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Surveying in the Great White North is no easy job, as you can see from these pics.

But does it still beat the life of the cubicle jockey?

I’m betting the answer is: Yes!

Sick of the office life? Want more adrenalin (with or without polar bears) in your day?

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About The Author

Eva Holland

Eva Holland is a freelance writer, Senior Editor of World Hum and a longtime contributor to the Matador community. She lives in Canada’s Yukon Territory and blogs about Alaska and Yukon travel at Travelers North.

  • geotraveler

    hahahahahahahah :) The pictures are fantastic. Well, maybe not so funny if I were in his shoes!

  • Rajat

    Was the person able to save himself? Nice pics but scary

  • Tim Patterson


  • LiveWellSimply

    Awesome shots! I wouldn't want to be that guy if you paid me. I wonder if he was eventually able to duck inside the vehicle.

  • lp19


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