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A woman crossing a plaza in Cusco, Peru. Photo: Latin America for Less

Glimpse provides $600 to travel and editorial support for the publication of your work.

The application round for the Fall 2011 Glimpse Correspondents Program has officially opened.

Powered by Matador, and supported in part by the National Geographic Society, the Glimpse Correspondents Program provides selected writers and photographers with a $600 stipend and one-on-one editorial training and support in creating a portfolio of published work.

Anyone over 18 is eligible, and writers and photographers of all skill and experience levels are encouraged to apply. The criteria for selecting Correspondents not only include candidates’ talents in writing or photography, but also their vision for engaging communities and finding unique stories while abroad, as well as their commitment to developing these stories into polished long-form narratives over the course of the program.

To learn more, visit the Glimpse website. Application details can be found here. Deadline for receipt of applications in June 2011.

About The Author

Julie Schwietert

Julie Schwietert Collazo is a writer, editor, researcher, and translator currently in New York, formerly of Mexico City and San Juan.

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