Texan stereotypes is as much the subject of this artist’s mockery as the President’s flippant attitude toward explosives.

Photo by pablodf

Mito, Japan

Prolific graffiti artist Og Akim shares his rich political artwork at the X-Color exhibit in Japan.

Photo by nattynattyboom

Johannesburg, South Africa

A donkey-eared Bush and his toy tank ponder their next move.

Photo by banter


Bush is pictured here with Ariel Sharon, Israeli Prime Minister when this photo was taken in 2006.

Photo by greenwonderland

Bangkok, Thailand

Photo by G4Glenno

Bethlehem, West Bank, Palestine

Bush, a United Methodist, tries on some Devil horns in the city of Jesus’ birth.

On June 10, 2000, the President declared Jesus Day in Texas.

Photo by hazy jenius

Riga, Latvia

Photo by Patient Dinosaur

Victoria, BC, Canada

On a brick wall in Victoria, British Columbia, Bush discusses world domination with Canadian Prime Minister Steven Harper. (The dialogue references a mid-90s animated television show, Animaniacs, which began airing in Canada late last year.)

What are we going to do tonight, George?
What we do every night, Steve. Try to take over the world.

Photo by ngawangchodron

Belfast, Northern Ireland

Lyrics to the United States national anthem take on a less hopeful meaning.

Photo by Jamie Rushell

Wrocław, Poland

Photo by ChrisJ.

Styria, Austria

Photo by newsrepublic

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Bush mzushi, loosely translated: Bush is a rumormonger.

Photo by Msomi

As voters and the media shift their attention toward the November elections, Bush’s reign as one of the most widely loathed political leaders comes to a close. With fewer than a hundred days before a successor is named, here’s to hoping that displays like these will stop appearing — and won’t reemerge with the likeness of Senator John McCain.

About The Author

Laura Copeland

Laura Copeland is from Modesto, California, a bedroom community consistently ranked one of the country's worst places to live. The wide-eyed nerd and Peace Corps candidate recently moved to Silicon Valley, where she enjoys lively walks and cutesy photography shoots with her newly adopted dog, Pixel.

  • Lifer

    Found your link on StumbleUpon… it's fascinating, but not surprising, how hated Bush is worldwide. The perception one gets from the "fair and balanced" press is that he has a stronghold of support in the US, but even his fellow republicans don't seem to fancy him..

  • Eva

    I've seen the Belfast one in person!


    those mickey mouse ears ones are hilarious! but why the association with disney? do people hate disney now? i didn't get the memo..

  • Palvestegui

    About the one pointing to a Mc Donald's logo… The logo reads "Mc Mierda" which means Mc Sh*t…as it is an icon of US imperialism

  • Red

    Correction of Animaniacs: It was aired in Canada back in the 90's just like in the U.S. we're not that backwards!

  • Peace

    Interesting graffiti…

  • Jeff F.

    You forgot this one here, Ironically enough was taken in TEXAS! ” target=”_blank”>…

  • Anna

    These are great… if this doesn't encourage Americans to elect an individual with a better global image I don't know what will…

  • MeatLogo

    So this is the only President that this has ever hapened to.

  • Hope for Change…

    the one with the lyrics the the National Anthem is really moving. its really sad how many people are dying because of "someone" feels like invading a country – its crazy. my heart truly goes out the to families of the soldiers.

  • Andy

    Its not the Animaniacs, its Pinky and the Brain. Also the Bush on a bomb picture is reminiscent of Dr Strangelove where there is an identical image of a texan riding a nuke.

  • Jim Jones

    Its really sad tha Americans have become hated world wide because of their terrorist, dictator Bush. So sad indeed. JT http://www.FireMe.To/udi

  • Blacksoth

    "Many analysts here and abroad agree [touring Middle East and Europe] was a smart political move.." Really? Who are these geniuses that can't understand that Americans don't care about things that go on outside their country as much as they care about what goes on inside it? If anything it was a risky political move. All the international goodwill in the world won't be worth a damn if he can't win the American election. Most americans seem to have a strong dislike of europeans so this also has the potential to be a negative thing for Obama. I hope Obama can now focus on American politics so he can actually win the election.

  • Anna

    Gullbringusysla is not technically a place.. I hope you know that.

  • dw

    pinky and the brain, not animaniacs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!111111111111111one

  • MrLuigi

    Thank you Red for pointing that out. I had to read it a couple times. Was like "I watched that back when it first came out".

  • LTBL88

    Wasn't pinky and the brain at the end of animaniacs (the same show)?

  • Land of confusion

    Saw your post on Diggs. I love the one from Mito, Japan. :-)

  • VW

    Hopefully Obama can change America…

  • Dazed and Confused

    But in the fall of all of this, America will elect a Muslim-raised leader that will bleed her dry. It looks as if there really is no hope. I guess the USA should have cowered and waited to see what happened next after 9-11. Nobody disagrees that Bush took things too far. But what would others have done? What would John Kerry had done? What would the famous marketing liar and hypocrite Al Gore had done? If Al Gore is not a show of American Capitalism at its best, I don't know what is.

  • canada

    the one from canada references a tv show called pinky and the brain which aired in the 90's and animainacs aired in canada in the 90's we don't get trends and show 8 years later

  • steve r

    DUDE, Bush is not the reason for all our problem. WE are the reason for our problems. Stop crying and do something about your own cituation instead of looking handouts. WAAAAAAHHHHHHHH Cry me a river.

  • GooseKirk

    Another one of the mouse ears from Bogota, Colombia: ” target=”_blank”>… Mr. Death has the power but not the reason!

  • Marc

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Understand he is NOT A TEXAN!!!!!! He is from Maine.

  • steve r

    are you nuts? that is rediculous, read what you just said again…it's just not true…

  • silav

    Perhaps you can add this photo of mine to the list. It was in 2006, in Toronto, Canada. Cheers.

  • ryan

    i'm from where you are from.

  • steve r

    those images are disgusting and you should be ashamed for saying otherwise if you're an american. love it or leave it Anna. How many counties have you been to anyway? I've been to 40 and lived in 4 of them, and there is no place better than the USA – so bite me! i'm sick of all this negativity about america – oh you mean the country that in only 200 years became the best country ever to exist? yeah THAT ONE!

  • steve r

    so you only leave postings from people with your point of view?????

  • steve r


  • Leandro Tami

    I saw the same 'DisneyWar' stencil and lots… LOTS… of anti-Bush graffitties here in Mar del Plata, Argentina

  • Change my ass

    C'mon people, everyone knows that a president is only a puppet!

