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These speak for themselves. Unbelievable. Watch and then find out how you can help.



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Hal Amen

Hal Amen is a managing editor at Matador. His personal travel blog is WayWorded.

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  • Ron

    How tacky. I played the first video and an ad for a Carnival Cruise was in the window. Some videos just shouldn’t have ads in them.

    • Jeff

      grow up

      • Billy K

        I agree with Ron. It wasn’t a joke–like you read it. Some things just shouldn’t have ads.

  • Jeff

    too soon ronny, too soon.

    • Evad

      Was Ron’s comment a joke? It’s not funny if it is! The question should be, “How can I help these poor people re-build their nation?!”

      • James

        I agree with Trace. Evad and Jeff, please re-read the comment before acting out. Ron had a legitimate point. It was inappropriate ad placement, but those ads are dynamically inserted into videos via certain keywords.


      • Ed

        We all need to help these people by going to a Japanese restaurant and buying their products.

  • trace

    i don’t see what the big deal is with him not wanting a carnival cruise ad to come up on such a devastating video. i think he’s right.

  • roy

    you think i want to go on a carnival cruise after watching that shit!

  • http://Google Raghavan

    Is God not powerful enough to stop this? Or is He want of mercy? The pious always have ready answer on all such occasions.
    But the days go and we forget.
    I don’t know if a “merciful and powerful God exist at all”
    But I know for certain, our forgetfulness exists ..

    • Tanner

      or maybe he just doesn’t exist and this just a random natural disaster. there is atleast 80 hurricanes a year on one of jupiters moons. I’m pretty sure that wasn’t god who did that.

    • Chris

      Depending on “whose” “God” you are talking about.

      If the God the Judeo-Christian Bible exists then for sure God is more than powerful to stop this. If God created the entire universe then is it that hard to stop some water on some planet in some speck of dust of a galaxy?

      In the Judeo-Christian worldview it is not God’s purpose to prevent every bad thing from happening, at least not yet. That’s what Heaven is for.

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  • Magnus

    I feel in my heart God exists, since it was brought up, but I’m not going to push beliefs because everyone has their own. The truth of the matter is, it’s nature… hence, “natural disaster”.
    The earth lives, not consciously, but it moves and re molds itself constantly. That is all that is happening if you people are going to ask WHY this happened.
    However, why this happened was probably THEIR first question… I’m sure the question now is, “Who is going to help me?” or, “What am I going to do with my life now?”.
    Not only did people lose their homes and total possessions, but also the buildings their jobs/companies were in.
    There is really nothing to do but start life at square 1 for a lot of them.

    I wish I was capable of helping them in a significant way…
    Truly devastating.

    • rich

      I hate to sound insensitive, but when one of the most highly populated land masses in the world builds lots of infrastructure and accommodation in low-lying and disaster prone areas – it is just a matter of time before something like this happens.
      Of course everyones sympathy goes out to these people, but it just goes to show the impermanence of the human race – and how little effect we can have in warding off natural disasters.
      Makes you think twice about shelling out 1.5 million for a seaside house doesn’t it?

      • Ed

        Uhm, are you speaking of Japan or New Orleans? It’s hard to tell.

    • Ed

      You can help. Buy sushi.

      • Yoopy

        Or buy whale meat. You know? The stuff I’ve seen in Tokyo markets, that the Japanese whaling fleet says they were only collecting for ‘research’.

    • sam

      “I’m not going to push beliefs because everyone has their own. The truth of the matter is, it’s nature…”

      Interesting how you weren’t planning to “push [your] beliefs” and followed it with “The TRUTH of the matter is”. I’ll be happy to push mine. Life and religion are inexplicably intertwined whether you are a Christian or an atheist. That’s why you will FOREVER read religious comments connected to threads such as this. Your worldview determines the lens through which you see things. Christians believe that an infinitely powerful Being created and runs the universe. Humanists believe that “there is no God to save us. We must save ourselves.” Some on here believe that God is the source of creation. Others believe that they shouldn’t be bothered with posts about religious beliefs. Tragedy always evokes thoughtfulness, and you cannot seperate thoughts and worldview. It’s impossible.

      • Layla

        You all make me sick. This is an article about the devastation in japan. Not an article about religion and your own personal beliefs. Honestly, just shut up. You dont need to talk about why it happened because NO ONE KNOWS. Nor do you. No one can prove that this was a god given disaster or just a natural one. So stop trying to force your views upon one another, and bow your head in remembrance of this day that a country has suffered a horrible disaster. Show some respect for these people. Grow up, be mature, and don’t insult others on the Internet. It’s rather sad that you people feel the need to do this on an article that displays sadness. As for japan, I am prayin for all of the people there..

        • Tanner

          Layla just because people are expressing mixed emotions about the disaster does not mean you should yell at them for discussing why they believe this happened, you don’t have too be a complete bitch everytime a natural disaster happens

  • doop

    Remember Pearl Harbor?

    Not cool man….what kind of asshole says that?

    • Ed

      Well it might by crass, but at least it’s more germane than “Remember Pearl Bailey.”

  • Drew

    You are all a bunch of self-righteous pricks (for lack of a better, more PC term) if you’re opening a dialogue on RELIGION when human beings in Japan need assistance in the face of disaster.

    Regardless of whichever “God” you’re talking about, put aside your petty BS and comment on this moment in time and solutions to these people’s problems.

    • Ed

      Thanks for your comments, Ms. Barrymore. Now get back to whatever substance you’re abusing today OK?

  • katerina

    Last few years there has been earthquakes in haiti, chile, new zealand, and now japan.
    funny though how it is japan the only where they are labelled as “they deserve it”.
    and the whole pearl harbour shit.
    just saying but even the whole attitude towards the japanese is wrong. Doesnt matter if you pick the side that it wasnt your fault.
    you shouldnt need to pick a side.
    just as the world didnt in all the previous earthquakes.

  • http://matador phil rilatos

    this is so sad the world is not done. it could be the west coast soon an then it realy hits the fan. we spend money like its going out of style cause it is

  • Warson Printing

    Very sad….

  • Bart

    Geology doesn’t care about religion and wars fought 60 years ago. We sometimes forget we don’t own this planet; that it’s bigger and stronger and just as alive as us mere organisms.

    But still, on the human level, it’s very sad indeed, and it must be terrible in unimaginable ways to see you place wiped away like that.

  • Tanner

    i’m very sorry that japan had to go through all this but instead of mourning shouldn’t we all be helping out japan, japan doesn’t want your pitty they want your help.

  • Rosie

    Some of those low areas I hope they don’t rebuild there. Really really sad about Japan. Being strong nation they will bounce back, maybe stronger.

  • fgag

    First vdieo was removed or what ever.

  • KTH568

    my god

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