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Photos: Robert Silva

In July, Matador Sports interviewed scuba diver Robert Silva about his upcoming attempt to set a new world record for longest saltwater dive. Today, we have the results.

AFTER SPENDING TWO days beneath the waters of Belize’s Hol Chan Marine Reserve, Silva surfaced at 10:37 local time on Wednesday. His 48-hour, 2-minute stay tops the previous record by nearly 12 hours.

According to local newspaper Ambergris Today, Silva was visibly exhausted upon exiting the water, and was unable to respond to questions from the media.

The paper said that support crews administered oxygen to Silva before transporting him to nearby Ramon’s Village Resort to recuperate.

Silva, a 31-year-old divemaster and warehouse lead, had originally planned to attempt the much longer freshwater record, which stands at about 120 hours. Funds raised through his dive will go to the American Cancer Society.

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If you missed the interview, be sure to check it out at Profile: Robert Silva, Endurance Diver.



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  • Michelle

    Wow…can’t wait to hear his thoughts when he’s rested up!

  • Megan Hill

    This is insanely impressive–even more so that he did it for charity.

  • Jonny

    amazing. i can’t imagine breathing compressed air for 48 hours straight – my mouth and throat start to dry out after 30 minutes underwater!

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