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Ever wondered what it would be like to be fired out of a slingshot?

I hadn’t, but perhaps one too many accidents with those 3-person water-balloon launchers in summers past has given me a healthy respect for elastically propelled projectiles. That certainly hasn’t stopped Devin Supertramp, who has partnered up with Mountain Dew to road trip across the country chronicling stunts just like the one in this video.

This human slingshot is available to the public, at the Hobble Creek Lodge in Springville, Utah.

Evidently, they also do weddings.

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Alex Scola

Alex is a recent graduate from Reed College in Portland, Oregon. Though originally from Las Vegas, he continues to live in Portland where he produces and plays electronic music, and works odd-jobs (occasionally as a personal trainer). In his free-time, he is currently working on finishing a full-length album, and touching every continent.

  • Alyssa

    I would probably shit myself. That is all.

  • Renu Rawat

    holy shit. what was that?

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