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Making her the youngest sailor to do so singlehandedly.

WE’VE BEEN following Dutch teen Laura Dekker for the past several years, always finding her mix of humility and ambition a welcome change for a young world record-breaker. On Saturday January 21, 2012, one year after her take off (and two years after becoming the youngest person to sail across the Atlantic Ocean), she became the youngest to circumnavigate the world in a sailboat.

According to the The Guardian, Dekker began and completed her journey at the Caribbean island of St. Maarten but she may not return to her home country of the Netherlands for a while due to her fleeing the country due to its resistance towards her feat — resistance that thwarted her last attempt when she was 14.

Check out her website and the video above for her post-trip homecoming.



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Benita Hussain is the former Editor of Matador Sports. With a degree from Cornell University, she is a writer, lawyer and yoga teacher . She has also written for GOOD, Women's Adventure, SIERRA and Wave Lines, among others, and she was featured in Lonely Planet's Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers.

  • Jane Doe

    This is silly. That kid needs to stop sailing around the world and keep her but in school and start preparing for college.

    • Cup

      Although I bet she has had a bigger positive impact on the world.

    • Nick

       you obviously went to college and can spell ‘butt’ properly

  • Shrink Fibroid

    Hi  Laura , I learn this news firstly TV news and today I found this blog about it.
    I appreciate  your sails of Atlantic. Best of Luck.
    Shrink Fibroids
    Shrinking Fibroids

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