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World Class FMX riders Ronnie Renner and Tommy “tomcat” Clowers get together for some fun in the sand in the Glamis sand dunes just north of the Mexican border.

There’s something about riding a dirt bike through sand… I guess you could make the comparison to skiing or riding in powder snow. A little bit softer, looser, slightly more difficult and a hell of a lot more fun. Every year, FMX superstars Ronnie Renner and Tommy Clowers, and their buddies take some time off the dirt and ramps to go have some fun in the desert.

Big thanks to the folks at Red Bull and EpicQuest for inviting me to tag along!

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Cody Forest Doucette was born in the heartland of Wisconsin, raised in the mountains of Idaho and educated on the beaches of California at UCSB. Working with his twin brother, writer Kitt Doucette, he has spent the past six years circling the globe in pursuit of images and experiences which capture both the beauty of the natural world and the complexity of the human condition in the 21st century. You can find more of his work on his website,

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