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I learned the ancient pursuit of hook and line from my grandfather at a very young age. Many of my earliest memories are of dangling a worm on a hook off the end of a weather-beaten pier in northern Wisconsin under the watchful eye of Bob ‘Pops’ Doucette. I hear his laugh any time a fish takes the bait and the reel whirs with the telltale sound of a good strike.

I thought of him often as I stood on the sands of Fraser Island’s east coast, or on the deck of a small boat offshore of Wathumba Creek. Thousands of miles and many years removed from those lakes and early memories, I am still entranced by the hook and line.

[Note: Cody's visit to Fraser Island was sponsored by Tourism and Events Queensland. Learn more about Queensland on their blog.]

About The Author

Cody Forest Doucette

Cody Forest Doucette was born in the heartland of Wisconsin, raised in the mountains of Idaho and educated on the beaches of California at UCSB. Working with his twin brother, writer Kitt Doucette, he has spent the past six years circling the globe in pursuit of images and experiences which capture both the beauty of the natural world and the complexity of the human condition in the 21st century. You can find more of his work on his website,

  • Pj Doucette

    Looks like fun fishing! What does a DART look like? Did you catch any other fish from the shore? xoox

  • Al Mackinnon Photography

    Great stuff, Cody, the perfect meld of words and beautiful imagery!

  • Jodi Clark

    Where’s the nude fishing dude? LOL

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