  • ok

    i believe london england's may be a play on the BBC show "Little Britain"'s character Andy Pipkin.

  • Eva

    Pinky and the Brain was a spin-off show – they were characters on Animaniacs first!

  • Chuck Pasterol

    The image from Rosario, Argentina is probably more a reference to Stanley Kubrick's Dr Strangelove — ie, the image of Slim Pickens riding a nuke — than a specific commentary on Bush's attitude toward explosives. See: ” target=”_blank”>…

  • Mikhail

    Just to note, Congress has never officially declared the Iraq conflict as war. We are, technically, not at war. Bush sent his troops while Congress was out of session. But your sentiment was correct. If they wanted, Congress could just stop funding for the military actions in Iraq and Bush would be forced to end it or risk losing a severe war of attrition. So, ultimately, the checks and balances are in place for Congress to end the conflict – not that they ever would.

  • Katie Bittner

    I enjoy seeing your worldwide graffiti. It really sys alot about what we and Bush are thought of. My daughter has been all over Europe and the feeling everywhere is pretty much the same as what you have posted. She just got back from Bulgaria after 2 1/2 years there with the Peace Corps. We are trying to spread goddwill in other nations while Bush is trying to start wars with other nation. Doesnt make sense to me??? By the way, great article Laura !

  • katie bittner

    Sorry about the typos!!! I dont type well but I can certainly spell.

  • Patrick Henry

    History will say if Bush did the right thing. And what does matter what foreign nations think? Not a single of them have a pristine three page Constitution. Last time I checked, the EU Constitutiion is 300 pages.

  • Wickens

    Uhhh…I'm 25 and I'm from Canada. I've been watching animaniacs since it came out. Fucking americans.

  • Sotek


  • Tapper

    As have I; my favorite part of the picture is missing from this distance however. The metal hook holding up the hose of oil from the warzone to Bush's mouth is labeled "British Support Hook," identifying this wall in a strongly Catholic neighborhood. The whole wall is pretty awesome.

  • addffg

    Why not post any from the USA??? That's kind of dumb.

  • Cam

    +1 and to those below claiming that its Pinky and The Brain, of course it is. they are characters from anamaniacs, they just got their own show later. btw. nice page….but please correct the time error in regards to Canada, like red said, we arent that far behind.

  • Coinneach Fitzpatric

    Regarding the Argentine graffito: it's a direct reference to Stanley Kubrick's film "Dr Strangelove." Also, Bush is not a Texan, regardless of how much he likes to play cowboy. He's from Connecticut.

  • Chris

    Yeah you jackass that's why we need a better global image. We have a great (well apparently 49% great) country that has become the world's asshole thanks to this administration. Every time he steps in front of a mic he make ME look bad, we deserve better. Well, the compassionate, cultured and/or educated 49% do anyway. The only misconception Anna has is to assume the morons who elected him a 2nd time care about our global image.

  • Chris again

    Oh and by the way, the reason our country got so great so quick is because we stole it from the Native Americans – with hardly any population to butt up against, we're the only society to have a clean slate (TABLUA RASA) to start from in thousands of years.

  • ARP

    I see we caught the animaniacs and disney reference did anyone see the "Dr. Strange love" nod from Argentina?

  • sandyshores

    We don't hate europeans, We don't hate anyone. We do hate people that run around bombing innocent people and if that takes us to war why blame us why not place the blame right where it belongs? THE COWARDS! who have bombed people all over the world. Unlike the rest of the world we won't just roll over and take the street bombings and forget it. The usa is not the villan here the terrorists are and the world should be standing with us not against us. If you want to hate someone hate the terrorists they started this war.

  • Grampa No Op

    If my drug addled brain remembers correctly, the line is actually from the intro of 'Pinky and the Brain', which was also shown in Canada in the 90's (hey just so you know there writer guy, they've always gotten the same US shows up there).

  • Amused at inaccuracy

    Necessary correction: Obama is not Muslim-raised. He was raised by a White American mother and grandparents who were not Moslim. Unfortunately for your argument, Obama is Christian… which is what the rest of the Presidents of the US, good and bad, have been so the trend of Christians will continue. As for what the others would have done, who knows? They didn't have a chance to prove themselves, did they? So, we will never know.

  • YoMama

    McMierda..hahah…did anyone catch that?..that means McShit in spanish..haha..

  • Chelsea

    its not negativity about america, its negativity towards Bush. it may be the country that became the best in only 200+ years, but its about to become one of, if not, the worst. i'd much rather live abroad somewhere, even canada than america these days. Thanks to Bush, America is millions, no, billions of dollars in debt, the value of the dollar is terribly low, and our foreign relations are shit. No one can say that this country is in good shape, and its all Bush's fault.

  • Justin

    Stop trolling and learn how to spell.

  • DownEast

    PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE Understand he is NOT A MAINER!!!!! He is from Connecticut. His parents own a freakin' Mansion on the Maine coast but that doesn't make them Mainer's any more than the Crawford ranch makes him a longhorn. The Bush's have always wiggled out of paying taxes in Maine and most Mainers can stand them. Gawd! What a horrible thing to say about Maine!

  • Evin

    It's true. Although I think that YTV did just start RE-airing the old Pinky and the Brain show last year, we certainly have had it around ever since it started way back when.

  • LiberalsSuck

    Just a correction… The one where Bush is riding a missile waving a cowboy hat, the caption was: "Joyfully riding a missile — gut protruding, cowboy hat waving — Bush’s embodiment of Texan stereotypes is as much the subject of this artist’s mockery as the President’s flippant attitude toward explosives." It's actually a play on a famous movie scene. Dr. Strangelove: How I learned to stop worrying and love the bomb- is the name of the movie. Made in the early sixties, there is a scene where a character seems to lose himself in being caught up in the war and goes down on the missile in that same pose waving around a cowboy hat. So, before you start all your Bush bashing, you should at least get this right. Makes me wonder what else is wrong here…

  • ImNoGenus

    Ahem…try trillions…

  • FreeLargeSandwich

    Ha! Interesting how the only country on this get to get a shot taken at them is Canada. I was born and raised in Canada but have lived a few years in the U.S. (I'm a dual-citizen). I still don't get why Americans shit on a country they know very little about. I'm not so sensitive that I can't take a joke. But it's seems to be the only scrap of "funny" text.

  • FreeLargeSandwich

    Pardon the awkward first sentence. I think you'll catch my drift. Damn proofreading…

  • Joey

    Bush is the terrorist! 911 was an inside job..

