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Matador Ambassador Evan Garcia launches his new film production company, Substantial Media House, with partner Fred Norquist.

SUBSTANTIAL MEDIA HOUSE is a film company specializing in the production of whitewater films. Fred Norquist and I document our travels and experiences through an online web series featuring some of the world’s most spectacular and dangers rivers.

From Norway to Patagonia, you’ll see whitewater kayakers push the limits of what’s possible and impossible on the water. Shot in HD in some seriously beautiful locations, this one is for the people — thanks to all of you for the continuous support and love you’ve shown over the years. Enjoy and feel free to share our love for whitewater and travel with the rest of the world.



About The Author

Evan Garcia

Evan Garcia is among an elite group of kayakers that has taken waterfalls and extremely difficult/dangerous rapids from the realm of “stunt” to a highly controlled, methodical sport, unlocking access to previously unexplored whitewater around the world. He is sponsored by Liquid Logic Kayaks, Sweet Protection, Astral Buoyancy, Voke Tabs, Coalatree Organics, Disidual Clothing, Werner Paddles, and is the co-editor of BombFlow TV.

  • Scott Hartman

    Good luck Evan. Just not enough whitewater on the big screen for my liking; looking forward to seeing your work in the future. Cheers

  • David Miller

    congrats on launching this evan. bigup!

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