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London Bus Tour from moritz oberholzer on Vimeo.

A London bus tour with a difference: scenes of street life captured through the window of a bus.

I love travelling, the physical act of being in motion. Even more so if I’m not in the driver’s seat, and can gaze out the window and let my mind wander. I find riding the top deck of a bus particularly soothing, looking down from above on the day to day scenes that make up our lives. A simultaneously detached and yet somehow participatory form of voyeurism.

This video of quotidian city life shot from a London bus is beautiful, meditative, and – in a way I can’t quite put my finger on – poignant. I think it captures a sense of our existence both as individuals, and within a wider matrix of relationships.

Note: Feature photo by E01.

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About The Author

Nick Rowlands

Nick lived in Egypt for six years, working as a tour leader, EFL teacher, city guide editor, and online guidebook writer. He's currently in San Francisco searching for his centre. He (kinda sporadically) blogs at Delicious Chaos, and you can follow him on twitter.

  • cheri lucas.

    “I think it captures a sense of our existence both as individuals, and within a wider matrix of relationships.” Yes. I kept thinking of the phrase “Alone, Together” as I watched this. Not sure why.

    The colors are lovely in this!

  • Daniel Tunnard

    I like this a lot. Similar to my own project in Buenos Aires, I wish I could get visuals like yours.

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