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Bienvenida Mariel

Congratulations Julie Schwietert and family! Warmest welcomes to Mariel!

Some of us were on tonight and saw the tweet, “It’s a girl” and couldn’t wait to say congrats:

Welcome to this world, nena! You’ve got viaje in your veins. Love- Sarah

“Wow! A baby girl! I’m so, so happy for you and Francisco. You guys are going to be amazing padres! -Ross

Julie, I’m so excited for you! Good luck and congratulations on this new journey! – Michelle

Yeeaaaa Julie! We are all so proud of you and can’t wait to meet the newest, littlest Matadorian!

Thanks for not Tweeting Live from during your new child’s birth. Congratulations! –Andy

“Come here, little one…” Here’s to hoping the baby makes it way out soon! Many congrats, Julie
and Francisco — Christine

bienvenida mariel from David Miller on Vimeo.

About The Author

David Miller

David Miller is Senior Editor of Matador (winner of 2010 and 2011 Lowell Thomas awards for travel journalism) and Director of Curricula at MatadorU. Follow him @dahveed_miller.

  • Megan Hill

    Congratulations Julie!!

  • JoAnna

    I’m so excited for you and Francisco! Congratulations to you both!

  • vmcalves

    Welcome to the world, Mariel!

  • Carlo

    Congrats to you and Francisco! Wish I were in a better time zone to have gotten in on the pics above — looking forward to one day meeting you and the new addition in person (possibly next March/April??).

    Happy happy joy joy!

  • Sarah

    YAY, congrats!!!

  • Tim Patterson

    Congratulations to you and Francisco! Welcome to the world, Mariel! This is wonderful, happy news.

  • Candice

    CONGRATS! I hope to see some pictures!

  • Eva

    Woot! Congrats, Julie and Francisco, and welcome, Mariel! Can’t wait to meet the new member of the family!

  • Adam

    Congratulations mamá! And welcome Mariel! Here’s wishing you a lifetime of travel and smooth sailing.

  • Kathy

    I’m so happy for you! Enjoy every minute with your little girl…hard as it is to realize right now, she’ll grow up awfully fast!

  • Tom Gates

    Congrats to you both!!!!

  • Paul Sullivan

    Aw, congrats Julie & Fam. Awesome effort from Matador Team! Megastokes!

  • eileen

    Welcome baby Mariel and congrats to mom and dad!

  • Michelle

    Hooray!!! Congrats, Julie and Francisco!!!

  • aya

    heya, mariel! welcome! and congratulations julie and francisco!

  • Ryan

    Felicidades Julie! Welcome Mariel!

  • Sabina

    Welcome to the world, Mariel !!

  • Julie

    Thanks & gracias from Mariel, Francisco, and me!

    It was so wonderful to come home and see this post– LOVE all the photos and the well-wishes are so special.

    Will be back on Matador Monday– during nap time. ;)

  • Nancy

    Congrats Julie and Francisco!!! We all can’t wait to see pictures of Mariel :))

  • Ben

    Beautiful! Welcome Mariel. Congratulations to Julie and Francisco!! What an amazing time. I look forward to meeting the little one soon.

  • Jimmy Schwietert

    Just seeing all of the excitement on Matador about my niece make so happy! Can’t wait to see both of you and finally meet the newest little one.


    • Julie Schwietert

      Awww! So sweet! Thanks, Jimmy! Yep, one of the reasons why I love my job is because I work with the most supportive, amazing, inspiring people!

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