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ALASKAMINATAS, a documentary by Claudio Vicuna, Chopo Diaz, and Matador Ambassador Drew Tabke, has been nominated for the Freeride International Film Festival, taking place next week in Saint Salry, France.

A NICE STOKE today: my friend Claudio Vicuña told me he’s on his way to Europe tomorrow after learning that ALASKAMINATAS has been nominated for the Freeride International Film Festival.

A play on words between Spanish and English, (Alaska + caminar or “to walk”), ALASKAMINATAS is a documentary short covering the backcountry mission originally reported on in this photoessay at Matador. From the film’s description:

Drake Olson, ex GTP race car driver, has been flying the Alaskan mountains for more than 15 years. With the help of his Cessna 180, he takes a group of skiers from Haines to Glacier Bay National Park, more than 80 kms. away from civilization. Glacier Morse is where the adventure of long days in the solitude of the Alaskan mountians begins.

Skiers Drew Tabke and Chopo Diaz along with photo/video Claudio Vicuña live an extreme experience deep in the Alaskan Glacier. Only with the help of touring equipment these skiers get to the top of the lines and mountains that they will ski during the 11 days they camped there.

This documentary, more than extreme skiing, is about the first time experience of living on snow in such a remote place.

Please enjoy the trailer for ALASKAMINATAS above, and look for the full film forthcoming here at Matador soon.



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