  • Dudemanguy

    Your name is wrong for starters.

  • Rasmus

    "before you all start Bush bashing"??? You are missing a whole lotta points here, buddy! The entire world is Bush bashing, and for good reasons. It's not just a single blogger.. or magazine.. or country.. or continent.. preeeetty much the whole world disagrees with the Bush administration! BTW there also this one in Fitzroy North, Melbourne, Australia: ” target=”_blank”>… It's appx. 5mx3m on a major road going north of Melbourne and has been there for years. It would seem the city council agrees or they would have removed it.

  • JFR

    This is very funny. But they are after the wrong guy. Bush is a puppet and as long as people don't realize that and don't investigate on it, they will blindly accuse the puppets and history will keep on repeating.


    that photo form riga isn't against bush. it says "makslinieki savienojieties" it means "artists unite". i don't know why they used bushes face on it :P

  • Jānis

    The one from Riga, Latvia reads "(all) artists – unite!"

  • Fuck Steve R

    Your a fucking idiot. Bush has destroyed our country and rather than correct out mistakes he's voted in for a second term. He has walked all over the constitution and ruined Americans rights. So much so that the rest of the world hates us (and with good reason). And then along come pricks like you with your bullshit about how America is the "best country ever to exist." And let me guess your not a real American if you don't like it? WRONG you asshole, real Americans fight for the constitution and democracy not the lies of the Bush Admin where no one has a voice. Fuck you your no American.

  • Steve R is a COMMUNI

    You know Bush is the closest thing to a dictator that America has ever had? He is ALL POWERFUL while the rest of the country turns to shit. So before you start with the anyone who doesn't like Bush is a communist… Just don't. And go fuck yourself. You piece of shit.

  • nagash

    if you think your president stupidity doesn't affect foreign nations, you are so narrow minded as he is

  • vi

    Yes it is

  • monta

    The one in Rīga, Latvia reads: "artists, unite" …?

  • nagash

    of course it is not a war, America is not under attack. it's just the case of a big boy kicking another kid because this kid have something he want

  • Eh Sorry But Your wr

    Eh… You do know that that is an anti war movie right? And that character in the movie was a joke about the gun ho cowboy Texan who was proud to go down with the bomb. He was the epitome of "war" it was irony. He wasn't a hero in the movie. I'm going to guess that you probably haven't actually seen it, otherwise you wouldn't be making such ridiculous points about "Bush bashing." So actually Laura Copeland (writer) got his completely right, and it seems YOU are the one who "should at least get this right."

  • John S

    Your point being? That having a shorter Constitution means… eh? More freedom?… Hmm… That's a pretty weird point. And history already has decided: an economy ruined, a country hated, over 4000 of our soldiers lost (and counting), Americans rights being destroyed and a president with the lowest approval rating ever. What more do you need? You think in the last part of his presidency those soldiers will "come back?" and the economy will be fixed magically. Cus if you do, your wrong. He has left a huge mess that will take a long time to clean up. And as for the rest of the world… Eh yeh their opinions do matter especially since we owe them so much money. And we get almost all our oil for those "foreign nations." Also did you notice how many other countries are involved in Bush's war on terror… British, Germans, Japanese, Canadians, Aussies etc etc etc… I bet you dont own a passport do you? Try to think before you type next time.

  • NinjaJesus

    Where do you get your facts from? Do you just sit infront of the TV like a yuppie and eat the bullshit the MSM feeds you? If you're a racist just say you're a racist…don't try and spread lies about some one because you have some weird perverse fantasy of a 72 Year old man in the WH.

  • JohnS

    Its a nice point and all. But you forgot to mention that Iraq had nothing to do with terrorism. The terrorists were in Afganistan, Bush lied to the people and started a war with Iraq over non existent WMDs. Thats the problem. In his entire 2 terms in office he still has failed to fight his war on terror and get Bin Laden. And enough with the America wont "roll over and forget it like the rest of the world" give me a break. You do know that thousands of troops from other countries are fighting the war on terror… Dont you? And you know what your right were not like the rest of the world, meaning that I cant think of any other country (bar dictatorships) that would let a joke of a president have TWO terms and let the country go to waste at the hands of one person with such a low approval rating. So your right, were not like other countries. We fight terrorists but when are rights and freedoms come into question we "roll over and forget it." You can go back to watching Fox now.

  • JohnS

    Nice article. But seriously what the FUCK is up with the comment section I have posted a number of times and nothing happens, that my friends is Bullshit. Thank you.

  • Rustia McGorn

    1. Obama is NOT a muslim, nor has he ever been a muslim. 2. What would others have done? Just because one moron chooses to infuriate the world and unilaterally invade another country under false pretenses doesn't mean that EVERYONE who might have been elected president would choose to infuriate the world and unilaterally invade another country. That is an absolutely ludicrous argument. Bush is an incompetent failure, but that doesn't mean that anyone else would have been an incompetent failure, too.


    Nice article. But seriously what the FUCK is up with the comment section I have posted a number of times and nothing happens, that my friends is Bullshit. Thank you

  • stupidcomments

    This was a nice article shame about the pro Bush assholes who can comment. Though Im impressed they can use a computer.

  • D. Edward Farrar

    It is a conundrum: Once Bush deployed troops without a declaration of war, Congress's only recourse to stop it is to refuse to fund it…but at the time of deployment, Congress was dominated by members of Bush's own party who were not going to move against him. Four years later, when Bush's party lost their control of Congress due almost entirely to public opposition to the war, the opposition Democrats had a one-vote majority in the Senate…but that was provided by Senator Lieberman, a PRO-WAR Democrat who won re-election as an independent when the Democrats in his home stat refused to renominate him because of his stance. With Lieberman refusing to back the Democrats on any vote relating to the war, trying to stop funding became impossible. Then again, it might have failed anyway, since there has always been a strong aversion to cutting funding to soldiers actually engaged in combat. It is often compared to sending them into harm's way but denying them bullets. It is why Abraham Lincoln, despite voting against the declaration of war against Mexico, still voted to fund the campaign once the declaration had passed. He said he opposed the war, but once it became certain he was not going to jeopardize the lives of the troops. So how much of a "check" or "balance" is this? So long as the President is left with undisputed authority as Commander in Chief of the armed forces he can do pretty much what he wants and just dare Congress to disagree.

