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Regular contributor Jeff Bartlett documents everyday life in Northern Argentina via bike.

I KNEW 2011 would be our last in Argentina. I’d been there since 2007, jumping across the border to Chile with such regularity that custom agents knew not just my name but also my favorite football team. I barely exaggerate. But soon it would be my last trip over the Andes to Santiago and an Air Canada flight home.

My wife and I were just waiting for her Canadian residency to be approved. Searching the mail for a brown manila envelope from the Canadian Embassy became a daily obsession. The mailman was beginning to greet me by name.

To stay sane, we decided to skip town.

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About The Author

Jeff Bartlett

Jeff is an adventure photographer and writer with a penchant for masochistic outdoor pursuits. He is now based in Jasper National Park. More of his work can be seen on his website and blog. You can also find him, periodically, on Twitter.

  • Candice Walsh

    #11 = amazing.

  • Arribaa

    Agree with Candice: #11 brings back such great memories of a cycling & camping trip the Arribaa founders did in Central America in 2010. “Spend some time on a bicycle and you’ll find your own never ending climb”. So true, but those are the best memories!

  • Jeff Bartlett

    I’m glad you liked that final image. It was taken atop a 50km climb that whipped us bad enough we decided to save the descent for a morning treat!

  • leighshulman

    Lovely photos, Jeff. We have to try the same trip sometime ourselves. And glad we could be a small stop on the trail. 

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