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My typical day as a professional rock climber was going to change.
The Pasola Festival is a human bloodletting ending in a all-out riot.
Haines is arguably the best place in the world for heli-skiing.
Riders go from zero to fast in a hurry.
I had done all the moves. I just needed another chance or two or five.
500 people converge on Valdez each spring to rip some classic Alaskan terrain.
I was looking for an escape to somewhere warm and photogenic.
Just preparing for a winter road trip up the ALCAN is a feat in itself.
Four feet of fresh powder in the Monashees of British Columbia.
"If I had made the podium on that day, I would've made the US Ski Team."
It would be a sort of milestone in my climbing career.
I asked my translator to please tell these women that my heart is with them.
What if you could find success simply by doing one thing for your health?
All that’s going through my head is “Did I go too far this time? Why the hell am I...
Now more than ever, traveling in Brazil can be expensive. WWOOFing can help balance that.
It's a beautiful life on the far southern edge of the world.
Lucas Pernin is a freelance photographer and writer based in Sweden.
KC Ortiz is a freelance photojournalist based in Bangkok
We've set a goal of donating 100 bikes to the women's cycling program.
What conflict and foreign freelancers carry out with them on assignments.
Here's a short video highlighting some of my favorite trails with the local rippers up...
What conflict and foreign freelancers carry out with them on assignments.
Locations once impossibly far suddenly became accessible.
The Cook Islands had taken a few more unsuspecting hearts.
Group dynamic is the intangible, skittish enemy on every trip.
He has brought his camera into areas where bullets are flying and bombs are falling.