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By now we’ve all seen the official photos: Obama taking the oath of office, the overwhelming crowds on the Mall, the celebrity-spotting at the assortment of inaugural balls.

But beyond the formal celebrations, Americans across the country were paying tribute in their own way, too.

Here are a few photos from yesterday’s festivities that, hopefully, you haven’t seen yet:

Washington, D.C. prepares for the inauguration.

Photo by AnyaLogic (Creative Commons)

In San Francisco, pranksters change the sign marking the end of Bush Street to “Begin Obama”.

Photo by candiedwomanire (Creative Commons)

Inauguration cupcakes on sale in New York City.

Photo by calculat0r (Creative Commons)

D.C. was prepared for vast crowds — and everything that comes with them.

Photo by AnyaLogic (Creative Commons)

Every precaution was taken.

Photo by victoriapeckham (Creative Commons)

A moving portrait from Times Square, where crowds turned out to watch the ceremony.

Photo by tristanbrand (Creative Commons)

Captain America celebrates on the streets of Los Angeles.

Photo by Al Pavangkanan (Creative Commons)

Back in D.C., a musician makes the most of the day.

Photo by ktylerconk (Creative Commons)

Welcome to the new President and First Lady. It’s been a long time coming!

Photo by (Creative Commons)

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Eva Holland

Eva Holland is a freelance writer, Senior Editor of World Hum and a longtime contributor to the Matador community. She lives in Canada’s Yukon Territory and blogs about Alaska and Yukon travel at Travelers North.

  • joshywashington

    Amazing! Breathtaking! Abounding Jealousy!

  • geotraveler

    They look amazing in the ballroom shot!

  • Tim Patterson


  • Bryant

    Let us remember that taxpayers were violently robbed of $160 million to pay for Obama's elaborate coronation. Obama ordered the murders of 15 people in Pakistan today, including 3 children. ” target=”_blank”>… Frankly, I don't see how Americans celebrating and lauding over yet another lying thief and soon-to-be mass-murderer is "moving." It's just more of the same.

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