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For Grant “Twig” Baker 2011 was the year of the barrel.

TWIGGY, AS HIS FRIENDS CALL HIM, is a 38-year-old South African who makes a living chasing the biggest swells around the world. He competes on the Big Wave World Tour and has claimed victory at numerous contests including the 2006 Mavericks event and the Quicksilver Ceremonial in Chile. In 2010 he walked away with $50,000 when a he won the prestigious Billabong XXL Ride of the Year in 2010.

When not chasing and riding the world’s biggest waves, Twig likes to get barreled. Ridiculously barreled. If this clip is any indication he is definitely one of the world’s most barreled surfers and probably spends more time behind the curtain in a single year than most surfers would be lucky to log their entire lives.



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