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Big In The Stans

White City, a Kabul-based band, has created a 14-part webseries documenting travels throughout Central Asia as they meet musicians who rock through revolutions and defy death threats, but are all united in one goal — to be “Big In The ‘Stans.”

Golden-toothed women poured onto the train, selling beer and bread.
Travka tried to bribe the hotel workers to let us party all night but it didn't work.
We headed off to the picturesque Kapchagai Lake for a bikers' festival.
As well as strippers, karaoke is incredibly popular here.
Kyrgyz cuisine is not for the vegetarian or faint-hearted.
It wasn't just the rugged peaks, but the aircraft itself.
We travelled with Rustam, the 'Tajik Michael Jackson.'
Compared to Afghanistan, it was a culture shock.
The second installment of Matador's new webseries.
Being musicians, we're considered pretty low-class.