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I was in the mountains just west of Argentina’s San Juan City when my camera decided it wasn’t up to the job.

IT WAS THE CLASSIC dilemma of landscape photography. The raw material was there, the iron-streaked crags of the Tontal range around me and the Andes on the other side of the valley. It was a tremendous landscape, sierra set against scrub desert and cloudless sky.

Yet every time the shutter clicked, all I got were bits and pieces, a couple of mountains or a scrap of valley. I felt tremendously unsatisfied.

Some terrain is just made on too grand of a scale to be boxed into a snapshot; I would never capture San Juan with such a narrow point of view. I cranked my camera into panorama mode, and watched the landscape open up.

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Adam Roy

Chicago native Adam Roy is the former-Editor of Matador Sports and an aspiring renaissance man to boot. For more of Adam's writing, check out his blog at Ill-Advised Adventures.

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