  • iloveravi

    This isn't shocking to anyone who travels.. What I think is starting to become shocking is how anti-bush feelings of hatred throughout the world are morphing into anti-american feelings. I travel a lot and I have been shocked to see over the last few years how openly angry and disgusted many people are at the american people as well as their government.

  • moosh


  • PhiLLy in DaLLaS

    1. Obama is now a christian. 2. What does it matter if he is Muslim??? Last time I checked this country had FREEDOM OF RELIGION. (also in my case, freedom to lack a religion) 3. How will he bleed her dry? The man is light years ahead of Mccain who still doesn't realize Czechoslovakia is not a country (czech republic) thinks Iraq/Pakistan share a border (afghanistan/pakistan) and CAN'T EVEN USE THE INTERNET!!!!! Obama said MONTHS AGO he would be open to talking with Iran….Bush called him an "appeaser" which was all over the news…..Just this past week, what did Bush do?…..Sent the third highest official in the State department to talk with Iran……HMMMMM? Seems Obama is light years ahead and it's simply because THE MAN IS INTELLIGENT!!!! Also, Obama finished Magna Cum Laude from HARVARD and Mccain finished 894 out of 899 at the Naval Academy….Don't hate a man because of the color of his skin nor his religion. The only knock on him is his "lack of experience" yet go google "Mccain economy" and you'll really see lack of experience…. Your name fits you cuz you certainly are "Dazed and Confused"

  • PhiLLy in DaLLaS

    I care EQUALLY about what goes on outside this country as what goes on in it. It was an excellent move that Mccain didn't predict would turn out this way and now he's reeling from it…..Bush has destroyed this countries image worldwide and it will be Obama that fixes it. OBAMA 08!!!

  • Greg

    The hate Bush agenda is popular now, but give us a few years with OSOMA OBOMA. We will be begging someone with the guts to stand up for our country. Of course all of you hate America as much as you hate Bush. So what do you care. The only reason the rest of the world is on Bushs' back is because our anti-american media has generated a firestorm of american hatred. All I can say is, that if we respond to terror the way all of you want us too. We won't have to worry about bad presidents anymore, because we wont be around to elect one.

  • No perspective

    This is awesome. If Bush causes so much anger that people in other countries are inspired to vandalize and deface their own town, it makes me feel like we elected the right guy – both in 2000 and 2004.

  • soothsayer

    Just to nitpick, I'm from Canada and haven't seen Animaniacs or Pinky and the Brain on TV since I was in middle school in the 90s, when it used to air all the time. I guess some network might be showing reruns, but still, its not like we just discovered it! Great article otherwise. I used to live in central America and every other block someone had written "Bush asesino", this worldwide hate is ubiquitous and unprecedented. Hope Americans get the message.

  • Enough

    I must say I'm impressed you can navigate the Internet, since elementary grammar and punctuation rules appear to be over your head. Not every conservative is an ignorant redneck or establishment "asshole," (pardon me for feeling it necessary to use crude language to try to sound convincing) and there are certainly plenty of liberals, my dear stupidcomments, who better fit that bill.


    Great post philly in Dallas. I argee with you on a LOT of the points you made. I also feel that Obama's lack of experience is his only true down side in this election, but the man is very smart. He rebounds very well off of his mistakes and always has something intelligent to say. I'm just sick of the news feeding off of the BLACK vote. I'm even more SICK of my friends asking me if I"m voting for him because he is BLACK. They make it sound so racist. Damn what is this world coming to?

  • The Thinking Blogger

    Excellent compilations.. Bush and his foreign policy is not well regarded here in Turkey either

  • Larz Blackman

    JUST Because we have freedom of religion doesn't mean we want a Muslim in the white house.

  • Angus

    animaniacs didn't JUST start airing in Canada… I grew up watching it in the 1990s, as did most Canadians… fix your statement… unless its a joke.

  • Larry C. Carlin


  • Impermanent Marker

    Here's my personal favorite: ” target=”_blank”>… I believe it has inspired some others to take up the cause:

  • michigan seo

    I can't believe this moron is still president.

  • Dude

    To Greg and Larz Blakman and Dazed and confused, Oh come on, Obama isn't a Muslim and if you're too stupid to know that, then America is in even more shite than if she does eventually elect a Muslim leader. Obama will stand up for the country and be a RESPONSIBLE president, one who doesn't disregard the rest of the world, waste money and soldiers' lives, nor plunge America into the biggest budget deficit ever. It is NOT anti-American or unpatriotic to question the president, even if he is an unelected fraud president. The way Greg suggest responding to terror is what got America into the shit in the first place. You sound like a caricature from Fox News Channel. Are you for real?

  • stupidcomments

    Ok I see your point however, I still disagree. You cannot deny that some of these pro Bush comments are ridiculous. I am sorry but calling anyone who dislikes Bush a Communist or a non patriot, is a joke. And telling them to "get out" is even worse. Isn't America a democracy? It used to be. And I never once said that "every conservative is an ignorant redneck," but some of them are, same with liberals. And I'm sorry you are so sensitive to the word "asshole" but I do see it as fitting for these people, it is after all my opinion. So, instead of being upset by the crude language on the internet maybe you should be more concerned as to what your terrible president has done to your country. And sorry for my "elementary grammar and punctuation" but English is not my first language. Though, I do not expect Republicans to be very open minded of other cultures. But it's nice of you to assume that every poster is a American. Not to mention I rushed the message, and this is the internet after all.

  • R U KIDDING ME!!!11

    Can I guess what the R in your name stands for? I can? Great! R…hmm… Republican? Retarded? Or maybe O'Reilly (with a silent and invisible O). Get of the internetz you douche.

  • Brad D

    Not only do I actually hate you more than anything. But you fucking suck at making points. "OSOMA OBOMA" if your going to make such a terrible argument at least SPELL THEIR FUCKING NAMES RIGHT it's Obama and Osama. Seriously what the fuck is wrong with you? What asshole let you use a computer? And by the way its not "Bushs' back" it's "Bushs' back" because it's his back. Normally I don't care about spelling or grammar. But seriously if you are going to preach so much BS hate, then at least do it right. And just out of curiosity as to how crazy you are, please explain the "anti-American (American has a capital letter) media firestorm" cause I have no idea. Explain why would the media, which is owned by American companies, be anti-American? Are all these people traitors? Communists? Or what? And what exactly would they gain from that? Let me guess do you watch FOX? Fuck you. If you don't stand up for your fellow Americans who hate Bush (over 70%) and recognise that there is a problem with the president and fight to defend the constitution, then you are a traitor and no American. Fuck you.

