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Photo: Jaboney

Love those images on the cover of Lonely Planet guides? Fancy yourself a great photographer?

Then check out the details of this contest:

Lonely Planet, and Pikeo
(, a new photo-sharing website, are inviting travellers to submit their most unique and inspiring pictures of London, Paris, Barcelona and Istanbul.

The four winners–one for each city– will have their picture preserved for posterity on the cover of a Lonely Planet city guide. They’ll also get some great exposure at a London gallery exhibit.

And, oh, by the way: they’ll win a free trip to one of four destinations: India, Russia, Morocco or Kenya.

The competition is open to photographers from the UK, France, Spain, the USA and Canada, and the deadline is September 8.

Feature Photo: Blacknell (creative commons)

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Julie Schwietert

Julie Schwietert Collazo is a writer, editor, researcher, and translator currently in New York, formerly of Mexico City and San Juan.

  • Rhys

    It'd be a great kick start for aspiring photos to win this. But why does every photo contest these days have to an exercise in marketing? To have a chance of winning it looks like you need to not only upload content on a new photo site, but encourage your friends to vsit as the winning photos will be selected from the most viewed. What happened to a photo contest based on merit?

  • CollazoProjects

    Rhys- You answered your own question–marketing & co-branding. The same is happening with writing contests these days. And I agree with you; I'm not sure it's entirely fair (or merit based) to have contests where you encourage your friends to go vote for your work… there aren't always checks in the system to make sure it's not being abused (ie: I'm voting for you over and over again)

  • MB

    I'd just like to figure out what the "featured photo" is (because I'm a selfish bastard :)).

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