Big water kayaking in Africa

THE ZAMBEZI AND WHITE NILE are two of the best big water paddling runs in the world. In the following photos, Henry Munter gives a whitewater boater’s view of the rivers and some of their surrounding culture.

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  • kloppster

    Rafted the Nile twice when I lived in Uganda. Was too much fun, especially hitting “the Bad Place”.  Our first go round we ended up surfing it for about 5 seconds before it flipped us!

  • Amy Tonsmeire

    crazy jealous.  Very impressed with the photos and psyched you both are back safe n sound.  Can’t wait to see more footage later.

  • Scott

    BIG water lover givin’ you two thumbs-up!  Residing for now just over Galena Summit from the Middle Fork . . . now THERE’S a river! :)  Safe travels