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Matador Athlete Shon Bollock has run ill lines this past year.

SHON wrote saying he was supposed to be doing homework but ended up busting out a 2011 highlight reel.

Included are some new scenes from this past spring’s kayak mission in Japan, as well as some of the gnarly lines nearby Shon’s local Mt. Shasta area.

As always though, it isn’t the “adrenaline” aspect of Shon’s work that I appreciate but the overall onda of his filmmaking, the way he never lets you forget the size of terrain and that no matter what we run we’re all pretty damn small.

* Shon Bollock 2011 from Shon Bollock on Vimeo



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David Miller

David Miller is Senior Editor of Matador (winner of 2010 and 2011 Lowell Thomas awards for travel journalism) and Director of Curricula at MatadorU. Follow him @dahveed_miller.

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