  • joe

    Because disney is an imperialist company that exploits labor worldwide to make crappy plastic toys. In addition, their story lines are often racist and or supporting the status quo stereotyping muslims and other non christians in a negative way. Mickey is a symbol of american capitalism.. so boycott that sh&^$!

  • Brad

    Is there a reason why you are shouting? Does writing BIG make your comment better? Because your an idiot. And also you obviously don't understand what this article is about, cause all these "people who are upset… are more than welcome to leave" makes no sense as all these graffiti is from OTHER COUNTRIES (I wrote that big to help you understand the point). So how exactly are these traitors from other countries supposed to leave "our great country." But no your right, all those people in Europe and Asia should leave…eh…. America…. Really a great argument. If anyone should leave its people like you. And just so you know Bush wasn't actually elected President… Does the Florida recount mean anything to you? You Dick

  • SayItAintTrue

    Why did you have to remind me? I'm leaving is McSame wins it.

  • Save America

    Agreed. I was in Italy recently and there were countless signs saying they didn't want Americans there. It's sad and I would be pissed off, but I kind of feel we brought it on ourselves. He shouldn't have had a second term. And he should have been kicked out of office. Lets hope that Obama will be able to clean up the mess Bush left behind. At least so far other countries seem to like him. Lets go back to the way it was before Bush.

  • Brad

    If your going to be so picky about grammar you should follow your own rules. You can't have brackets directly after a comma. And here in NY, yes all conservatives are assholes.

  • MS

    Ok ok calm down. I had the same problem but it works eventually.

  • redbaby

    I find it interesting that the stencil used in Israel and Brazil appear to be the same, only flipped. Could they have been done by the same hand?

  • kyle

    It's so embarrassing having him as president!!!

    • jack wilson

      If you are referring to W. Bush, I agree.

  • Moe

    Oh, so you're a bigot. OK, sure.

  • eboy

    Just wanted to say thanks to the poster… nice post.

  • Missy

    Dear Republics, I am sick of your shit. Read before you rant. Obama is a born again Christian JUST LIKE YOU ! If Clinton was about to be impeached for Monica, then what should happen to Bush for KATRINA ? I guess everybody forgot about that old gal?



  • Gio

    Your Bush declared the Constitutions as "some damn piece of paper". He's shit on it so many times that I sincerely laugh at your comment for even bringing it up.

  • Korlis

    Which part? the sad? or the sad indeed?

  • Korlis

    omfg! Hitleriffic indeed!!

  • Korlis

    And also your apparent conclusion that it can't be both, a spin on an old movie AND a commentary on the power-mad Bush Emperor, is wrong.

  • Korlis

    Canada too…

  • Korlis

    I think it is so cute that you can say "elected" and "2000"… Aren't you just adorable! Here, have a rattle…

  • Korlis

    "If you don't like America then you can get out…" Rabble rabble rabble!! Mr. Larry C. Colin I hereby charge you with the crime of being a Bush sympathizer, thus in conjunction with that also a traitor of the Highest Order. Your sentence is to be locked, naked in an Iraqi jail cell for the duration of your natural life, you will be awoken every morning by a guard throwing a bucket of crude oil on you and kicking you in the balls. You will be fed McDonalds morning, noon and night, and certain days will involve "random selections" for painful and embarrassing public cativity searches. Your precious Emperor Bush will be joining shortly.

  • john smith

    I''ve lived in the Middle East for the past 13 years, and people there still look to America with hope and interest, and most of the people i know there, if given the opportunity, would gladly move to the US in hopes of a better future for their decendancts *sp?* Because they understand that there is a significant difference between the domestic Americans and our countries foreign policy. All of those who visited who were of arab decent had a good time when they went on holiday, met many nice people and came away feeling that Americans in general are very friendly, inviting people…However, they got fucked at immigration. All, i repeat, ALL of them *those who looked like arabs* were held for between 1 and in one case, 6 hours, because they were selected for ""random searches"". These people are not ani-american, they are anti big-government, anti-conglomerate, and hate how they see corporations worming their way into governments around the world. And American (personified internationally as Bush) represents this developing problem perfectly. So, don''t go connecting anit-bush sentiments with anti-american sentements. Too much paranoia can cause you to reach some seriously wrong conclusions, as history has shown us what happens when countries start becoming paranoid of their neighbors.

  • somedood

    Interestingly enough, the one in Berlin has something written in Farsi that reads, "Death to Khamenei." Khamenei is Iran's spiritual leader.

  • Ottoman

    So…….want to be hated. Hmm, interesting! Why would anyone desire to be universally despised?

    • jack wilson

      W. Bush was easy to despise. He was a very arrogant person. His smirk was more proof.

  • kristy behrs

    now there is a brilliant mind, d. Ed. –thank you for providing some historical insight :)

  • Seattle BuzzKill

    My take – ” target=”_blank”>… rat bastard pig dog mother f*cker. Worst. President. Ever.

  • Esteba

    He was governor of Texas. Texas idiots voted him into office. You can run but you can't hide from the truth. If you are from Texas this disaster is YOUR FAULT!!!

  • Scott Shapses

    Strong arguments there buddy. Yeah you know I hear all the best lawyers read from Dr. Seuss to make their cases. "I do not want Post-Traumatic Stress disorders, I do not want them Uncle Sam. I do not want them here or there, I do not want them anywhere. However i would like them where all the nuclear weapons were…which was no-where." Look I can make a point when i do it too. And dont be so fucking pretentious that you think you are the only one who gives a damn about this country. I can love my country but i can also recognize when it reaches a point at which it would be treasonous not to speak out. As Americans we take alot of pride in our leaders which is a good thing but now the majority of our citizens realize the danger of blind following and not speaking up for what is right which is truely an American ideal

  • dirk

    "The dialogue references a mid-90s animated television show, Animaniacs, which began airing in Canada late last year" The Animaniacs did not just start airing in Canada last year….we get the same programs at the same time as the U.S.

  • Bob Kincaid

    Um, Sandy? Remember how all the wingnut b/s artists like Phlegmball and his ilk said "the sissy liberals want to treat 9/11 like a law enforcement problem . . ."? Well, Sandy, Spain treated its bombing disaster like a law enforcement problem and caught the criminals who did it. Instead of doing that, your Preznit went gallumphing off into Iraq and the criminals STILL haven't been caught. Not that that matters to a good, patriotic 'Murrkkkan like you, of course.

  • Well said

    "rat bastard pig dog mother f*cker. Worst. President. Ever. " Perfect.

