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An elevated camera + BMX + indie rock = Hypnotic cycling.

LIKE THE FILMMAKERS we showcased in “Slowboarding as Art,” Joe Simon of Austin, Texas-based bike builders Mutiny Bikes envelopes a normally raw, sometimes bloody, activity with a dreamlike quality. He does this by filming his BMXers with a camera on a helicopter rig, floating above Austin’s newest BMX and skate park.

And like in the video of Buenos Aires’ longboarders, the slow motion and score (in this instance, the not-so-indie darlings Fleet Foxes), he entrances the viewer while also highlighting the skills and smoothness of an extreme sport.

Heli Test #1 from Mutiny Bikes on Vimeo.

Feature image: faster panda kill kill

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Benita Hussain

Benita Hussain is the former Editor of Matador Sports. With a degree from Cornell University, she is a writer, lawyer and yoga teacher . She has also written for GOOD, Women's Adventure, SIERRA and Wave Lines, among others, and she was featured in Lonely Planet's Around the World with 40 Lonely Planet Bloggers.

  • Hal Amen

    Love the writeup, Benita. Mutiny wasn’t on my radar before this…excited to learn more.

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