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Hitting the trails less traveled in Argentina’s northwest corner.

TRAVELERS ARE JUST starting to appreciate Catamarca for what it has to offer. The Argentine province, located in the country’s far northwest, isn’t on many travelers’ must-see lists. None of the many people I talked to while planning my whirlwind trip there, Argentine or otherwise, could say anything more specific about the region than “I hear it’s pretty” or “It’s very hot there.”

With 80% mountainous terrain, the province is just waiting to be trekked. We made the 16-hour pilgrimage by bus from Buenos Aires to hike around one of Catamarca’s best-known towns, El Rodeo, in the middle of the Argentine winter.

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Adam Roy

Chicago native Adam Roy is the former-Editor of Matador Sports and an aspiring renaissance man to boot. For more of Adam's writing, check out his blog at Ill-Advised Adventures.

  • Hal

    Great pictures, Adam. I’m starting to list up some Argentine destinations to check out while I’m down here–will have to give Catamarca a look.

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