  • You Sure?

    Not sure where you are getting this information from but if you look at the picture NO WHERE does it say "Death to Khamenei." So maybe you were looking at the wrong picture? Or are you just lying? Also I live in Berlin so I don't know what you are talking about. But I would really like you to explain where you got this from. All this graffiti is anti Bush, non of it has anything to do with Ayatollah Ali Khamenei. But please explain… Or stop wasting time with lies. Thanks.

  • Brad

    I doubt it, because you can now get those stencils of the net, then all you need to do is spray. The Bush with mickey ears seems to be a pretty common one. Look at Styria's one too. But who knows, it could be.

  • DK

    Well said sir, well said…

  • PissedOffInNY

    Hmm… I wonder why? Would it have anything to do with the fact that he will hate you if you look anything like a Muslim, regardless of your actual religion. This is part of the bullshit I hate so much, he lumps everyone together and brands them all terrorists, and anyone from any country that looks like an "enemy of America and Freedom" without actually putting any consideration into who these people are and the millions of people he is isolating. It is one thing that pisses me off in general about Americans (some not all) they fear of anyone who resembles, dare a say it… a "Muslim." Just look at some of the posts above about Obama being a Muslim. Even though he is NOT a Muslim, so fucking what if he was! What would it matter?! He would still make a better president than the so called "god fearing Christian" that's in office now. The same Christian who created "Jesus Day" in Texas AND started two wars… And yet there are so many Americans worried about Obama being Muslim, when look at how a Christian FUCKED up America. Religion and politics should not mix. Yet for some reason it does in America. Its taken this long just to get a black candidate, and now so many people are freaking out about his religion. Enough with this bullshit racism. Fuck Bush.

  • Brad

    Your right Larz… Just think about what a big scary Muslim would do to our amazing country… Probably start a random war or two. Start taking away American's freedoms. Destroy the constitution. Ruin the economy. Open concentration camps (kind a like Gitmo) to hold people with different religions. Send thousands of young Americans to die… Wait… Hasn't Bush already done all that? But that cant be he is a CHRISTIAN. No say it isn't true… Look even if Obama was a Muslim (which he is not) he couldn't make the country any worse than it is. So enough with this xenophobic racist bullshit. FUCK YOU LARZ.

  • Just Wrong

    Joe… dude really? Look I get the whole anarchy/flip the bird to "the man" thing, but seriously… Disney? Fair enough "exploiting labor world wide" but name one company that doesn't. But also please explain what you mean by "exploit" because I have never heard of Disney using child labor nor sweat shops, unlike some other companies… Mostly because it might tarnish their family friendly image. So yeh they have toys and stuff made in other countries but what company doesn't. Did you know that the majority of American flags are made in China? So what does that say about our fine country? And most medication comes from China, so does that mean doctors are evil capitalists too? As for the racism thing… eh what? Did you know old Walt was one of the few people to speak out against racism. Have you ever noticed some of the positive symbolism in Disney movies? Don't read the shit from extreme Christians who claim racism and red flag at anything. People also blame Disney for poor moral messages and giving kids an unrealistic ideas of happiness and physical appearance. People love to point fingers in case you haven't noticed (like what your doing in your post) eg movies make you violent etc. That's just people. Read actual analysis from people who actually understand movies not crazy Christians clinging to their Bible. But where do you get this Muslim stereotyping from? So before you go on a "boycott everything" rant… just don't… not every company is completely evil. And being just a bit evil is good by todays standards. I'm not trying to defend them but that was really over the top… Get some focus in your argument… Taking shit like that is too right wing Republican for my liking.

  • Nate

    Brad…….I SALUTE YOU!!!!! You spoke the truth….and the truth sucks…but its true, which is good.

  • bla

    Fuck Bush and fuck Obama. They're the same.

  • Buzzmaxwell

    If you think that Saddam had nothing to do with terror or terrorists, you are indeed delusional. If you look at the generations of hate that has been perpetrated in the name of Allah by people like Saddam and Ayatollah types in their just propagation of religious freedoms. The freedom they promote is not like the freedom those graffiti sprayers have. The reason we don't see the opposing view spray painted on peoples property through out the world is that those mocked will kill the artists in many cases. The real tyrants must be opposed. Spray an anti Chinese message on a wall in Tibet or Sudan..I hope your travels will show you what they have me, that war is always bad, but it is often better than the alternative of living under the oppression of a dictator. It was only after a decade of cease fire violations from an unjust invasion by Iraq that we "invaded" the violators country. The people of Iraq had years of our support and more than one opportunity to overthrow the brutal regime of Saddam and chose to live in his terror instead.

  • buzzmaxwell

    boB, you are way off on your comment about not catching the guilty. We have been able to capture or kill most all of the highest ranking planners and material providers, except for the scumbags that died in the homicide attacks initially.We have tracked down those that oppose freedom for two hundred years so people like you can piss and moan about how bad it is to safeguard the very liberty you enjoy.

  • buzzmaxwell

    I see the same flaws..these kids will wake up and smell real war with their savior Obama in office for a couple of years.If we really want to get a better PR image lets get our lazy asses to Tibet and Darfur and Congo and spread our technology to people that are still using ultra polluting animal dung to cook on stoves consisting of three rocks,,that is when the world will appreciate us..when we quit bitching and start fixing…

  • Truthiness

    I spray and I have that exact stencil. The real reason for the disney reference is it makes a fast point. Making Bu$h like a cartoon, you need the most globally recognisable character there is. It's also a play on "Mickey Mouse" politics (ie. bullshit). What joe said wouldnt make sense or else he would need an oil pipe up his ass. Hope that clears it up a bit.

  • esther

    i don't know why everyone's so worried about our business … let them spend their energy on their own governments. anyone else sick of this political shit. anyway, if you need a laugh, check out this guy jimmy breaux who's running for president (yeah, in the US… supposedly)…. funny shit. if he's for real, he just might get my vote.

  • A. Magnus

    Creating a communist police state is NOT a proper response to terrorism. Nothing that has been done since 9/11 has done anything to make Americans safer – not the new wars, not the wide open border with Mexico, not the Stasi-like surveillance of everyone EXCEPT actual terrorists. Good police work and letters of Marquee and Repisal would have been all that was needed. But NOOOO, we had to outdo the Soviets, right? That's your solution to everything, increase the size and power of the state even when it fails you miserably? IF the terrorists hated us for our freedoms they won't be hating us for long with people of your mindset running things.

