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Olbermann responds to reports that the White House is circulating “talking points” in an attempt to guide the public judgment on the history of the Bush Jr. presidency.

I don’t think Keith actually pauses for breath in this spectacular rant on what he views as Dubya’s true legacy:

Feature photo by tanakawho (Creative Commons)

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Eva Holland

Eva Holland is a freelance writer, Senior Editor of World Hum and a longtime contributor to the Matador community. She lives in Canada’s Yukon Territory and blogs about Alaska and Yukon travel at Travelers North.

  • Bush#1

    What an idiot Olbermann is.. HE is the worst person in the world, a rabid ideologue who wishes that will be the Bush legacy… along with all his other "hope" liberal lemmings who walk in lock step with the biggest fraud and snakeoil salesman on the planet.. UhBama..

  • Alex

    This guy above me does not know snakes from dildos.

  • Alex

    This guy above me watches Faux News 24/7. Fair and balanced…..LOL

  • Alex

    Why do my comments keep getting deleted?

  • Eva

    No worries, Alex, just a little slow on the moderation.

  • Alex

    Thank you, Eva. It's amazing how anyone can watch that entire video and then say anything remotely close to "Bush #1" Did I say amazing? I meant to say SAD and COMPLETELY BAFFLING!

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