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Matador Ambassador Nathan Myers lives with his wife and two young children on the island of Bali, Indonesia. This is his ode to the archipelago they call home.

VOLCANOES BILLOW BELOW. Indonesian smokestacks, rumbling their ominous warning. The Ring of Fire stretches beneath your inbound flight. Shifting tectonics. Boiling magma. Restless oceans. A trembling, twitching geothermal tripwire, begging to be tripped.

Of all the world’s great surf destinations, none compares to Indonesia. The primary checklist is bulletproof, but the true attraction runs even deeper. Darker. Indonesia is a daredevil’s playground. A brilliant maze of snap-decisions and reflex inspirations. Disasters looming, disasters avoided, that’s what surfers secretly desire.

[All photos by author except where otherwise noted.]

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About The Author

Nathan Myers

Nathan Myers is the world’s leading authority on guacamole combat. While his book Guac Off remains the definitive instructional for the avocado martial arts, his trilogy of short stories Broken Fables vol. I, II, and III should probably never be read by anyone again. A graduate of UC Berkeley and longtime senior editor of Surfing Magazine, Nathan has contributed stories and photography to Islands, Sierra,Destinasian, Maxim and LA Times, as well as most major surf magazines around the world. In 2009, he co-founded the open-source surf video competition — which awards $100,000 to the best surf short every year — along with veteran surf filmmaker Taylor Steele, with whom he previously collaborated on the surf-travel films Stranger Than Fiction, The Drifter and Castles in the Sky. He currently lives in Bali, Indonesia with his wife and two boys, where he continues to write, take photos, produce film projects and teach guacamole fighting.

  • Scott Hartman

    Really nice meditation on a place.

  • David Miller

    ill tribute.

  • Karin Raoul

    Touch the Fire: An ode to surfing Indonesia.

  • Jenny Williams

    So soulful. Love it.

  • Jenny Williams

    Wait–UC Berkeley, Surfing Magazine…Nathan, do you by any chance know a guy named Jason Dempsey?

  • Claudia Meztli Hernandez

    love this! your photos are incredible!

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