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Matador Ambassador Shon Bollock goes for a wild ride with rally car driver David Higgins.

IN SEPTEMBER I was fortunate to receive an opportunity to ride along with 2012 Rally Champion David Higgins. I flew up to Seattle and linked up with the Subaru Rally Team at DirtFish. The experience was like no other, and the talent involved in driving rally is undeniable.

Many thanks to Subaru of America, Alien Cine, David Higgins, and the Subaru Rally Team for making the experience possible. Check out some action from Higgins and Drew this season followed by my ride along in Washington.

  • Music: Ellie Goulding, “Hanging On (edit),” Halcyon
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About The Author

Shon Bollock

Shon Bollock is a Cali bred whitewater kayaker and filmmaker from Mt. Shasta. He has been on the water since he was 2 months old and is the owner of Shasta Boyz Productions, under which he has produced two feature films. This kid has been a GoPro athlete for 6+ years and was Matador's first sponsored athlete. A continuing influence within the paddling community, he represents companies such as Subaru, Sanuk, Five Ten, and Liquidlogic.

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