  • A. Magnus

    Prove he was elected for a second term. Show me the ballots. What? There were no ballots, just proprietary source code programming? Well that explains it then. What it doesn't explain is why the supposed land of the free puts up with being treated like slaves by a government that can't even prove it was elected fair and square.

    • jack wilson

      I believe W. Bush was elected for a second term. The phony terror alerts led many people to believe that Bush kept the U.S. safe.

  • Derek Wilson

    The government is not supposed to do shit for you if you are in a hurricane, earthquake, flood, or your liberal panties get stuck in your ass. Show me where in the constitution it says And when a Hurricane uhomes you it is the Federal Gov. that will save you. Even though the Federal Government funded most of the technology that forecast it was coming giving DAYS of warning. Your live on the coast you learn to deal with it. Look to Iowa to see how your supposed to handle a disaster….State and local.

  • Jorge

    Why is it that you people say America when you mean the United States? As far as I know, America is a continent that comprises somewhere around 30 different countries!!! Yes, Canadians, Argentinians, Brazilians, Mexicans, Uruguayans, Venezuelans, etc, etc, etc, are ALL Americans and live in countries that are in the American continent.

  • Xell

    Now about the US economy. More Reasons Why the US Economy is Collapsing: #1. The United States government is currently running a budget deficit of $1.8 billion/day. Too much deficit will create a weaker American dollar and cripple the US economy. #2. The US National Debt is $8 trillion+. It has to be paid back eventually by raising taxes. #3. Oil prices are $100+ per crude barrel, there is a shortage of oil refineries and demand is growing due to more car drivers world wide. #4. China's economy is now bigger than the United States and China is now the centre of the global economy. #5. China's trade exports out-matches the United States (ie. they can build cars/trucks/SUVs for half the price). #6. English is becoming less important as an international business language. Mandarin Chinese is becoming more important. #7. Global warming is causing drought and shortages of grain crops, causing bread and flour prices to skyrocket. #8. US universities aren't creating enough graduates to compete on the global market. Tuition is too expensive and there isn't enough university professors. #9. The babyboomers are retiring, creating a shortage of skilled workers. #10. The White House is being complacent about the US economy and is ignoring the possibility of a depression. #11. Automobile companies keep laying off unionized workers and moving their factories to China. The only car company building new plants and hiring workers in North America is Japanese car-maker Toyota (which only hires non-union workers). #12. The US government sold off the bulk of its oil/gasoline reserves in 2002. It no longer has large stocks of oil reserves in case of a national shortage. #13. Adult American taxpayers have an average of $48,000 in debt due to credit cards, mortgages, university debts, etc. Now that the economy has gone sour many are losing their houses or declaring bankruptcy. #14. The US dollar is notoriously easy to make counterfeit bills of. Thanks to modern computer printers, counterfeit is reasonably easy to make. #15. The US economy still has not recovered from 9/11. #16. The US economy relies on the consumption of goods at a decadent rate. If something happens that throws the economy for a loop, it can very easily fall into a depression. #17. Global Warming is causing record hurricanes, storms, floods and ecological disasters are destroying homes & businesses in the United States. In addition to wrecking havoc and raising insurance prices, the storms also prevent oil rigs from drilling in the Gulf of Mexico, causing oil shortages. #18. The health problems resulting from high obesity and unhealthy diets combined with a shortage of doctors is causing the US healthcare system to become highly capitalized so that only the wealthy and middle class can afford health care. #19. Rising costs of airplane flights are stifling business trips by companies seeking to do business. #20. Foreign investors are pulling out of the United States and investing in Asia instead. #21. Five years of drought and Global Warming has caused many farmers in the American mid-west to declare bankrupty. The US is facing a food shortage if current drought trends continue. People aren't building enough green houses to grow extra food. Well now perhaps some of you will think this is off topic, but its not, because of these kind of actions that are taken by the US gov with G. W. Bush as its current leader these kind of graffities appear all over the world. Although Im not an American I would like that Obama wins the 08 elections, but even then I doubt that the US foreign policy will change. Thank you for reading these posts I hope i didnt insulte anyone. I tryed to be as objective as I could :)

  • Tom

    You are so wrong, on almost every point. To wit: #1. Due to the promised Iraqi oil revenue, the U.S. Treasury is running a surplus. #2. The National Debt will be paid back from lottery revenue. #3. Oil now hovers around $120.00. Cha-ching!! #5. Do we really want to be known around the world as the place all the crap is made? #6. English will always be the dominant business language. Have you ever heard Mandarin Chinese? Who can make sense of it? #7. But, do we need GRAIN?? Just let the canned food industry fill in the blanks. #8. It's just that so many young people have decided to offer their lives in the defense of this nation in the war on terror that they no longer have the time to concentrate on scholastic endeavors. #9. You'll notice that many more older workers are working…at..say…..McDonalds these days! #10. The economy is fine, 'cause weapons manufacturers, oil producers, defense contractors, and the like are reaping enough profits to support all the economic failures that plague a modern economy. #11. Unions were killed off in the last century. And so what if China is getting all the manufacturing jobs now. Just wait until they really surpass us. Then watch all those jobs go to places like….Chad….Somalia, etc. #12. That doesn't matter, don't you see? Those reserves were sold off to finance the war on terror, so the Iraqi oil profits will……….uh, sorry. #13. I simply don't get this one. I have a credit card debt of $224.84. How could anyone get themselves into $48,000 worth of debt? Wouldn't you rather rent than buy? When things go wrong, it's always somebody else's problem. #14. Counterfeiting makes the dollar more attractive, not less! #15. The economy recovered very nicely, thank you very much! Dick Cheney told me so! #16. EEWW, you're just so sure of yourself there, aren't you? Decadence is underrated. #17. Global warming would happen even if we had not figured out how to build automobiles. #18. It's a dog-eat-dog world. #19. Think locally! Screw globally! #20. They'll be back! They can't ignore a super-power! #21. This is total left-wing mumbo-jumbo. You see, when farmers declare bankruptcy, it's merely an opportunity for corporate agriculture to move in and correct a wrong. They will make money. It's a win-win situation for everybody, except those original farmers, and their families, and their suppliers, and their local markets, and their barbers, and their hired help, and the local bakery, and their neighborhood pharmacy, and their near-by car dealer, and their town computer salesman, and their nearest lottery distributor, and their……………. Please see the humor in this. People are tearing this planet apart. Who 'wins' then?

