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Starting Nov. 26, you’ll have the chance to tell us your travel horror story and win free Gerber gear.

TROUBLE IS NEVER FAR AWAY when traveling. A poor decision here and some bad luck there and you can find yourself in deep shit…and a long way from home.

There’s a twisted beauty in that deep shit. It’s always when things go wrong that you’re tested and your true mettle shows itself. Trouble creates the type of visceral experience that sticks with you for a long time. Getting into and out of trouble is a hallmark of traveling and provides the experience and confidence that you can handle pretty much anything the world can throw at you — one of travel’s greatest gifts.

The good folks over at Gerber Gear know that the difference between a good story and real disaster can be having the right tool at the right time. They’ve been hooking up the Matador Ambassador team for several months, and now we want to hear / see what sort of trouble you’ve gotten into and out of during your travels.

Gerber’s Hello Trouble contest will kick off on Nov. 26 here at Matador, and for 10 days you’ll have the chance to submit short stories (under 600 words) or 1 photo + caption to share your deep-shit moment with the world. Matador editors and Ambassadors will choose our favorites, picking 10 daily winners who’ll receive both the sleek Venture Knife and the versatile Steady Tool (the first mult-itool with an iPod tripod). One grand prize winner will walk away with the Gerber Apocalypse Kit — an assortment of knives, axes, machetes, and tools specifically assembled to create the ultimate survival kit.

There will be no limits to how many stories / photos you can submit. For inspiration, check out Gerber’s ongoing Hello Trouble Road Trip and scan the #hellotrouble tag on their social feeds:

Next, find out how Gerber’s gear has been stoking out the Matador Ambassadors:



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Cody Forest Doucette

Cody Forest Doucette was born in the heartland of Wisconsin, raised in the mountains of Idaho and educated on the beaches of California at UCSB. Working with his twin brother, writer Kitt Doucette, he has spent the past six years circling the globe in pursuit of images and experiences which capture both the beauty of the natural world and the complexity of the human condition in the 21st century. You can find more of his work on his website,

  • Pj Doucette

    Oh… and where do the tents go when the cold winds blow?

  • NayNay Heller

    YEYEYEYEYEYEYE! I love trouble on the road!

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