  • Braden

    yeah, i was wondering why the person who captioned that photo didnt mention that it is taken from krubrick and that bush is riding the israeli and american-marked bomb into oblivion

  • TruthHurts

    I just love when people have nothing to say to win a political argument start saying "you hate America!" We live here, and unless we are self-destructive idiots we will not wish America to fail. Funny how those who claim to love America know nothing of its history and only make it worse for the country and people in it.

  • TruthHurts

    Name one Disney cartoon with a black person as a main character. Name one black Disney princess.

  • TruthHurts

    You kinda sound like Hitler "OUR GREAT COUNTRY" the Third Reich ^.^ lol

  • Nick

    ***America can not go through another Bush or McBush type administration. Google the music video: Nowhere Man (Goodbye Mr. Bush) – INDIVO

  • InContext

    Because Disney's main source of inspiration for decades came from European fairy tales. As for the more recent anitmated films • the Arabian Nights are fairly well known outside of the Middle East • Greek Mythology has plently of established characters for a minimal effort plot • in the case of Mulan, the story is so old the Huns can be protrayed as the bad guys without making anyone mad or taking a political stance • a black princess showing up in any of these would be out of place for the time and location You can argue that Disney could have picked an African legend to animate but honestly, they aren't exactly mainstream and would have been a harder sell in an ignorant market that was losing interest in traditional animation.

  • Rhys

    No intelligent person would claim that there country is "the best country ever to exist". Firstly on what basis are you making these claims, several, if not most, European countries have a much higher quality of life than USA, DO NOT INVADE FOREIGN COUNTRIES, have a public welfare system and a better economy. For example after WWII Germany was literally the poorest country in the world, now it is the 3rd largest economy, in less than 100 years.

  • Fuck Bush

    You "americans" piss me off so fucking much. We dont want any of your fucking shit in our country. McDonalds is the scourge of society, you have become a massively overweight, paranoid, loud mouthed, gas guzzling society and to think the rest of the world has not noticed is ignorant.

  • KoT

    The world hates the US – not our president – for our ability to beat the shit out of anyone, have an economy that the rest of the world relies upon, innovate just about every new technology there is, and the list goes on and on. Fuck the world! Fuck your pussy ass graffiti! Fuck your sophomoric humor! Why? Because we still are the best country in the world and you're jealous! Go USA and fuck the rest of you!

  • KoT

    Dude! Most of your arguments are completely moronic! Do us a favor, go back to high school!

  • geo

    Just imagine if there was never a Christian and Judism religion?–World wouldn't be a big mess and killing fields. Millions have been slaughtered by Christians,what is worse is that Jews were in control of the Jewus armies. Speaking of Bush or any Politician–they ain't religious,they arn't fools,only saps and weak minded folks get suckered to believe and worship a crypto Jew-Jesus.wake-up fools,America was nuked on Sept 11/01 by Jews and you stupid fools don't know it from a fireworks display :^) Bush is a pile of sh!t-says,Alfred E. Newmann

  • DocReality

    America the best country in the world? Oh my God that is rich. America is a collection of worldwide indigents who have shaped 'America' into what it is. The Anglo elite along with the Zionist cabal have created a worldwide criminal network that no one could ever have dreamed of. No one with a heart that is. Bush is just a reflection of this phenomenon. 'Americans' are a clueless bunch, they thump their chests like mountain gorillas proclaiming to be king of the jungle. They think war is patriotism and honorable, while their young die for the fascist corporations who rob the innocent 24/7. When you have leadership that uses extortion and murder to rape the worlds natural resources, how else are you going to be viewed in the world? Obama and McCain offer nothing, they are tied by the same strings that control Herr Bushler. America will be a war mongering fascist pig that has destabilized the world as long as there is a treasury and clueless public to rape and deceive. War,oil and anything that can be tagged with a market value will be the driving force of the Satanic Anglo Cabal of which America is very good at with its military beholden to force its Imperial will upon all of humanity.

  • Ash;ey

    Animaniacs has been showing in Canada for a lot longer than just last year. I don't know anybody who doesn't know the theme song for Pinky and the Brain.

  • Big Dan


  • Gene

    Dazed and Confused – Typical Neo-Con response – Blame the other guy! Distort the facts! Lie, Cheat and steal to get whatever you want. What does Al Gore and John Kerry have to do with anything at this point? They are not the leaders in office right now. Bush is and he's done nothing to catch Bin Laden. Perhaps Bush senior could have asked Bin Laden's Father where his long lost son is since he was having breakfast and coffee with him on the morning of September 11th.

  • Veena

    That's pretty ignorant of you to say. I'm assuming you're from America and American idiots voted him into office. If you're from America this disaster is YOUR FAULT!!!! I'm sure there are lots of people in Texas who loathe him (like in Austin, maybe Houston) You're just as bad as a republican!!

    • jack wilson

      W. Bush was not voted into office. The 2000 election was a scam. The Republicans inserted him because they knew they could manipulate him easily.

  • Kvothe

    heh heh heh why is it always fuckin america trying to out do every other state and in the mist of all that we leave ourselves wide open and also trip over our own feet……….holy shit for fucks sake what the hell is wrong with us why havent we rebelled and kicked bush out of office by force if so many of us hate his sorry ass huh? and by the way…..DID WE NOT LEARN THE FIRST TIME!?!

  • bintoy

    do you need a constitution to tell you to do the right thing? damn, if thats the case then we are really stuffed.

  • Derek Wilson

    No I don't. But apparently you and a city of others like you need the government to wipe your asses for you. And before you go off on me about how I have never faced any thing like that….I live in Oklahoma….I have lost 1 house and most of another to tornados. And not once did I or most of the town I lived in get FEMA trailers food and water airlifted in or rooms on a cruise ship (though being a landlocked state I can understand why on the ship)

  • funny

    Funny reading these comments today.

    History has proven Bush to be right, and Obama is a total joke.

    I wonder if we’ll ever see “GE/Obama/War Machine” or ACORN voter fraud graffiti. Don’t count on it.

    This shows how corrupt the media is also.

    • jack wilson

      W. Bush was never right. And he was a bigger joke than Obama could ever be.

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  • Lyssa

    Animanics has been airing in Canada since I was a kid… about 15 years ago!
    Cool pics though…

Though graffiti purists may call out legal graffiti as not real tagging, the luxury of...
“You can’t film on this train!” we hear a Russian voice bark.
If you’ve wanted to see these wobbly creatures, here’s a quick guide on where to go...
While the hot springs exist in such a marked variety of environments, hot spring culture...
Hong Kong: two streets down from Nathan Road in any direction. . . Follow the clothes...